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I have spent my entire life eating healthy, exercising, drug free and promoting health. I nitched a name for myself in the fitness world by simply by living according to my true beliefs.... more


Updated posted by MaDonna Grimes 26 days ago

Okay, this is the year to do surgery, and finish this chapter of my life! Movin' on! Help as much as you can!


Updated posted by MaDonna Grimes 1 month ago

I want to thank everyone for all if your help!


Updated posted by MaDonna Grimes 1 month ago

Okay, this is one year later. I have received an amazing amount of love from everyone. I am back in treatment and need as much as anyone can spare! I must travel soon. Thank you so much!

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Created by MaDonna Grimes on April 16, 2013

I have spent my entire life eating healthy, exercising, drug free and promoting health. I nitched a name for myself in the fitness world by simply by living according to my true beliefs. In Febuary 2013, I was shocked to as I was informed that I inherited Colon-rectal cancer from my late grandmother. I was not sure I was hearing the words right as I was being told " you have a tumor". After the news, I became proactive, and spent 7 trying and difficult weeks in chemotherapy and radiation treatments. I am waiting on surgery and building my inner strength to prepare me and my 6 yr old daughter for the fight of our lives. I need support to kick the cancer in the butt! I appreciate your support in whichever manner and/ or amount you are able to give. I also ask that you please remember me in your prayers every night because I know "Prayer changes things". God Bless You

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Hi MaDonna!!! How is your feeling? My business partner Yuki and I collected donations from our clients,my dance school students(adults and kids)and of them parents. My kids students told me We hope your teacher is MaDonna recovery early... Fight!!!! MaDonna!!!!!!!

posted by Kiyoko Nakamura 11 months ago

Hey Madonna, I am sorry to hear about the personal journey that you are on at the moment BUT know that if you allow your body to heal itself...IT WILL. I beg you not to let modern medicine be your guide to recovery. Allow yourself to educate and know for yourself what is true. I have been educating myself about food for over 4 years now and the results in my life and my wife's is amazing. I know many many people who have cured, self healed, themselves from all types of cancer. My number one mentor in this area is Don Tolman. He is a man from Utah and absolutely knows his stuff. Check him out here - http://www.dontolmaninternatio I will keep you in my prayers and pray that God shows you exactly what you need to know. Remember that you are the main Authority in your life. Take control and learn. May God keep you in his light. Your friend and fellow Patterson Co-op alum... Mark

posted by Mark Dunn 11 months ago

Hey girl, hang in there and stay strong. My family was affected as well with colin cancer and we havw an awesome story of survival. We will pray for u as I know its nit an easy road. Keep a positive attitude that hels tremendously! Love you girl. I left u my phone number in case u wanted to chat. I facebooked messaged u. Take care. Glad I could contribute to such an awesome cause. TC

posted by Teresa Sloan-Hutchinson 11 months ago

Was very happy to help with a donation. About 20 years I took a class with Madonna in Los Angelas...a funk dance class. Madonna could see how much I was trying (just a girl from NC) and you gave me extra cues just to help me get the steps...I will never forget what a caring person you were to me that day!

posted by Claudette Saia 11 months ago

1000 Kisses and a lot of positive power from germany!

posted by Tanzschule Holodeck Fulda 11 months ago

So many wll known names around here. We are familiy and we leave noone behind. United we stand. It is an honour for me to donate for you. All my best wishes to you.

posted by Dieter Brandenburger 12 months ago

I just saw this & am praying for you. God can do the impossible! Thank u for sharing & being courageous. Whatever u need you let me know! You were my encourager & helped me to believe I could do anything I put my heart to. You have a strong character & will overcome!

posted by Lisa Burfield 12 months ago

Hi Madonna - Remain focused, continue to believe, stay strong and powerful! Sending you prays and lite to you and your family. J xoxo

posted by Janis Saffell 12 months ago

You want help with you diet? The traditional healthy eating is very cancer promoting...

