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Gabbie and Alice are second graders at the George J. Mitchell School in Waterville, Maine. The school, demographically, based on the number of students receiving free or reduced lunch, i... more


Updated posted by Jennifer Cairns Johnson 9 hours ago

Gabbie and Alice have now raised $40,245! That is more than TEN YEARS of food available to the children in their community. They have raised enough money that will be feeding our community's children until they are 18 years old... So proud, humbled and thankful all at once.

Here is the link to them on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today... it's pretty awesome.


Updated posted by Jennifer Cairns Johnson 14 hours ago

Total is climbing, $20,210 and Gabbie and Alice will be on The Ellen DeGeneres show today. Watch! They are sure to be awesome!


Updated posted by Jennifer Cairns Johnson 1 day ago

Watch tomorrow!


Gabby and Alice and Ellen DeGeneres

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Created by Jennifer Cairns Johnson on February 15, 2014

Gabbie and Alice are second graders at the George J. Mitchell School in Waterville, Maine. The school, demographically, based on the number of students receiving free or reduced lunch, is one of the poorest in the state. In an effort to prevent evening/weekend/vacation hunger among its students and their families, the school opened a no questions asked food pantry IN the school in 2013. Best friends Gabbie and Alice, knowing the school's dire situation, decided to hold a joint 8th birthday party, in which they asked for donations to the food pantry, in lieu of gifts. Their teacher, Mrs. Saulter, was so touched by their plans, that she secretly asked the PTO what they could do to make a big deal of these generous, selfless young ladies. PTO President Jennifer Johnson thought what better way to celebrate them than to make their wish come true on the largest possible scale? The food pantry has operating costs of $5,000/year. Raising $5k would mean Gabbie and Alice made sure families in need were fed for an entire year. Raising $50k would feed this town in need for TEN years. And for $100k, Gabbie and Alice would feed needy kids in the school for TWENTY YEARS! With the food pantry funded for twenty years, the school would be able to afford to expand to include fourth and fifth graders, a much needed expansion for this small town. So please, won't you help us celebrate Gabbie and Alice's 8th birthdays by making their wildest dreams come true? What they want more than anything is for their classmates and their families to be taken care of. Every single little donation helps, and encourages not only these girls, but others that come after them, to embrace the spirit of community and generosity. It sends the message that even kids can make a difference in the world. It feeds a families in need. And it will make these girls' 8th birthday party one this community will NEVER forget. Thank you for donating!

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Great job on the Ellen show ladies!

posted by Mark Dearborn 2 hours ago

God bless you both. What remarkably thoughtful girls you are. Happy Birthday to you both. I will be watching you on Ellen tomorrow afternoon. Praying you will meet your goal.

posted by Sue Emerson 23 hours ago

Gabbie and Alice, I hope you had a Wonderful and Very Happy Birthday!! May all of your dreams and wishes come true. I hope you meet your goal soon, and are able to make a big impact for the "food pantry" and those students that could use its services the most. God Bless you both. Ian

posted by Ian Sullivan 1 month ago

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2 hours ago



Phyllis Capanna

4 hours ago


Very inspiring, you two! Way to go!



Ellen DeGeneres Show/Shutterfly

10 hours ago (Offline Donation)



Taylor Reneé Broussard

10 hours ago



chao xu

12 hours ago


Very generous kids, good luck.



Caryl Horan

14 hours ago


What a very big inspiration these two little souls are.



Erik Thomas

14 hours ago


We need more people like this in our community. We to go, ladies!



Jane Moroney

15 hours ago


It is so nice to see something so positive in our small town. Congrats to both of you!!!



ed whitney

17 hours ago


good luck



Erin Mitchell

18 hours ago




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