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After enjoying a night out with friends in Philadelphia , Christmas week 2011, I hailed a taxi to go home. That was my last recollection before suffering an attack where I was left for d... more


Updated posted by Steven Quigley 3 days ago

Another tremendous week of recovery has passed as I get better and better each and every day. Both legs are feeling their best (though not having any energy due to recovery in other parts too), my body is more comfortable in the water week after week, internal energy is returning, Spring is almost here (will be in 30's (0 Celsius) next five nights)), and I am starting to do more daily activities.

My legs continue to itch, hurt, act out in discomfort, ache, spasm a little - but week after week they continue to improve - all part of the process. I can still feel the nerve runners, especially in my left leg. Both legs continue to still feel other nerve sensations as well (pins and needles among others). I find that as time passes they desire to be on the crystal mat more and more. I have always felt the crystal mat will be the link between the top and bottom parts of my body - connecting them so they can work as a system again, eventually walking and running.

Water therapy continues to go well, looking to soon increase weekly # of sessions; and part of reason for increase in goal as well. I have a great therapist with a greater heart - who learns with me together each week. Heart accounts for so much in life, especially when it comes to intention and healing. Each week my legs continue to feel more comfortable in the water, and are more relaxed and easier to manipulate into exercises as well. It takes me 30-45 minutes to recover after each hour in the pool. The negative atmospheric pressure below water greatly affects my breathing and all the muscles associated; arterial also.

My organs continue to cleanse and rejuvenate. Though it is not as violent as the later part of winter it is still uncomfortable most days. The liver, pancreas, digestion system, bladder - all in major recovery mode. It is quite the experience when you have to lay down on a awkward sideways angle on a couch just to eat - makes the digestion easier. There are a 1000 stories of discomfort - comes with the territory and so therefore do not make them the center of my recovery. My focus and drive are only on allowing my body to heal best way it can. That is quite a journey, one worthy of being shared. Thank you for your continued financial support, prayers, positive light, and all around well wishes - it is your journey too. It is most surely felt, and most definitely super appreciated. Have a great week! Thank you, Steven


Updated posted by Steven Quigley 10 days ago

As to be expected with Spring the cleansing has begun. With new therapies under way, changes in diet, nutrition, supplements, and soon more therapy, it is a time of renewal, surely.

Aqua therapy continues to challenge my body weekly in new ways. It is also affecting my breathing normality as well - due to the pressure exerted on the body while under water. The weight displacement makes it possible to do exercises that otherwise would be unable to be performed on ground while bearing weight. I'm sure in many ways it is also incredible for the psyche - to see the body moving in a more natural fashion. Continued new neuro-pathways are key in any recovery. This helps establish them.

As if my core needed any more help feeling beat up, now a new therapy is adding to the mix. As with any new therapy the kinks will iron out over time. My hips continue to get stronger, making it all the more possible to do normal things - I jokingly say I finally feel like a baby getting it's balance for the first time. My insides are recovering just a tad behind the outer, but my digestion is improving among other things.

My liver is cleansing itself of past toxins and chemicals - built up over years. It is waking up - as they say. My main therapist is probably wishing it was from her punching me in the stomach because I was being me. As it is the metabolic foundation of the nervous system it is key to a full recovery. Each week certain signs indicate to me what organs are doing what - which adds to the daily pieces of puzzle that require daily assembly.

My left leg continues to close the gap on the right. There is less twitching of late, and it is starting to feel more normal as well. Normal is an indication of healing that will eventually lead to recovery - in the mind if only. The body will always follow the mind.

For those who like to follow recent medical advances, one promising one was announced today:

Please consider sharing story with friends and family.

Thank you, Steven


Updated posted by Steven Quigley 17 days ago

Started a new therapy in the past week: Aqua. It was nice to be back in the water after 2.5 years. Previous to my accident I was a swimmer, and love the water, all water. After a short time of figuring out the logistics of how to get into pool (I wanted to be dumped in but the PT did not like that idea) we were off to the races. It was awkward at first since a different way of being in the pool, but after a little I was back to feeling free in the water. Therapy was very hard, having to use legs and other muscles that have not been exercised in a long time (at 50% weight bearing because of water displacement of body). I had no idea what type recovery from the pool I was in for. One word: tough. It is the same feeling the day after hard ice skating, where all the muscles not normally exercised feel like they ran a marathon. I was out of commission for the following two days, and sore for a few more. I suspect this will get easier as therapy goes on and the muscles and nerves adjust to being in water.

My hips are now in recovery mode too. Makes for interesting time while sitting - all day, every day. At least now I am already seeing some of the results of this part recovery. I can move around while laying down more easily, and sitting in my chair is getting easier too. I made a few adjustments and since have made the chair more tipsy, not that it needed help.

