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75“If Tim Berners-Lee is the father of the Web, than Molly Holzschlag is its fairy godmother.” Who is Molly Holzschlag? Molly E. Holzschlag has changed the world in many ways. She is... more


Updated posted by Brian Keith Sullivan 5 months ago

We greatly appreciate the response by everyone over the past 48 hours. We plan to keep this campaign open. Please continue to donate.


Created by Brian Keith Sullivan on November 5, 2013

75“If Tim Berners-Lee is the father of the Web, than Molly Holzschlag is its fairy godmother.”

Who is Molly Holzschlag?

Molly E. Holzschlag has changed the world in many ways. She is the author of over 30 books on web design, CSS, accessibility, web standards, and more. Molly has helped to establish many of the web standards used today by working with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the Web Standards Project (WaSP). She worked directly with CERN, AOL, Microsoft, BBC, Opera, and Netscape to ensure browsers support modern standards.

Recently, Molly has led the W3C's CSS Working Group and Accessibility Community Group to emphasize the importance of inclusive design on the Internet to overcome accessibility barriers for people with disabilities. The San Francisco Chronicle named Molly Holzschlag as one of the Top 10 Most Influential Women in Technology. Molly has changed the world several times over.

Who are the friends of Molly?

The people who are managing this effort include:

- Sharron Rush (Executive Director, Knowbility)
- Brian Sullivan (Co-Founder, Big Design Conference)
- Claudia Snell (Web Director, Nichols College)
- Joseph O'Connor (Accessibility Team Lead, WordPress)
- Keith Anderson (DFW-IXDA Team Leader & Sprint Developer)

We like to call ourselves Team Molly. All money collected from this effort will go towards medical expenses and recovery costs.

What's Happened to Molly?

In April, Molly was diagnosed with a rare liver condition, which ravages her internal organs causing fatigue, dizziness, confusion, loss of appetite, and weakness. Immediately, Molly was put on a very restrictive diet, vitamin regimen, and chemo-therapy. According to her doctors, Molly needs to continue with another 6-9 months of chemo-therapy to go into full remission. Molly’s doctors told her that she could not work, while undergoing this extreme treatment.

Molly was employed at the small NPO Knowbility as the Open Web Evangelist. Knowbility was able to put her on Family and Medical Leave which allowed Molly to retain her health insurance coverage. The FMLA time period has ended and the only coverage available now is through COBRA.

Molly's current coverage lasts until November 1, 2013. She does have a one month supply of pills. The monthly cost of her chemo-therapy is about $2,800 and COBRA will be an additional $1000. With a long recovery expected and the inability to work, Molly needs our financial support. Her mother and brother are doing what they can, but now Molly needs us.

We know it is a tough time for many people. Here is how you can help.

1. Give whatever you can. (It’s very easy to donate and secure.)
2. Spread the word. Blog this, tweet this, re-tweet this.
3. Help find a donor (maybe a generous company or individual will match your donation).
4. Run a workshop and send the money to this campaign.

For many of us, we have purchased many of the books that Molly has written. Consider a donation of $25 or more, which is like purchasing one of Molly’s book.

Molly has changed the world several times over. It is now time for us to change her world.

Show your support on Twitter by using this hastag: #TeamMolly

Update (11/13/2013):

We blew past the second goal of $50,000. We are making a stretch goal of $75,000 now. With your support, we can cover insurance, chemo-therapy, medical expenses, and recovery costs.

Please continue to give money. Molly has been unable to work since April 2013. We want to help with living expenses. Plus, you never know of additional complications.

We are Team Molly!

Update (11/6/2013):

We have updated our initial goal of $25,000 to $50,000 because of the overwhelming response.

Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:


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Why the hell do people have to PAY for cancer-treatment in the US, especially those huge amounts ? You'll die if you don't have the money ? Seriously ? You need a MASSIVE healthcare revolution.

posted by Christian Otterstein 5 months ago

Wow congrat i have the same goal as you lol

posted by Jose Maldonado 5 months ago

Now there's a great way to test the validity of your score, Mols! :D Molly

posted by Laban Johnson 5 months ago

One of my favorite photos of Molly while she was in Charlottesville in 2009 (with Dan Rubin)

posted by Trey Mitchell 5 months ago

Good golly Miss Molly. I'm so happy to see the web world surrounding you. You are loved.

posted by Susan MacGillivray 5 months ago

I honestly have no idea what to say. So I'm going to say two words and mean them with all my heart: Thank You.

posted by Molly Holzschlag 5 months ago

If you reach the end of cobra HIPPA guarantees continued coverage. Details vary by state, you must enroll within 30 days for running out of cobra, contact the state insurance commissioner for details.

posted by Dennis Hayes 5 months ago

Whether you know it or not, you owe Molly a huge thank you for the web as we know it. Now she needs our help. Lets get our Mols better folks. Dig deep! We love you Molly!

posted by Aaron Gustafson 5 months ago

Molly, we are sure going to make it! I've given a small amount, but I'm doing my best spreading the word through FB and some mutual friends over the email who will hopefully help us knocking some big doors :-) Keep fighting, we all will take care of the rest!

posted by Manolo Guerrero 5 months ago

Doing my best to spread the word. Molly - you have touched so many lives. I know I used many of your books when I started our web design program in Illinois (many, many years ago). Thinking of you.

posted by Mark DuBois 5 months ago

After giving $100, I sent updates to my Facebook friends. Spread the word, amigos.

posted by Brian Sullivan 5 months ago

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Timothy Britt

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Molly is a rare kind of person who I imagine attracts the respect of members of various races, nationalities, parties, languages and creeds around the world. Cheers to her contributions to our society and Cheers to her health.



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