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In December 2012, Jeremy Montes, Jr. entered the fight of his life against Leukemia.  100% of donations go directly to Jer Jr. and his family to help pay for his treatment.   more


Updated posted by Denise Henry 7 months ago

For all of you that I told about today being my last chemo treatment, hip-hip-horray and all that good stuff. Now I'm looking forward to my CURE date, the date I ACTUALLY stop chemotherapy, lets see if I can get lucky with 3 years and ill be happy.
I've never been so depressed yet so relieved on a single day. Last day of intensive treatment, but yet i have years of continuous maintained chemo that seems more complicated then what I've already gone through. They label it "maintenance" and preach that you will get your life back, and hearing that really made it easier to get through it all. Like you've heard before, the battle is won, but the war is not over.


Updated posted by Denise Henry 8 months ago

Jeremy and his family received over $1,000 in proceeds from the Blues for Jer concert at Pono last week. Thank you so much, Steve Throop, childhood friend and brother for life for organizing the event. Huge thank you to all of the bands and people who came out to support Jer as well.



Updated posted by Denise Henry 9 months ago

A couple of notes to the people who've donated to the GoFundMe site to support Jeremey's treatment fund. First, thank you for your generosity. Every penny helps more than you know.

Second, you can keep up with Jer's progress by liking the Facebook page found in this link: https://www.facebook.com/TapOutLeukemiaJeremeyMontesJrSupportPage.

There you will find lots of photos and updates including his high school graduation and recent experiences with another phase of chemo. Thanks again for your support!

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Created by Denise Henry on December 31, 2012

In December 2012, Jeremy Montes, Jr. entered the fight of his life against Leukemia.  100% of donations go directly to Jer Jr. and his family to help pay for his treatment.  


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Hello-I'm wanting to know how Jer is doing? I will donate a few bucks next week, and posted to my facebook to get my friends to help as well.

posted by Bettie Pain 9 months ago

love to you and your family always and forever

posted by DeAnna Vaughan Vitale 14 months ago

Thank you so very much to friends, family and some that God has touched your hearts to give to my Grandsons fight against Leukemia. Everyday is new and I still hang on to the power of prayer! God's Blessings on you and your loved ones. Jeremy Jr's Grandmother

posted by Veronica Montes 15 months ago

I too fight Leukemia and have know Jer Jr's dad since he was 5 or 6. This is a war, this is life changing and this can be very costly. I ask ALL to give as much as they can and as often as they can, Make this a cause for your school, group of friends or maybe yourself but help this family who is Loved & respected and needs us to share now through our gift of giving financially. Remember it doesn't need to be a lot, just what you can and maybe you can find a way to do it more than once. I have spread the word to the Vancouver, Washington community and asked them, challenged them to do the same, dig deep and give, it is the gift of life you are giving back. I know, I walk the same path and fight the same fight. Jer WILL WIN!

posted by Yahri Harrigan 15 months ago

Dear brothers and sisters; you are so much more then friends. I can not thank you enough or often enough for what you are doing to support Jer in this fight. It's because of you that I am able to stay close to his hospital just across the street. There are so many factors in the logistics of this battle; your gifts are keeping the supply line safe and the front line nourished and rested. ...all of which supports Jer during this time where only he can take the fight; it lets us be with him so that he does not feel alone. Thank you again, Ossuu - Jer Sr.

posted by Jeremy Senior 15 months ago

I am Jeremy Jr.'s Aunt, thank you all. He is so young. He's concerned about falling behind in school. He has so many plans and goals and dreams. His family is a supportive and very close knit group of amazingly positive persons. Again thank you from Aunty Lali

posted by Lali Birlin 15 months ago

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Sally Briggs

7 months ago


You are so in our prayers and God does answer! Hang in there! Sincerely, Joe and Sally




7 months ago



Jolene Mendelsohn

8 months ago


Jeremy, keep up the fight, we are thinking of you and sending good vibes. Hope you like your new place..



Blues for Jer

8 months ago (Offline Donation)



Monique Hill

9 months ago


Stay strong and persevere!



Bettie Pain

9 months ago


I wish you well Jer. Keep your focus, be strong. You can do this!




9 months ago



Steve Koyanagi

10 months ago


Wishing you all the best.



Rafael Neves

10 months ago



Auntie Aleka, Uncle Shane and ur Cousins!

11 months ago


Cuzz we are proud of ur strength and determination... You are our hero!


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