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On November 23, 2010, I suffered a severe injury to my lower leg during wrestling practice. Eventually, the doctors had to amputate my right lower leg on December 30, 2010. It's been ove... more


Updated posted by Ja-Que Billingsley 6 months ago

The Billingsley family would like to thank everyone for all their prayers and donations. Ja-Que has a lot of events that he has been asked to attend. The one thing that will prevent him for getting a chance to attend those events, will because of lack of funds. I pray and believe that God will provide, in his name!


Updated posted by Ja-Que Billingsley 8 months ago

Good morning! God is still answer prayers. Even though we see many have read then donated, we still believe God is working it out on our families behalf. This is an exciting week for my son and family. This Friday will be his first time back on the Football, and we give all praises to our Lord savior, in Jesus name!


Updated posted by Ja-Que Billingsley 8 months ago

God has really been good to us. We may not have reached the financial goal to help fund Ja-Que with his journey, but the spirit if God has been seen. For those who don't understand, we could have lost him 2 1/2 years ago. The Doctors even said it was a miracle that the blood clots didn't rush to his head it heart. So, yes I am totally grateful that our Lord and Savior has spared our son, nephew, grandson, cousin, brother and friend.

So, my family would like to say thank you to the 23 people that was touch by his story to donate and help him in his journey. Because he did not disappoint us at the Jr National Disability Championship in Rochester, MN. He came in first in all his events (discus, shot put, weightlifing). He broke the national weightlifting record by lifting 407 lbs as a 17 year old. The Paralympics Rep was impress, and they have invited him to come to their center in Oklahoma to train in October 2013. We are very honored and very humble of his accomplishments, because we know that God gets all the glory for all of Ja-Que's achievement!

We still believe that God will continue to provide and place it in others to donate to this awesome journey! May those who continue to bless others, receive the blessing of our Lord (Jesus). Amen!

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Created by Ja-Que Billingsley on May 23, 2013

On November 23, 2010, I suffered a severe injury to my lower leg during wrestling practice. Eventually, the doctors had to amputate my right lower leg on December 30, 2010. It's been over 2 years now and I am beginning my journey!!


>Played nose guard for the Northside high-school Eagles in Warner Robins GA. While I didn’t start the 2012 football season, I am on track to start this football season beginning August 2013.

>I began playing handball with the Houston County adaptive sports program, I am one of the starting players for the Houston County Sharks.

>The Sharks won the 2012 GA high-school adaptive sports Handball Championship!!!!!


>The Sharks won the 2012-2013 GA high-school adaptive sports Basketball Championship!!!!!

>The Sharks won the 2012-2013 GA high-school adaptive sports Football Championship!!!!!

Dixie Game results:

Shot Put: 10.66
Weight lifting power lift: 325lbs
Weight lifting power press: 402lbs

As you can see, I have been very busy!!!!

I won the shot put event and I also broke the national records for the Dixie Games in weight lifting. The record had been held for 20yrs before my numbers. My high numbers in this event caught the attention of the US Paralympics team managers.

I have been invited to attend the upcoming following events:

US Paralympics National Championships in San Antonio, TX June 13th thru June16, 2013: This event will allow me the opportunity to be considered for the US Paralympics team to possibly represent the US in the 2013 IPC games in Lyon, France and the 2016 US Paralympics games in Brazil.

2013 National Jr. Disability Championship in Rochester, MN July 6th thru July13, 2013:

The Journey with Ja-Que fundraiser event is an opportunity to help support me with my journey to the Paralympics qualifications this summer. As you can imagine, there are quite a lot of expenses associated with qualifying for this team.
Some of the expenses are as follows:

Expense Key
$: Starting at 75-100
$$: Over $100
$$$: Over $200
>Registration Fees: $ per event

>Travel expenses: $$ per event (Hotel, rental car, air flights, gas and food)

>Passport: $

>Uniforms: $$ (Track and weight lifting, shot put shoes and etc)

UPDATES 6/24/13:

I want to thank everyone for all the love and support given to Journey with Jaque. So far we have raised $720 dollars that has helped with his last event in San Antonio TX. As most of you know, JaQue placed 5th in the discus event and 2nd in the shot put event, winning a silver medal. While he wasn’t chosen to be apart of the 2013 USA Paralympics National team due to his inexperience and tenure (he was the youngest competitor in his events), he made a major impact with his performance and will be able to try out again next year.

Out of the $695 dollars donated before the trip, so far, $634 of this amount was used on the following expenses after the 5% website charge for the gofundme account was taken out:

1. $284.00 on car rental driven to and from San Antonio

2. $385.00 on hotel rental

3. $200 on gas

4. $215 uniforms

As you can see, his expenses went over the amount used to support his trip (-$450.00)*.

