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While walking home Carter Strange was beaten and left for dead by 8 young teenagers on June 20, 2011. His dad had just recently started a new job and had no insurance. Carter was rushed... more


Updated posted by Carter Strange 34 months ago

Carter continues to look better each day. His physical scars are healing much faster than the emotional scars however. The doctors have been releasing him one by one and all are amazed at the speed of his recovery. As a family of faith, we contribute this to the many who sent up prayers for him. God's hand was truly on him these past couple of weeks. We are still focused on getting him released from the remaining doctors. He should have the stents removed from his nose tomorrow. He is really looking forward to being able to smell again. Once we are through with the doctors, we plan to see what can be done to prevent this senseless violence. Stay tuned and thank you for your prayers and support.


Created by Carter Strange on June 28, 2011

While walking home Carter Strange was beaten and left for dead by 8 young teenagers on June 20, 2011. His dad had just recently started a new job and had no insurance. Carter was rushed to the emergency room where they performed brain surgery to stop arterial bleeding. After a long week in ICU and another surgery to repair the damage to his nose, he is now on the road to recovery. He is also facing his fears and fighting to prevent this from happening again by sharing his story. He feels extremely blessed by the outpour of support and prayers from everyone. Many prayers have carried him through the hospital stay and beyond, but others have asked how they can help with his hospital bills. We felt obligated to open an account for those who are in a position to help financially. We are not a business or a non-profit orginization. We are just a family in need and donations are not tax deductable. We need to take back out city streets. We need to get parents involved, and hold those that dont accountable for their delinquent children. We should demand stronger penalties for children that are involved in this kind of violence. The Strange family would like to thank everyone for all the prayers and words of support that they have received. Last Tuesday, we sat in the hospital wondering how anything good could possibly come of this. Looking back now, it's obvious we had forgotton who was in control. God has truly blessed us. Thank you just doesn't seem to be enough. God bless all who have offered support.


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At the hospital I work at, we have something called indigent care. There is of course paper work to fill out, however, they help with any hospital bills you may have, even retroactive ones. Ask to speak with a financial counselor at the hospital, they should help to direct you from there.

posted by me 33 months ago

Man, this young man has been an inspiration to me. I am 25, and I guarantee you I would not have been so kind with my words as he has been. Very classy man, his parents I'm sure are very proud of him. Amazing recovery so far, and I as well as many of my friends and family have prayed for a very speedy recovery. Glad to see it helped! Get better soon Carter, and I really look forward to the day when I see the "Carter Strange" law against mobs (mandatory minimum 30 years for every member of a mob attack, for example). Carry on the fight, we're all with you!

posted by Brian 34 months ago

Carter, These comments are right on the spot. Make sure the solicitor's office has filled out every paper you need for victim's assistance... this will help a lot! Even if you are awarded restitution, you will probably never see it.... these people won't have money to pay it back. Also continue to talk about your fears and feelings. God knows your heart. He listens. You need to talk to others and hold your parents near as your biggest supporters. This tragedy should not define who you are, but your character is certainly showing through... still praying for you every single day from Greenwood! LOVE!!!

posted by Susan 34 months ago

Be careful of signing any "assistance" forms from the hospital. We had no insurance when my husband had a stroke. The paperwork I was told would help "assist" was a special state policy that had a $1000 monthly premium AND it was NOT retroactive so would not cover the present hospital stay. Best to pay a small monthly payment to the hospital, whatever you can afford.

posted by Concerned 34 months ago

Carter, under SC state law you should receive restitution from the criminals who did this to you. You also have several other rights, such as the right to be present at court hearings and the right to be heard in court. There is also a state Victim Compensation fund through the State Office of Victims Assistance. Hold your solicitor 's feet to the fire to make sure YOUR rights in the criminal justice process are upheld. Our community stands with you and wishes you a full and speedy recovery and that those who did this to you receive the fullest measure of justice so they are never allowed to victimize another person again.

posted by Susan 34 months ago

May I suggest you also apply for scholarship assistance through the hospital? Most people don't realize this exists, but it does. Just ask billing if they have applications for financial assistance. It never hurts to try! Good luck and I will keep you in my prayers!

posted by Melinda 34 months ago

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