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*Please read this before considering to donate to us* We are Markradonn, a "symphonic" Death Metal band that uses a full time brass section and a full time timpani player, as well as ha... more


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Updated posted by Haniel Adhar Markradonn 4 months ago

Anyone who donates $50 or more will get a special *signed* 8 1/2" x 11" lyrics book! Only 20 were made! Get yours today!


Updated posted by Haniel Adhar Markradonn 4 months ago

New "holiday" reward! $25 includes EP, T-shirt, Signed Poster, and a bunch of stickers! Shipping included! Get yours now before this deal expires at the end of the month!!


Updated posted by Haniel Adhar Markradonn 5 months ago

Great news! The posters are IN! 11"x17" Markradonn posters featuring the current line up!

Get yours today w/ a $7 donation!

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Created by Haniel Adhar Markradonn on September 2, 2013

*Please read this before considering to donate to us*

We are Markradonn, a "symphonic" Death Metal band that uses a full time brass section and a full time timpani player, as well as hand percussion and aboriginal instruments. Our goal is to break down the barriers of convention, and "re-define" what extreme metal means to us, personally. We are also veterans of the metal and music scene, ranging in age from 19-37.

We are 100% self-financed and self-managed. We felt that it was the correct direction to take in order to allow us to be as creative and experimental with the music as possible. There are too many cases where bands *want* to experiment musically but *can't* because they need to appeal to a wider audience in order to sell more merchandise. So, those ideas and innovations get lost, and we never get a chance to hear new and fresh music. Instead, we get the same ole stale, re-hashed ideas that cater to the lowest common denominator of music fans.

Markradonn was created with the intention of breaking that mold by incorporating new instrumentation with the conventional drums, guitars, bass, and vocals, as well as challenging the listener with deeper lyrical concepts, unorthodox song structures, and multi-part album concepts that are found usually in progressive rock from the 60's and 70's. While there are "extreme" bands that are creating some very innovative stuff, we would like the opportunity to express our vision, unencumbered.

With your support, you will allow us to have greater freedom to create and produce music and musical concepts that are unhindered by the corporate nightmare that is the music industry. Your support will also allow us to have a more *personal* and *intimate* relationship with our fanbase, Your donation will allow us to focus on higher quality relationships with our fans as opposed to great *quantity*. We are not looking for 100,000 casual fans; we are looking for fans that want to be a part of something special, something that they can feel a connection to. So, all of our funders, backers, fans, and supporters are "part" of a sort of "Brotherhood" if you will. You become part of the process, not mere bystanders awaiting a new Cd or a show. By funding us, you are taking an active part in the creative process of music, and not just paying for a product that someone put on a shelf or uploaded to a website. And by being a part of the funding process, you are directly supporting us, the artist, and making sure that we are not being mistreated by the cut-throat, vulturous music industry that has crushed more dreams than it has made reality. Your donation and support puts us in the driver's seat, and lets us focus on what we need to do to make music that means something to us, and to our fans.


(Please watch our promo video for more info)

Ceremonial Abnegation is a 3+ album concept that our guitarist/vocalist Haniel has been working on for a long time, and finally it is coming to fruition. It is a concept about a person who becomes so resentful of life that he loses his sanity and performs a ritual that not only takes his life, but also erases his entire existence; his memories, his identity, his very essence are all wiped from creation.

The lyrics of the Ceremonial Abnegation concept deal with mental illness, insanity, the occult, spirituality, the duality of existence, and self-destruction. We wanted to really focus on lyrics and lyrical concepts that had personal meaning and that were as valid as the music.

What started out as a one-man side project has evolved into 3 album concept with a full band, brass section, concert percussion, and hand percussion ensemble. We have just added a special "double CD" with will be two trilogies with a Yin/Yang sort of concept, and will be released late 2014/early 2015.

All of the lyrics are written, approx 30 songs, and the music is constantly evolving. With your support, we will be able to bring this project to maturity, and you will also give us the opportunity to perform it live with a full brass and percussion ensemble.