Blood pressure has been acting up again too. I get dizzy and sometimes fall over when I get up from any position quickly. For most this would mean getting up from a chair (standing up) but for me it is much more simpler. As easy as leaning over on the couch. I have not consulted any doctors, or even an ER, since I am pretty sure why and what is happening. I blame it on my continued core and left leg recovery. It too shall pass.

In April I will increase miles ridden on stimulation bike to keep legs strong and fit. As well I will start sessions again in walking program, locomotive. March required time for my legs to recover, especially nerves. I have not been standing in my 3 point frame, or 4 point stander of late either. April will bring to fruition my new therapy regimen moving forward, to include changes in therapy and medicine (no Rx any longer - started off with nine and now take none). I look forward to all these changes as well as Spring cleansing of the body. It is a great time of renewal.

Please continue to share our fundraiser video to friends and family via email, Twitter, and Facebook. We all thank you for your continued support and prayers.

Thank you, Steven

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Created by Steven Quigley on September 30, 2013

After enjoying a night out with friends in Philadelphia , Christmas week 2011, I hailed a taxi to go home. That was my last recollection before suffering an attack where I was left for dead in a city alley. Many facts are unknown but investigators determined that I was most likely struck across the back with a heavy, blunt piece of metal three different times blindly from behind, causing various injuries to my body and spinal cord. Soon after I was found on train tracks with further severe injuries from the fall and damage from the train hitting me. The police investigated but were unable to find the attacker(s) or any other information as to the accident.

Everyone always hears of tragic accidents but no one ever expects they will be the victim. The reality that I was a victim became known to me as I drifted in and out of consciousness in the trauma unit with doctors over my body , tubes and wires, and a priest at my side. It did not become clear what had happened until the priest spoke with me, and I realized I could not move anything below shoulders from paralysis. Emergency surgery awaited me as I was facing the rest of my life in a wheelchair with a 10% chance of recovery to walk. I knew this would be the greatest fight of my life.

I spent 6 grueling months in Trauma, ICU, step-down units, and at a rehabilitation hospital - filled with struggle, frustration, anger, support, love, and the thought of never walking again. I was released home and it is then that I realized that without the help of full time nurses and doctors at my side my real fight would begin. My first weekend home was both sweet and bitter, I knew it was going to be incredibly tough and take every ounce of my mental, physical and spiritual strength to get through this injury. But I would beat it.

These physical, psychological, and emotional elements in and of themselves are daunting, scary, and overwhelming; but they are only part of the battle. The other critical part is the cost of care to treat my injury and recovery. The hospital and rehabilitation costs were just the beginning of a long, arduous process of dealing with insurance to cover and continue to pay for therapy that is essential to my walking again. It is estimated that the cost of the first year’s care to treat a Quad spinal injury at one million dollars, $1,000,000. Subsequent years can cost on average $175,000.

Five days a week I am in Physical Therapy, both at an out-patient facility and home. My schedule is relentlessly tough and I give no breaks to myself no matter how much pain I am in or how easy it is to skip my exercises, weights, standing frame, stimulation bike, stretching, or other treatments. Now, 28 months since my injury, 21 months into therapy, I am able to move both my legs on my own (right stronger at present - but left will catch up), proving to myself and to the amazement of doctors that a full recovery is possible with the right support, love, and hard work. To date I have worked relentlessly to recover 75% of what the accident took away. 

Until now I have relied on insurance and immediate family for help. I have hit many of the maximum limits with insurance. The personal funds I had available to pay these costs have been depleted. I am humbly asking for your generous donation to help with medical and related expenses such as: continued medical treatment, aqua rehab, exercise equipment, home healthcare, and hospital and doctors fees. Your donation, no matter how big or small, will be greatly appreciated to defray these costs. My goal is to raise $40,000, biggest components are a stimulation bike which costs $16,800, and to pay for further Locomotor Training (see video w treadmill) sessions which cost $400/hour 3 times a week.

Today I am a changed man physically, mentally and spiritually. This accident has been the greatest gift in disguise, replete with lessons on life that forever have made me a better person. With your help I also will become a changed man. With your donations, my guts and determination, the support and love of family and friends, and through prayer, I will walk again.

Each week I will provide update(s) on my recovery and what changes have occurred as a result of your donations - until I post a picture of myself completing a 5K race. Thank you!!!

VIDEOS of my recovery:

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Bare feet in the grass activates different areas

posted by Tina Quigley 24 days ago

Steven, I had no idea of your struggles. Stay strong. A healthy mind can compensate for any physical shortcomings. God bless buddy, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Merry Christmas buddy. Mark

posted by Mark Bodalski 3 months ago

With god all things are possible.

posted by Tina Quigley 6 months ago

You will walk again and dance the night away once more :) ox you remain in my prayers!!!

posted by Marsha Ralls 6 months ago

YOu have are support & Prayers Cuz.. we love you

posted by Christine N Ray Baron 6 months ago

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all the best and some support, take care and maybe enjoy the water




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I can't even imagine the fight you are fighting. Your story is incredible and I wish you all the best. You have an incredible spirit!


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