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I'm Nolan Daniels and I am the person who manipulated a photo to look like Powerball winning numbers and offer 1 million to anyone who shared my photo. I never imagined the attention it... more


Updated posted by Brooke Reeves-Charlton 10 months ago

Created by Brooke Reeves-Charlton on December 2, 2012

I'm Nolan Daniels and I am the person who manipulated a photo to look like Powerball winning numbers and offer 1 million to anyone who shared my photo. I never imagined the attention it would get and over 2 million shares. Many people flooded my inbox with hardship stories and why they wanted the money. I felt horrible and never intended for it to blow out of proportion.
One person’s story stood out to me as it involved things out of her control and it hit home. My Brother had a Brain injury in 2008 that damaged his frontal lobe. It was a very difficult time for him and our family.
This person does not have a Brain Injury but she has a Brain disorder and the Medical costs are over 6 figures. She’s had Brain surgery, Spinal cord surgery and her daughter is diagnosed with this rare disorder Chiari Malformation of the Brain.
I’d love to turn this into something positive and if each of you could just donate $1 maybe we can save a family and bring awareness to the disorder.
Brooke is a great person. I’ve talked to her several times now and she’s also a volunteer patient advocate for She help patients get ready for surgery and helps the emotionally with the process. She’s very active in the organization and even told me if this donation grew too large she’d donate the rest to to raise awareness.
I will not be taking any money from donations received and if you don’t want to donate then you don’t have to. If you want to help, please donate to as an alternative.

I cannot properly verify her story but I have contacted and verified she is a member and does have the condition. Your donation is optional and will go to her. I cannot make any guarantees on any accuracy of Medical Bill amounts, and anything involving her story. I believed her and I want to help. I talked to a few of her friends as well and I was comfortable in this decision.

This his a portion of her story
"The diagnosis that I have is Chiari Malformation of the Brain. It is where the cerabellar tonsils hurniate into the neck. I have had to have majoy brain surgery because of it. The other condition that I have is Spina bifida occulta. Spina bifida is when the spinal cord hurniates through the back, yet still causes a lot of physical issues.
I was decompressed for my Chiari in December of 2007. They had to go in and make room for my brain that was bigger than my skull. I know have a titanium plate in my head. My sypmtoms before surgery were, sever headackes,intermitent attachardia, excruciation wide sprad body pain. With the spina bifida acculta I was quckly losing the use of my legs. I could hardly walk and to get up any kind of stairs I woulod have to crawl. I was detethered in Noevember of 2008. Both surgeries were done in Aurora CO.
Here I am 5 yrs later and looking at the posibility of yet another surgery. They headache have come back and I have been unable to work do to the sypmtoms that I still have. All I want it to be well.

I am not only a patient but I am also a volunteer advocate for other patients with the same diagnosis that I have. The organization that I volunteer for I (A)merica (S)yrigomyelia & (C)hiari (A)lliance Project ASAP. I have helped patients mentally prepare for surgery, help engourage them right after surgery, and help ecourage them through recovery by help them cope with their pain after their surgery.
This money would be such a blessing not only for me but also for my fellow chiarians. A lot of this money would go to ASAP for Chiari and associated disorders. This money would also give me an opportunity to help raise awarenss for Chiari Malformation, awareness the we desperately need.
My daughter was diangnosed before I was and because no one in the medical community where we were living knew what it was I made it my mission to make sure that one day my daughter would be able too travel anywhere in the world and if she were to collaps or something that she would be able to go to any medical facility and be treated accurately. In order for this dream to come true, I have to create awareness."


