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Help me build several proof-of-concept experimental Keshe Plasma Reactors for power and lift! (yes, lift as in "anti-gravity"!) I have now been at this for a year, and now I am beginnin... more


Updated posted by Rick Crammond 27 days ago

Here is the edited video of the Second Keshe Knowledge Seekers Workshop that I hosted March 20th 2014, with Mr. Keshe and the Knowledge Seekers of the Spaceship Institute.

This Workshop is mainly about the upcoming spacecraft construction! Lots of details, pictures and explanations.

Keshe has stated that the Workshop series I've hosted for more than a year, has opened the door to him releasing his knowledge publicly.

These Workshops with Keshe may not have happened without the help from the kind people who donated here. ...I could not have done it without you!

Thank-you so much, and blessings to all!


Updated posted by Rick Crammond 1 month ago

Third Keshe Knowledge Seekers Workshop Thurs March 20 8am Euro time (midnight Wed March 19 Pacific time).


Updated posted by Rick Crammond 1 month ago

Here is the video of the fantastic First Knowledge Seekers Workshop that I hosted last week with the Knowledge Seekers of the Spaceship Institute...


First Knowledge Seekers Workshop of SSI

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Created by Rick Crammond on February 7, 2013

Help me build several proof-of-concept experimental Keshe Plasma Reactors for power and lift! (yes, lift as in "anti-gravity"!)

I have now been at this for a year, and now I am beginning to understand the concepts involved. As well as power and lift, new materials and health benefits are possible with the same plasma technology.

I'm known as MrfixitRick and I have been a mechanic and inventor for over 40 years. I have 2 years of Mechanical Engineering education at GMI (General Motors Institute).

For info on Keshe reactors, here's a link to the Keshe Foundation website:

And the Keshe Spaceship Institute at:

Here is the playlist of all the Keshe Public Teaching Workshops that I have hosted with Mehran Keshe, since March 2013:

I have a popular Youtube channel that has over 10 million views
of my 70 fun science movies...

Here's a playlist of my first simple, but informative,
plasma ball experiments as we dial in the gear:

More movies to come soon.

I am designing and constructing a non-radioactive Keshe Plasma Reactor for generating power and lift. I have accumulated some equipment such as a vacuum chambers, vacuum pumps, and high and low voltage power supplies.

I expect to have a working model of a Keshe plasma reactor by April, 2014.

I need equipment such as:

1. Reactor Vessel $1000.(goal partially obtained)
2. Turbo-Molecular Pump $2000. (goal obtained)
3. Valves, Fittings, Hoses $2000. (partially obtained)
4. Bottles of Gases, misc $2500. (some gas obtained)
5. Radiation meter $500.
Plus about $1000 of etc. $1000.
= $9,000.
There are also lab and living expenses that I need ongoing help with. I'm allergic to oil and can no longer work at my previous vocation.

Please donate to enable me do this great work...full-time!
For the benefit of all sentient beings everywhere!


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Olaf Stolt

2 days ago



Riccardo Fontana

23 days ago




24 days ago



Armen Guloyan

27 days ago


Thank you my Friend for all you are doing



Max Begré

1 month ago


Good luck, Rick for your first working generator. I would very much understand the new technology better to build also one by myself . I've been in Varna last spring at the Keshe convent and I try to bring the technology to switzerland.




1 month ago


発展を心から祈ります 。



Charles Lehner

1 month ago



Jorgen Fordelsen

1 month ago


Wish I had more to give. Still probably the best spent money in some time. Will give another 50 for the Keshe Foundation. Hope the donations are picking up as the Foundation gains some attention. Keep up the good work! Jorgen



Vincent Roncalio

1 month ago


Wish I could help more!




1 month ago


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