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Chris Demyen was the victim of a senseless crime that will be felt for years to come. A loving father, a caring husband and a true friend to everyone who crossed his path was killed May... more


Updated posted by Amy Collins 11 months ago

Chris's funeral will take place at Eternal Valley, off the 14 freeway.

-Thursday, May 30th
-Service will take place at 10 am
-Burial will take place between 11 and 11:30 am
-Reception to follow at Acton Park


Created by Amy Collins on May 16, 2013

Chris Demyen was the victim of a senseless crime that will be felt for years to come. A loving father, a caring husband and a true friend to everyone who crossed his path was killed May 15th 2013. No one has the right to end a life, especially when the life affects the lives of a whole community. Chris leaves behind a young family with two beautiful children and his wife Amber who is expecting their third child. Chris has been the owner operator of the Acton Water Company for nearly 20 years. The community will always remember his helpfulness and willingness to provide his services even to family’s who could not afford it. We would appreciate any donations to help with the arrangements as well as allow the family to get back on their feet after this life changing event.


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my heart goes out to you

posted by Terry Rutter 11 months ago

Special Prayers For You And Your Family. Foster Family-Southeast Arkansas

posted by Pat Reed 11 months ago

Wow, I have actually met Chris about ten years ago when I was only about fifteen years old. When I met him through another friend, he didn't share life lessons, politics or anything of that matter for me to remember him. But I remembered this man for being hard working, he was in the middle of filling up one of his large trucks to make a last minute weekend delivery to a local resident. Despite how busy he was, I remember Chris stopping to have a friendly conversation with us, no matter how busy he seemed to be his smile was warm and welcoming. I can't imagine what his wife and kids feel right now, I have yet to experience death on such a personal level, but I have lost loved ones and I know when my loved ones passed, they left behind memories, stories and kind-heartedness that I continue to spread onto others, and to my children, with hopes of getting the life lessons to help us be civilized and understanding of one another. It may seem so easily to give up at this point, to lose faith in humanity. You probably ask yourself if there's any good will left on this planet, let me tell you there is. Despite how ever many horrible dark people there are in this world, that number doesn't even come close to how many good men there are like Chris, and it's people like Chris who spread that good and eventually dillute and weaken the bad. Whoever may read this, we're out there, the good are out there and we will continue to spread good faith.

posted by Sean Stoute 11 months ago

If you are in need of a driver volunteer, let me know. I have a class A license and am mostly retired. I'll keep you all in my prayers (mandukas73@gmail.com)

posted by Ed Swayze 11 months ago

Here's a wonderful photograph of Chris from 2009 ~ http://www.flickr.com/photos/k alielong/4211430338/

posted by Karen O'Reilly 11 months ago

I dont no chris,I read the article in the paper,and seen how good of a person he was,I want everyone tonight when the go to sleep to pray for his family.

posted by David Sanchez 11 months ago

I am so impressed to see the amount of donations in such a short time. It just shows how much love surrounds this family! Acton is a big family and the bond we all have shows right here. Amazing:)

posted by Jessi Presten 11 months ago

Amber, we know you through our daughter Jennifer....My husband Mark and I just made a donation...We are so Truly Sad for you and your family and your little ones. I just sent out the donation page to a lot of people I know. I hope people will open their hearts and be generous.

posted by Christina Holzschuh 11 months ago

My thoughts and Prayers to Chris's family..I went to Jr. High with him...So very sad to hear this...

posted by Ruby Myrvold 11 months ago

This just breaks my heart. So sad and so stupid. Please help if you can. Thanks!

posted by Michelle Arntson 11 months ago

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Danielle and Eric

8 months ago


Sorry this is so little and so late, please know that you are in our thoughts.



mark geyer

9 months ago



Kevin and Michelle

9 months ago



Chantal Nelson

10 months ago




10 months ago




10 months ago



Deborah Davis

10 months ago


Still can't believe this is true. My heart goes out to Amber and the babies.. Also to Jeannie and Kenny. Chris was a sweetie. Love you all



Eric and Alyce Jones

10 months ago


Pat, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.



Elizabeth Meaney

10 months ago


It's been on my heart all day to make sure the goal was met today. We love all the Demyens and our thoughts are never far from you.



Sky Schermerhorn

10 months ago


May he ever Live on in the hearts and deeds of those whose Lives he touched. And may the Love you shared bring you strength through the difficult days ahead. I Love you Amber. You and your Family have my deepest condolences.


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