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Dominique is an amazing, 18 year old young woman who had big dreams and her whole life ahead of her. She is a beloved daughter, sister, fiancé, and a friend. Please read her story below.... more


Updated posted by Aisha Landreville 3 months ago

We had Dominique's doctor appointment on Tuesday. The doctor confirmed she is no longer in a coma!! Dominique is responsive and alert. Dominique's ct scan didn't show very much, other than her having what her neurosurgeon stating "alot of damage." She can only improve from this point and she has!!. The ct scan also showed that the dreaded neck brace that she can't stand does have to stay on for another 4-6 weeks. please continue to keep Dominique in your prayers, she is one tough cookie :)


Updated posted by Aisha Landreville 3 months ago

Today marks two months since Dominique's accident. Tomorrow she has her appointment with the neurosurgeon,hoping to get all of the many questions we have answered, and to see when she will be ready for rehab.Dominique in the last few days has been extremely active with her left leg and hand moving. Please pray we get lots of positive news tomorrow :)


Updated posted by Aisha Landreville 3 months ago

Dominique has been still showing signs of improvement,though small signs it's still positive.We have been trying once a day to get her out of the house and get fresh air. Dominique has always been a very active young lady and we are trying to make sure we do our best to help with that. We have been showing her lots of pictures and telling her stories of things we have done with her when they were little,lots of laughter and some tears.God bless and thank you everyone who has helped with donations and kind inspiring words. -Karena

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Created by Aisha Landreville on November 27, 2013

Dominique is an amazing, 18 year old young woman who had big dreams and her whole life ahead of her. She is a beloved daughter, sister, fiancé, and a friend. Please read her story below.

On Wednesday November 6th around 9:30 pm our daughter Dominique Landreville was walking home from her work at Baggin's. Shortly after leaving work Dominique was struck by a car.
Unconscious, but still with a pulse, Dominique was rushed to University Medical Center I.C.U. Upon arrival doctors were highly skeptical she would survive the night. They obviously did not know the strength and stubbornness of this petite little girl we know as our daughter. With severe head trauma and fractures that encompassed her entire skull Dominique underwent surgery to relieve the pressure on her brain. A doctor explained we needed to prepare to let her go, not knowing the choice words we would have for him.
Dominique not only survived the first surgery, but the second and third holding strong with her vitals and never letting go. By the amazing and I might say magical work of the neurosurgeons trauma surgeons, nurses, and respiratory therapists our daughter survived this horrific accident.
We are now on a new journey to help our daughter recover from this horrible accident. When we were told our daughter would be moved to a nursing home for her "possible recovery" we did not hesitate. We insisted we take our daughter home and offer her the proper care and dignity she deserves. University Medical Center helped to guide us and teach us how to care for our daughter from trachea care, bolus feeding, medicine and physical therapy. Through the graciousness of the teams and the obvious compassion in their hearts our daughter is home after three short weeks, which were the longest weeks of our lives. Though still in a coma through the benevolence of Kara Snyder (trauma RN), Irma Bojazi (case manager), and Shari Schoentag (clinical dietitian) our daughter is on her way to recovery.
We are not remotely skilled enough to provide our daughter with the proper neurological therapy she requires and deserves. We have been informed by several teams at University Medical Center that the most valued therapy should be instilled withing the first 18-24 months of her recovery. Dominique's insurance and our income will only cover a portion of the treatment she needs. This time has been extremely humbling and shown us humility we were never aware of. It is a time need to ask for help. Not only emotionally but monetarily. Any support that could be offered would be greatly appreciated and humbly accepted.

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My heart goes out to your whole family. I wish you the very best and admire you all greatly. Hope Nikki remains strong and stubborn.




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Love and prayers are with you



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Praying for continued progress.


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