We are now preparing for his next track event in Rochester, MN from July 8th-July 12th, The National Junior Disability Championship, where he will be completing amongst his peers in the following events:

· Shot Put

· Discus

· Power lifting

· Bench pressing

If he wins his events, he will have another opportunity to travel out of the country to Puerto Rico to complete in the IWAS Jr. World Games representing the USA. While we are so very excited about this opportunity, the funds to take him to this qualifying event are not present at this time. So we are asking for at least 100-215 people to donate just $10.00-$20.00** to help support us with covering his expenses for this track event. Right now the current expenses *we will have to cover are the following:

1. Registration: $175.00

2. Car rental: $585

3. Gas: $350

4. Hotel: $500

If this is something that you can help contribute with, please do so this funding website. Without your help, its possible JaQue won’t be able to attend, so we are asking anyone that is able to donate any amounts, please do so at this website. If you have already contributed, I thank you for your support and ask that you continue to pray for his successful journey!!! Thanks for your time and have a blessed day!!

*didn’t include food expenses/doesn’t include food expenses

** any overage will go toward his trip to Puerto Rico and the rest of his track events this season

Update 8/23/13 (read more about his story for this event on the following links:<>

Ja-Que made it to the 2013 National Jr. Disability Championship in Rochester, MN July 6th thru July13, 2013 and he swept all his events even breaking a national record for this competition, see results below:

Shot Put: He won this event with a 11.30 score that easily beat all his competition.

Discus: He won this event with a score of 39.58 and this was only his second time competing in this event!!!!

And for his final event...well lets just say he broke the first record of lifting 407lbs and then broke this record again by lifting 413lbs in powerlifting.

We thank God for everyone's support and donations with making it possible for Ja-Que to make it to the competition and successfully winning his events... We hope you are just as happy with the results as we were!!! Because of his results, Ja-que has been selected to attend the USA Paralympics camp coming up 10/5/2013 at University Central Ok in Edmond, OK. This is his very last step to being selected for the team and we are super excited about this opportunity. We are now in the process of raising money to help with the expense of flying him to this camp for the day. If you are able to give, please do and if you are not, please keep us lifted up in your prayers.

As for you NS EAGLE FANS!!!!! We will see you at the games this season because he will be starting this year on the field # 91 and all I can'S GREAT TO BE A NS EAGLE!!!!! GO EAGLES!!!

April 2014 Update:

JaQue's story was featured in the Sports Illustrated Underdogs video, please see the link below:

Because of this story reaching all over the world, the football coach of Pasadena Community College has asked JaQue to come play on his football team. And JaQue has accepted his offer and will be leaving for school in Pasadena, CA on July 21, 2014. GO LANCERS!!!!!!

However before he starts his college football career, he still has competitions to complete to be considered as a candidate for the 2016 USA Paralympics team.

Because of JaQue's exceptional accomplishments last year, he has made the USA Jr. International Championship Team representing the USA in the UK August 2-8 2014. He will be competing in the shot put, discus and powerlifiting competitions. You can read more about this on Facebook at 2014 IWAS Team USA.

We are currently in the process of raising money to send JaQue to this competition. The current fee needed to attend this event is $3,33100.00 which includes the following expenses:

1. Airfare: $1,700 and airport transfer fee $90
2. Team uniform: $250
3. International Wheelchair Sports Fee: $230
4. Hotel Fee: $875.00
5. Classifcation: $66
6. Misc: $100

JaQue is also competing in 2 events this summer before going to the International Championship Games. He will be competing in the Endeavor Games in Edmond, OK June 5-7 in powerlifting and track and field events (shot put and discus). He will also defend his National Powerlifting Title at the National Jr. Disability Championship's in Ames IA, July 7-11th as well as competing in track and field events (shot put and discus).  

If we reach our goal of raising $5,000, this will help support all of JaQue's current journeys this summer.

We would like to thank everyone for their support and prayers. And we will keep you updated on his progress!!!


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Best of luck in your pursuits!



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Continue to persevere, you are already a winner!!!



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Good Luck!



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Good luck, love and prayers.



Rigdon and Vara Hitchcock

10 months ago


We keep up with you through our daughter, your high school trainer, and wish you much success! We know that you are a special young man, and the Lord has a plan for you!! We will be watching for news! We are sure you are a blessing to all who know you.



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It's great to be a Northside Eagle! NHS Class of 1990



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class of 92-Roosevelt


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