posted by Zachariah Salazar 12 months ago

Love you

posted by Michaela Tavernese 12 months ago

Brave, Courageous woman! Madonna is Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Healthy and Happy. God flows thru you and your thoughts so that you may become your dream! I love you. JIM

posted by Jim Shallal 12 months ago

MaDonna ~ if anyone can beat this you can!!! You are strong and powerful mentally, physically and spiritually!!! I'm sooooo sorry to hear this, but I know you will get thru this and it will only make you stronger. Dear God, knowing that you are right here, right now, in and around and thru all things, we ask that you help our dear friend overcome this disharmony in her system. I know that Gods power and love energy flows thru MaDonna and thru all the doctors and practitioners that are helping her, leading her to a healthy recovery. I know that MaDonna - you are connected and divinely lead to the right decisions. I'm so very grateful to know that with faith miracles are possible ... thank you God for helping our friend kick this and get back on the dance floor where she belongs!!! I release these words into the Universe knowing it is already done. And so it is! AMEN !!! I Love you MaDonna

posted by Michelle LeMay 12 months ago

Thank you for allowing your community to help! This page is so alive with love and positive energy; I know you are feeling it. I love you gorgeous.

posted by Joy Smith 12 months ago

Soo sorry to hear !My prays and good wishes from the bottom of my heart are with you.If anyone can beat this it's you!Your DK&J family will be praying and taking donations to send you. Be strong my sister for this too will pass.

posted by Kevin Whatley 12 months ago

Madonna....We will not let this bs cancer get in the way of your superhero life. F-THAT. We will make sure we make a way out for you. Why? This is what we do in our community... ...Madonna... You WILL WIN. Why? Strength, focus, determination, that's why. Winning is all you know how to do. Oh, and yes, $$$ we need $$$....So if you landed on this page PLEASE offer up anything you can amount is too small. Please post and share and message this link to everyone in your networks, and know that if it were you Madonna would be a part of leading that charge. As fitness instructors, we... more than anyone can be blindsided, perhaps even our insides not playing along with our outsides. It's like...'Um...excuse me, WHAT? Are you kidding me?...errr, no, no I don't think so....' And then you realize...."When the hell did I become so....HUMAN?' And then you realize 'I am all too human. I am not indestructible. I am at the hands of forces unbeknownst to me...I lead by example, my health is my INCOME GENERATING engine for my entire life...and then 'Oh my god...I can't work.' Every fitness instructor has this fear in the back of their head, every time their paycheck is less because they got a cold or flu and couldn't teach. It's the gamble we take for the life we lead. We can move others into taking better care of themselves. But the second we are sick we can be instantly unemployed. This is crucial for Madonna and her daughter. I know everyone who comes to this page will feel, and love and understand that we must help NOW. Hope is a proven factor in healing, and I can't bear the thought of anything less than Madonna globetrotting, dancing and teaching as God intended her to.

posted by Terri Walsh 12 months ago

Ma , I send all my love to you and also want to thank you for all the joy you gave to us among all this years ... WE WANT YOU BACK GIRL!!!..... GO FOR IT !!!! love !! gui

posted by Guillermo Gonzalez Vega 12 months ago

I love you cousin. By the stripes and power of Jesus Christ I believe you are being and will be healed in Jesus' powerful Name. We are all praying for you!

posted by Oscar Owens 12 months ago

When prayers go up blessings come down. My prayers are that GOD will restore you back to health and let you get through to the other side of the storm quickly. The sun will shine again for you my dear friend. Carolyn Boddie-Gunn

posted by Carolyn Gunn 12 months ago

Father God! We thank you for your healing of our dear friend and sister Madonna Grimes! We thank you for all the wonderful people who are donating to assist in her healing! I know that you, Father God, exist in relationships and I stand in agreement with all these wonderful people that love graced by your mercy will heal her! I pray that people whom don't even know Madonna will have a spirit of giving fall on them as they donate! Thank you father for such a wonderful sister in Madonna who has paved the way for many of us and has touched millions through the gifts you have given her! I speak authority to heavenly angels to be dispatched around her and her lovely daughter to bring her to a pure and clean report! All in the name of Jesus The Christ! Madonna! God will only make you stronger through this pressing! The Victory is yours! We got you and I look forward to all the great things in store for you! Thank you for all you do and have done for me! We are all circling our wagons to arrange fund raisers! To God be All the Glory! Milo Levell

posted by Milo Levell 12 months ago

I just read that someone who doesn't even know you made a very nice contribution. Tears came to my eyes. I hope all the love here helps you heal much quicker than any money could. Believe you can conquer and you will.

posted by Robin Mandel 12 months ago

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You fight girl!


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