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Sean works with me at NetApp and I am taking the lead on fund raising for them so I set up this site as a way for those who wanted to help. The site lists as Oregon (due to me living the... more


Updated posted by Meg Hall McCroskey 1 month ago

I cannot tell you all how grateful our family is to EVERYONE who donated to and shared this site. We are truly overwhelmed by your generosity, kind words, and thoughts. Thanks to you all, we are settling into our new home in Longmont CO and are working to put the pieces back together. It has been, and continues to be a long road for us but thanks to you all it has been made much easier.
I apologize for the untimeliness of this message but it is hard to find words that amply reflect our gratitude.
So we simply say THANK YOU!
Meg, Sean, Greyson and Carter


Updated posted by Meg Hall McCroskey 6 months ago

An article in the Daily Camera about the McCroskey's and others in the flood. There is a video at the bottom.


Updated posted by Meg Hall McCroskey 6 months ago

Wow! I mean WOW!!!! I am so thankful for the outpouring of support for Sean, Meg, Greyson and Carter. I have been in daily communication with them and they so humbled by your cash donations, sharing of your homes, donations of clothes, car seats, a loaner car, offers to help rebuild and just simple acts of kindness. They moved in to temporary executive style housing today and will begin to settle in as soon as possible. They can’ t thank you enough for your support.

They were interviewed by a reporter and will be featured in the local Boulder paper tomorrow. Look for it!

A few of you have asked about why the listed location is Oregon and not Boulder on the donation website. It is because I live in Oregon and the website it tied to my address. Our goal is that Sean and Meg will take over the site as soon as they get settled in to the temporary housing. That way they can communicate directly with you about their updates.

To help them out…keep spreading the word via social media!!!

Regards - Clint


Created by Meg Hall McCroskey on September 16, 2013

Sean works with me at NetApp and I am taking the lead on fund raising for them so I set up this site as a way for those who wanted to help. The site lists as Oregon (due to me living there) but we are fundraising for Boulder. Once they get settled in their temporary housing I will be turning the controls of this site over to them and they can update you all.

Here is their story...

The storms in Colorado has left Sean, Meg, Greyson (4) and Carter (3) without a home and transportation.

On Thursday afternoon when the a flood wipe their sheds and one of their cars down the hill Sean and Meg made a quick decision. They grabbed backpacks, loaded them with some of the boys clothes and they, with the boys and their dog, and hiked many miles up the canyon to a friend’s house that still had power. There last view of the house as they left was water lapping at the house. To give perspective they had a year round small creek (could not even sustain fish) that was located 35 feet lower than their house and in a few hours it had become raging river that was dragging anything down the hill with it. Sean hiked back down to the house the next morning and found his house was destroyed. While there he did find his cat that they had left behind because they could not find it when they left.

Over the next 36 hours they coordinated with rescue teams and after hiking for several more miles he was able to get Meg, the boys and their cat airlifted out via helicopter. He and his dog hiked several more miles up the mountain and found a home that took him in and gave him transportation around the flooding.

Their story of survival is just one of thousands of stories that will come out over the next few weeks. This storm had larger flooding than Katrina, 1500 homes have been lost, 19K homes have been damaged and 1200 people are still unaccounted for. Sean and his family are lucky as they survived without injury and they have a great network of family, friends and co-workers. But that is not enough. This morning it was confirmed that their home insurance will not cover any of the loss. Please join me in contributing to a fund that can assist them during this tough time.


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We wish you the very best and were so sorry for your losses.




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Nice running into you this morning. Here's something to keep you in coffee while you get through all this.



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Cheryl and My hearts go out to both of you. Ready to lend a hand when you need it just say the word.


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