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Early morning on March 11, 2013 Joey Quirk was tragically struck by a bullet to the head. He is now in critical condition with a brain injury called Diffuse Axonal Injury (DIA). He is in... more


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Please share this with everyone!!! Thank you all!!


Created by Jennifer Quirk on March 13, 2013

Early morning on March 11, 2013 Joey Quirk was tragically struck by a bullet to the head. He is now in critical condition with a brain injury called Diffuse Axonal Injury (DIA). He is in stable condition, but has a very long road ahead of him. Right now he is sedated because of his injuries and could possibly be sedated for weeks if not months.  

He is originally from Missouri where most of his family is from. Right now the only person that was able to come out and stay with him is his mom. Unfortunately, she has nowhere to stay. Right now she has been staying in the hospital waiting room.  
Him and his family could really use some help financially with temporary living expenses and traveling expenses. Please help this wonderful family during this tragic time. Lets try and keep his mom here for as long as we can while her son heals.
The money will also go to his pending hospital bills as well and any care that he may need to make a speedy and health recovery!
 Thank you so much for your time!!!


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The Crime & Violence Advocacy Program may be able to help financially with medical/temp housing costs for Joey and his family. It's a state-wide program that anyone who is a victim of violence is entitled too. Here's the link in hopes they can help -

posted by Angie Kirk 13 months ago

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Jeanie Cruz

13 months ago



Elizabeth Birch

13 months ago


My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I wish you a speedy recovery. Cousin Michael's grandma, Elizabeth



Christina Hoban

13 months ago


You probably don't remember me but this is Skip Klinger's niece. My prayers are with you and you family.



Michelle Johnson

13 months ago


Michael and I are so grateful to have The Quirk Family as friends. Joe you were an amazing influence on Michael and I and we can't thank you enough for your guidance at the 1839th. It has led to our success to this very day. When we heard of this tragic incident Michael and I thought of Justin and Kaden and how we would feel if something so terrible happened to one of our boys. I thought my heart was going to come out of my chest. Then I got angry but I won't delve into that. Your Joey is the product of two amazing loving people. His Navy career and service to this country reflects good up bringing and a since of duty. He gets this honest from both you and Joanne. If memory serves me his since of humor is completely of the two of you also funny funny funny! We pray he is well on his way to recovery. Continue to be strong for Joey and his strength will shine thru. Thank you Quirk Family for always having kind hearts and our prayers are with Joey he is a wonderful young man. How could he not be.



Marilyn Borrero

13 months ago


Glad to know Joey is doing a little better and glad that I could help in some way. All of you are in my Prayers. Please tell JoAnne and Joey I Love them, thinking of them and praying for them.



Jenn Yeager

13 months ago


I hope you make a full and speedy recovery.



Ryan Kennedy-Abrego

13 months ago


Hang in there Joey! You are in my thoughts and prayers.



Angelina Fernandez Kirk

13 months ago


Sending my prayers for Joey & his family from across the miles.



Wanda Stowell

13 months ago


Hang tough Quirk Family. Prayers and hugs your way.



Rosy Ramirez

13 months ago


A Mojave classmate.


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