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When I was just starting my senior year of high school, I was diagnosed with a large brain tumor in my cerebellum. I had emergency surgery and spent almost four months in the hospital... more


Updated posted by Christina Elizabeth 20 days ago

Please pray for the kiddos that have the Chikungunya virus! I talked to a few of the kids yesterday and although Michaelson, my favorite boy named Michaleson, said, "Guess what?! I have chikungunya and, I feel more gorgeous now!" (he must've just learned the word 'gorgeous' and didn't fully know the meaning) at lot more people are getting affected by it. Some of the kids couldn't even get out of bed to talk to me :( thanks so much for the prayers, I know they'll more than appreciate they're getting prayers from the US!


Updated posted by Christina Elizabeth 1 month ago

“God may close doors but he always opens a window.” This is the quote I kept repeating to myself during the last week. I was supposed to go to Haiti, but unfortunately, there is a debilitating virus (called Chikingunya) spreading very quickly down there. My doctors didn’t think it was safe for me to go.

I was more than upset, as I feel those kids are like my own children/siblings. I missed out seeing them in over a year. After writing back and forth all year long, this trip was our count down to seeing each other again. I even debated with my mom to let me go for just a few hours; to say hi and explain to them why I couldn’t stay. A letter just didn’t seem to suffice!

Sadly, I had to make due listening to French songs about the beach pretending I was there, reading old letters about these summer trips, or listening to the beautiful sounds of some of the girls singing on a CD they created called Son De Soleil (sounds of the sun.)

Although these things do not even come close to this trip I missed, I know I’ll be back soon. Timoun m’ap retounen byento.


Updated posted by Christina Elizabeth 2 months ago

I am going to Haiti in less than a month!! Words cannot describe my excitement. Thank you all for your help in reaching my goal again.

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Created by Christina Elizabeth on December 27, 2010

When I was just starting my senior year of high school, I was diagnosed with a large brain tumor in my cerebellum. I had emergency surgery and spent almost four months in the hospital and inpatient rehab institute.

At first I was unable to even swallow or turn my head while lying in bed. I was not able to speak for over six weeks. Slowly over time I learned how to sit up in bed and eventually make my way to using a wheel chair. From there I learned how to stand, and afterwards I relearned walking. My speech came back very slowly and I had to practice using my mouth and tongue to form words. After a few months I was able to walk with a walker and talk in short sentences. But, I was still unable to feed myself, or take a shower without help.

Over the next 20 months, I worked extremely diligently on relearning everything I needed to. I have made great strides in all areas of my rehabilitation. I know I must continue working very hard to get back to where I was before the tumor was diagnosed.

To prepare to serve as President of Key Club my senior year of high school, I spent the summer beforehand outlining a year filled with raising money for many different causes. I had a heart for volunteering and doing community service, even to the point of talking to my parents (before my diagnosis) about waiting to start college so I could do mission work somewhere. I have always been a very compassionate person and love to work with children. I had been volunteering at Holy Family Institute where twelve Haitian orphans were living - and fell in love with them. I told my parents I wanted to do something to help other kids like them.

My mission to fulfill this goal is:
Establish a loving orphanage where children are able to grow up envisioning and fulfilling their dreams and goals.

Thank you for your support! I am truly appreciative.

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Christina Schuliger Missions Foundation is a non-profit that has obtained its 501(c)(3) exemption status. As such, you may take a tax deduction for any donation you make to my cause.

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Christina, Don't know if you remember me from SB2W- but I certainly remember you! I was sitting next to Sally the other day in school when I saw your website. I was so excited to see how well you are doing, and how you've become a truly exceptional individual. Your mission is admirable, and wonderful. You can ask Sally for any of my contact information if you need anything at any time! Much love --Juliet Boucher

posted by Juliet Boucher 41 months ago

Hi Christina.....Hope you are home today having fun with your family!....We all are so excited for you to come home next week and so thankful you are getting so strong and are proud of you each step of the way...I loved reading this note you wrote explaining your mission work and goals......I wanted to share with you that I too have a strong desire to support those orphans in Haiti as well and love hearing about the work you and your family have done to serve them already and also learning about your own goals for helping. I was so touched how sweet they were to you at Holy Family Institute when you returned this Christmas and the kids gave you so much love and support when you needed it most all snuggled up on your lap!! God is working through you! I know you will reach your goals without question! You will be helping the children and I am sure you will also help some animals along the way too that need extra love!.You really are a special person and friend!......We will gladly hel

posted by Lynn Anderson 42 months ago

Hi Christina! Been a long time since I have seen any of you but, I think of you, Your sisters and your parents often. I just wanted to wish you an excellent and speedy recovery! Also I think all that the work you do to help children is remarkable and I am very impressed at everything you have already done! Good luck with everything! I know you will do well, you are very blessed and have an awsome family! say hi to Mom & Dad for me and again, i wish you the best! I will be making a donation also to help you reach your very noble dream of the mission work you wish to do. Good luck I will be thinking of you & will forward this to many people I know so they can donate also. Good Luck & best wishes!!!!! Andy

posted by Andrew Shuty 42 months ago

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My Favorite


Alexei Kroh

10 days ago


Dear Christina, It's been a long time since elementary school but when your video showed up on my Facebook feed I could do nothing but smile at the sight of such inspiration and perseverence! I pray that you reach your goals and I know you will have the power to touch many many lives. You rock! With love, Alexei, Brittany and Terri Kroh (Ps. Don't worry about the cookies!)




13 days ago

My Favorite


dIanne Czerniewski

2 months ago


Dear christina, I continue to be moved by your works of love and care for others in need. You will always be my eternal hero. . Be safe in your travels,,May God bless you and those fortunate to have you in their lives. Much love, mrs czerniewski...

My Favorite


Joseph&Linda Pullekines

2 months ago


Prayers for your continued recovery and blessings for your mission work. Safe trip!

Team Christina


Caroline DiPerna

4 months ago


Love you/what you are doing Christina...wanted to donate again this year! xoxo

Team Christina


Ian Klipa

4 months ago


I'm sorry I cant contribute more right no, but this is a really amazing thing you're doing Christina. I hope all is well and hopefully our paths will cross again soon. :)




6 months ago




6 months ago




6 months ago

My Favorite


Kim Schwabenbauer

9 months ago


I don't need cookies dear! You don't have to go through all that trouble! I just want to see you continue to do such amazing work that God has shown you so clearly that you are made to do!! You are a blessing to me and others! Thank you!! Keep it up sista!


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