What we need funding for:

-First an foremost, we need funds to finish the first full length album, Ceremonial Abnegation part 1: Excoriation of the Flesh. We are using the EP, which has some songs that will appear on the first album, to help fund the album production. Reaching the $2500 mark will allow us to complete the album without any financial strain. This includes mixing/mastering and any additional engineering work we can't do ourselves

-CD digipaks of Ceremonial Abnegation part 1: Excoriation of the Flesh; approx $2000 for the pressing

-Funds to keep the practice space paid up; as of right now it is $20-$40/month

-We also have a lot of driving to do just to get everyone to practice, and we are all spread out across Central Florida, some as far as 2 hours away. Approx $150-200/month

-We desperately need new gear, such as a new amp for our rhythm guitarist; drum hardware, skins, cymbals, etc...; new percussion instruments such as doumbek and djembe; This will allow us to improve on the sound of the EP as well as to play live "functionally"

-We need to keep up the maintenance and repairs of the guitars, and also the brass instruments, which adds another expense that most metal bands don't have to deal with.

-In order for the musical ideas to be fully realized, we need to buy timpani that we can use when ever we practice. For the EP, a had timpani on loan to use, but moving forward, we need a set of two, and optimally 4. Timpani can cost anywhere from $2000-$10,000, for example: see this set.

We are very committed to using timpani more extensively on future songs. When you hear the EP songs, you'll understand why we are so dedicated to the timpani; they just sound like they belong in metal...

-Any other incidental expenses that don't come immediately to mind now...

About the "Rewards":


-The EP: full color CD wallet, shrink wrapped, pro packaging, Mixed and produced by Haniel, and mastered by Otto Kinzel. The EP is selling for $7.99, and we factored in the shipping (approx $6 in the US) plus Go Fund Me fees, and any packaging for shipping, for a total of $17. We went with the wallet because it doesn't have that very breakable plastic CD casing that you see in digipacks. The CD wallet will be wrapped in bubble wrap and sent USPS flat rate, in which we will get a tracking #, and we'll throw in a couple of stickers as well.

*please note that if you are local to us and want the CD, the donation is only $8, and we'll arrange a time to meet. This applies to all the rewards.


-please leave a comment with your size when making your donation for a t-shirt or any package that contains t-shirts

-Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum:

These are known as the "Brotherhood" rewards, and this is where you can really be a big part of Markradonn and really support indie music. All of these rewards include a listing in the linear notes of our first full length album "CEREMONIAL ABNEGATION, PART 1: EXCORIATION OF THE FLESH" as well as all the items listed in each, with autographed gear (where applicable).

The gold and the platinum packages include a copy of the first album as soon as it is released. All gold and platinum funders will be the first to get a copy of CEREMONIAL ABNEGATION, autographed, of course...

Shipping is included in all of these packages, and we will also list all the "Brotherhood" backers and funders on our website when we are ready to release the album.

Other donation rewards:

"Investor"- this is a big package of gear that someone can buy and sell at a profit, or use it how ever they choose. It contains 50 EPs, 25 shirts, 25 posters, and about 1,000 stickers, which range from $1-$3 each, depending on the size. For larger quantities, contact us directly.

"Fanatic"- this is strictly for the biggest of fans. A lot of people ask about Haniel's Carvin, and with the kind and generous donation, we'll have one built for you to the exact specs of his guitar, autograph it, include a certificate of authenticity and an autographed, personalized picture, as well as a special listing on the album and on the website.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope that you find this a worthwhile endeavor to donate to, and find the rewards to be satisfactory. Please make sure you check out the promo video for EP samples, and be sure to check us out on FB.

YOUR support is what allows bands like us to do what we do, and without your contribution, we cease to exist. We need your help, and in return, you will give you our best effort in creating music that comes from our souls.

Kind Regards,
Everyone in Markradonn

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