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May GOD BLESS you.

posted by Mark Pendergraft 16 months ago

I'm glad he turned this out to be such a positive for another person. When I saw the initial FB post & the amt of shares I immediately googled & found it was a hoax & notified a few others that seemed disappointed & others that laughed at themselves for not having checked before sharing it. If everyone that shared & wanted a piece of that pie would donate $1 - just think of the wealth that could be shared. But people are takers - not givers or the amt of donations so far would be much higher - where's all those FB hopefuls now? I think the hoax was funny & think it much funnier of those that clicked that had high hopes of something that never checked for verification! Btw, I've got some land to sell over in .... (you know the rest of the story. Now, go share! Loll).

posted by Dora Ponce Crossposter 16 months ago

Oh wow, this is exactly what my younger sister has, I'll pray for this woman and her daughter, because I know first hand how hard it is to see your loved one suffer with this disorder. My younger sisters had multiple surgeries BUT :) and not to be too optimistic, this thing can come back for the rest of her life, BUT she's back off ALL medications, and hasn't been this active and pain free in...nearly 5 years! Such a relief, I pray that this girl doesn't have to go through all the pain and suffering we did, seeing the doctors looking clueless and making as many mistakes as they made on my sister...but it's so rare that they didn't really know what to do. Anyways, I'd donate as much as I could, but currently I am struggling with finances, :) I can offer prayers though! She's not alone!

posted by Twyla Meyers 16 months ago

well, we've all heard everything happens for a reason... Nolan, you made it possible to find strangers in need.... and now you are trying to help this person. I think that is just about the best "apology" possible. I can't beleive that millions of people, i mean come-on, millions, said, gimme gimme... now they are stompin their feet and sticking out their bottom lips... lol. People are silly....

posted by Eve Whittaker 16 months ago

I'm telling you Nolan, grow that beard out and bring Brooke in some money ;). You're truly an amazing man for doing this and I see you jut might be letting it grow out just a little? Thatta boy :). Talk to you all soon and best of luck Brooke. You will get this honey.

posted by Crystal Hott 16 months ago

I like how everyone is getting so angry at this man when he clearly stated 'It was a joke between friends'. It is not his fault that it went viral and it is not his fault that everyone believes him. You all say they your 'hopes' were crushed... but out of all the people who did share that photo you almost had NO freaking chance of getting it anyways.. so your hopes would have been shattered either way. He is now trying to help someone and you are treating him like trash because he 'tricked' you. Maybe you should all stop being selfish and thinking about what your hopes and dreams where and maybe thinking about this poor women who HE is trying to help.. I don't see YOU lining up to help her..

posted by Sarah Wroblewski 16 months ago

I have chiari too and I think what Nolan has done is wonderful. He admitted his mistake and turned it into a positive message to raise awareness. He inspired me. Please join us and on 12.12.12 instead of buying a lottery ticket donate that $ 2.00 to someone, an organization, charity close to your heart. The odds of winning the lottery are small, but you raise your personal abundance when you give unconditionally. that's worth more than any lottery jackpot.

posted by Jessica Chiari Lightworks 16 months ago

I have MS...MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS.... so YES ....I am ALSO hurt by this....he was saying HE WOULD'NT HAVE TO WORK.... I was saying I CAN'T WORK....HE HAD MY HOPES UP TOO.

posted by Cecil Hammack 16 months ago

Just another grab for attention.

posted by Jeromie Williams 16 months ago

That's a deed of you Nolan! You'r lucky I got in touch with your brother and saw his message, I'll share it on my FB and wish you all (especially Brook in this case) best of luck that this hoax of yours will come to a beautiful end this way, I bet it will! Should you raise this money before the end of this weekend, make sure to ask your brother what he's doing on dec12th and try to break your share record lol Go Donate all you hoax believers!

posted by Jochem de Boer 16 months ago

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15 months ago


I am just glad to help and hope that no one will ever forget how great it feels to help someone out even if it isn't much to them. It could be worth saving someones life. Be kind!



Britt White

15 months ago


So proud of you Nolan! I'm matching my moms donation (Kay strebe)



Kay Strebe

15 months ago


Great job turning lemons into lemonade and bringing awareness to something so important!



Lori Huckaby

15 months ago


I'm a fellow Chiarian. I'll give a few dollars. Let's see how far this can go!




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Don C.

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15 months ago


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