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Updated posted by Amy Barefoot 24 days ago

Bella is ready to be adopted!

Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes and helped us raise funds to cover her medical bills.

She is doing great!

Bella is a beautiful, five month old Terrier mix with an exuberant personality and a zeal for life. She is as smart as she is adorable and she knows it.

She loves everyone she meets, humans and dogs alike. She is very active and spends her days playing with other dogs and loves chasing tennis balls, or playing keep away. She loves being outdoors, exploring all the interesting flora and fauna, but is just as happy to sit by her human chewing on a bone or playing with her toys.

She is working on potty training and is doing well. She will even go to the door to be let out.

She does well on a leash, but needs more practice.

Bella will be spayed, micro chipped and updated on vaccines before adoption.

She loves kids, but would do better in a home with older kids.

She had a rough start in life, but will make someone an awesome family member.

Bella will require continued at-home physical therapy by her new owner.

If you are interested in adopting her, please visit, click on her photo and fill out an application!

Thanks again for your compassion.



Updated posted by Amy Barefoot 2 months ago

Thanks for the outpouring of love for Bella!

We have surpassed our initial goal to help cover some of Bella’s medical bills but she will still need additional medical care and rehab. All money raised above our goal will go directly to Chatham Animal Rescue & Education to help all the animals in need.

Bella had a big day today. She made her television debut and had her external skeletal fixator removed and is healing well. She is growing and getting stronger every day.

As you can imagine, a lot of people are interested in adopting Bella. She will need to heal for several more weeks before she will be available for adoption through Chatham Animal Rescue & Education. Once she is healed, C.A.R.E. will post information on their website ( about the application process so please check their site frequently if you are interested.

Thanks again to everyone for your compassion.

Bella is loved. Bella is healing. Bella is safe.



Updated posted by Amy Barefoot 2 months ago

Bella is healing but she still has a long road to recovery. Here are a few photos of Bella with her surgeon from the Veterinary Specialty Hospital of the Carolinas, Dr. Elaine Holmes and with Dr. Kim Hosking from ActivePaws Rehab. Please continue to share Bella's story of survival. She is a strong and resilient pup!


Bella with Dr. Holmes

Bella with Dr. Holmes and Dr. Hosking

Bella getting her stitches checked

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Created by Amy Barefoot on January 14, 2014

Bella is a sweet, beautiful three-month old puppy who was brutally attacked with a large knife by one of her owners during a domestic dispute to punish the other owner. Fortunately, Chatham County Animal Control was able to rescue Bella and take her to the Veterinary Specialty Hospital of the Carolinas (VSH) in Cary, NC. The police arrested the owner for felony animal cruelty as well as additional charges and Bella was surrendered to the custody of Chatham Animal Rescue and Education.

Realizing the damage to Bella's legs was more serious than previously thought, Dr. Elaine Holmes performed surgery and she and the amazing staff at VSH were able to save Bella's legs. The great news is that Bella will be able to recover and walk again with the help of Dr. Kim Hosking at ActivePaws Rehab once her bones begin to heal.

Bella is feeling better but has a long way to go before she can run, jump, roll around and fully be a happy-go-lucky puppy again.

She will need lots of follow up care at VSH and ActivePaws. Luckily Chatham Animal Rescue and Education has placed her with a loving foster family who is making sure she gets the medical attention she needs and the love she deserves until she can find a forever home.

Unfortunately, domestic violence cases often involve family pets as one of the victims and in some cases, are the only victim. Bella is lucky and she has a bright future ahead of her.

Bella's injuries were extensive so please help us pay some of her medical bills and spread the word about this sweet, innocent puppy in need! Every little bit helps!

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posted by Jeanna Bock 1 month ago

I think the brute that injured this poor little puppy needs to have the same thing done to him!! It's a shame that person probably will not be punished b/c it was just a dog that was injured. I have rescued 4 abandoned teenaged pups that someone put out close to my house w/adult dogs. They slept in the woods for days and are terrified of people. I am trying to get them to come to me, but not having any luck so far. If you folks have some ideas as to what I can do, please respond to my facebook. Thanks.

posted by Patricia Parker 2 months ago

Nothing touches your heart like an injured innocent animal. Only a heartless person would hurt an animal like this. They will live to regret it.

posted by Barbara Dotts 2 months ago

Bella is such a precious puppy! I hope her attacker gets severe punishment for hurting her. I would love to adopt her and can offer her a very loving home. I can't imagine why anyone would hurt an animal, much less one as precious as Bella. I just love her!

posted by Cathy Andrews 2 months ago

I am a domestic violence survivor and know how the abuser can use their children and animals against them to gain control. I was one of the lucky ones who got away and living a wonderful life now. Would luv to have Bella join our happy family. Contact me if she is not yet adopted.

posted by Alison Rocker 2 months ago

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1 month ago


Continued wishes to sweet Bella for as full a recovery as possible. Thanks to all that are working with her!




1 month ago


Praying for Bella and for the sweet family who ends up eventually adopting her!



Karen/Bill Berkeley

2 months ago


Wishing the best for Bella. Thank you for what you do.




2 months ago



Mimi & Ellie

2 months ago


Hope you get better Emma! I would be destroyed if this happened to my doggies. I'm so happy to see people helping out! Get well soon, and I hope you find an amazing home!




2 months ago


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