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Earlier this year, our father was told his brain is swelling due to Hydrocephalus and that he would need brain surgery. Little did we know, this diagnosis would be a life altering event... more


Updated posted by Brittany Anne Sutphin 4 months ago

Update: As many of you already know, my dad was put back into the hospital earlier this month and was told he has a bad infection. Throughout this entire journey with hydrocephalus, that was definitely the scariest two weeks so far. Luckily, we got him to the hospital when we did and he began antibiotic treatments right away.

Dad is now back home and at first was doing great. His focus, mobility, and energy were all improving day by day. He is now saying (and we are also noticing) that he is just not feeling very well. We have been giving him antibiotics three times daily at home through his picc line and I believe this is the last week of that.

Hopkins would like to see my dad as soon as possible but with all the time we have taken off work, we're finding it difficult to get him there asap. Especially with it being the holiday season.

Please continue to keep my dad in your prayers. We are so thankful for all of your love and support. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we are hoping all of you were able to enjoy your day with your loved ones.

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Updated posted by Brittany Anne Sutphin 5 months ago

Update: Monday night, we came home to my dad on the floor, sweating, confused and we could not get him up. He was taken to the hospital by an ambulance and for the first few days he was completely out of it. After several tests, Fairfax Hospital is not quite sure what is causing the weakness, confusion and fevers so he was transferred to John Hopkins last night. Hopefully John Hopkins will be able to help my dad and he will be home soon.



Updated posted by Brittany Anne Sutphin 5 months ago

Quick Update!

It has been a few weeks now and dad has been doing much better! There has been such a positive change, both physically and mentally. Unfortunately, yesterday he went down hill quite quickly and was taken to the emergency room. There we found out he has an infection but it should clear up quickly with antibiotics and we have already seen improvement today.

My dad has a long road ahead of him with physical therapy so please continue to keep him in your prayers. Thank you for all of the love and support!

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Created by Brittany Anne Sutphin on September 30, 2013

Earlier this year, our father was told his brain is swelling due to Hydrocephalus and that he would need brain surgery. Little did we know, this diagnosis would be a life altering event for our father and that his health would decline so quickly. Our dad has gone from your average 62 year old, to having the body and mind of an elderly man. Due to the unfortunate symptoms of hydrocephalus, he is no longer able to get through his daily routine without assistance. He struggles greatly with walking, memory loss, coordination, and can no longer cook, drive, or perform simple tasks.

Emotionally and financially, this has been a very difficult journey for us. Our father lost his job several months ago, which has been financially tough on him and his wife. With previous and upcoming hospital stays, doctor appointments, medical bills, travel/hotel expenses and surgery, our family really needs some help. A little goes a long ways, and we greatly appreciate donations from anyone who is willing to help.

Thank you, The Sutphin Family

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Paul's condition has become worse over the last several days. He was taken by ambulance to Fairfax Hospital Monday night and is still there. He is drifting in and out and has developed some kind of infection. It has become a matter of Fairdax wanting John Hopkins to handle the problem and John Hopkibs having no beds available. Praying we can reach a solution, fix the problem and get him back on the road to recovery. The last few days have really been trying but has also been comforted by frieds kind thoughts and prayers. Please pray for Paul and share this. Help is really needed right now.

posted by Kathy Sutphin 5 months ago

Just want to give everyone an update on Paul. Surgery went well even though they changed the date on us, and changed the time twice in one day, he came through pretty good. He will more than likely have to be transfered to an Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility for 7 to 10 days. Hoping to find one near home so that we do not have to keep commuting over to Baltimore everyday. Walking is very slow to return for him and the fact that they operated on a Friday, had no rooms for him till late Saturday and that the physical therapist are not there on the weekend has not helped him at all. They normally get them up and walking within 24 hours and that has not happened. I worked with him some today and it was quite a struggle for him, but i feel with more therapy he will be back to old self soon. I truly feel like they are pushing the patients out before they are ready because they are so over booked. Will say that the nursing staff there has been fantastic and have taken really good care of him. Please keep praying that this whole ordeal will be over soon and he will be back home with his family.

posted by Kathy Sutphin 6 months ago

Well they have surgery to insert a shunt in the ventricles of his brain scheduled for Friday the 18th at John Hopkins. Hoping and praying that this will be the answer to his recovery that we all have been hoping for!

posted by Kathy Sutphin 6 months ago

So thankful for all of the help. I am not one who likes to ask for help, but sometimes you are left with no choice. With Paul being out of work sice February and the medical bills continue to build the pressures have become over whelming. He has surgery coming up soon and with going back and forth to John Hopkins every penny of this will be wisely used. Again thank you for caring and helping.

posted by Kathy Sutphin 6 months ago

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Jean Lambert

4 months ago


Brittany, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.



Anna Moeser

5 months ago


Sending good thoughts your way



Leslie Gentry

5 months ago


Thinking of you and your family and sending love, thoughts and prayers.




6 months ago




6 months ago (Offline Donation)



Christine Jarrett

6 months ago


My father is such a strong man. For the past 20 years, he has faced many health struggles. As a young girl, I was always worried of losing him. I have since grown to know it will take a lot to break my father. He has a will and a want to live. With this strong outlook, I know that this is yet another bump in his journey that will only make him stronger. I am humbled by the good in people. Your donations help my family in more ways then you know. Truly it isn't even the donations, it is knowing that good is still in this world and that people who don't know my father believe in him as well. With your support it encourages him even more to stay strong. From the bottom of my heart, I am so thankful to each of you.



Elaine Weller

6 months ago


Hope this helps a little. Love & Prayers to you all!!!!



Stephanie Daniels

6 months ago


You family is in my prayers.



Lidiya Seifu

6 months ago


We will keep you in our prayers.



Chris Collins

6 months ago


Hope this small amount can help in some way. Thinking of you all - Chris & Vickie


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