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I am Bryan's mom, I am here to ask for help. This is Mariah's story. Unfortunately she is unable to tell it herself because of a teen driver and his choice to drive while drunk. I am set... more


Updated posted by Bryan Collins 1 month ago

Well, today is the one month anniversary of this horrific tragedy.
Last Friday they formally charged the drunk driver with 8 felony charges including 2nd degree murder as the hardest charge.
The police in Michigan have requested that Bryan be back there on the 18th instead of the 20th which is his original return flight. United airlines require 200 to change flight and 175 for something else. The lady on the phone could hardly speak English, so not really sure what that other fee was for. This is aweful. Anyone out there work for United? Help?
Bryan calls Keller daily. The little guy is doing so much better. The Dr.s were able to take the wires out of his jaw and he is looking forward to eating some chicken when Bryan gets back to Michigan. Bryan will be seeing a greif counselor sometime this week. Sleep is hard to get for him. Food is still hard to stomach. Prayers are helping. So keep them up. Thank you all for your support. I will continue the updates. Love you all.


Updated posted by Bryan Collins 1 month ago

This is Bryan I am at home in South Carolina with my friend and family that will never get the chance to meet my beautiful bride. Please everyone teach your children the dangers of drinking and driving I lost my bestfriend because of it and I miss her more then anything. Not only did I lose her but her son her mother her sister her brothers her grandmothers her family in all miss her. Mariah was a great person everyone loved her no enemies she was an amazing mother to Keller and she was willing to help anyone and everyone she come in contact with. She had a smile that could brighten a room. I will never forget the time we had but it was cut way to short. The memories of her will last beyond our generation and our children's. So please help me in this endevor in teaching DONT DRINK AND DRIVE. Please I love my wife and she was taken from us all because a drunk driver wasn't taught not to do this. Please help us in spreading the lesson. That my parents and her parents taught her. Life is to short as it is don't cut it shorter by drinking and driving

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Created by Bryan Collins on February 11, 2014

I am Bryan's mom, I am here to ask for help. This is Mariah's story. Unfortunately she is unable to tell it herself because of a teen driver and his choice to drive while drunk. I am setting up this page for Mariah's widower and her 11 year old son, who will be in the hospital for a quite some time. Her son has multiple broken bones including a broken pelvis and jaw. Bryan has been by his side since his release on Sunday. Today he starts to set up the arrangements for his bride's funeral. Bryan's Father and I are in South Carolina and unable to be by his side while he goes though this pain. I cry for him, her son and Her family. I hope to build a fund to help with expenses, day to day living while healing, as well as funeral and hospital expenses.
Also would like to start a futures fund for Mariah's son
Below is one of the news stories explaining the story better than I can.

MUNDY TOWNSHIP, MI – Mariah Bailey-Collins wanted a fresh start.
So two months ago, the Mt. Morris Township woman escaped the cold Michigan winter for the warmth of Florida. Soon after, she met Bryan Collins on a beach and it was love at first sight.
The pair married in a small ceremony in Indiana last week and readied plans for a new life together in Florida.

Those dreams were ended Sunday night by a teen driving the wrong way on U.S. 23 in Mundy Township.

Police say the Swartz Creek teen, 18, was driving south on the northbound lanes about 10:15 p.m. Feb. 9 when he crashed into an oncoming car, killing Bailey-Collins and injuring her 11-year-old son and her new husband.

Bryan Collins, 28, was listed in fair condition while her 11-year-old son was in critical condition, police said. The Swartz Creek teen, who police believe got on the freeway at Hill Road, was treated for minor injuries, according to police.

Mundy Township Detective Mike Neering said the teen is in police custody. Investigators are awaiting toxicology results and will submit the case to the prosecutor's office for review.
Just days ago, the couple had exchanged loving messages on Facebook after updating their statuses to say they were married.
"This is to the most amazing wife I could ask for Mariah Bailey: I love you with all my heart," Collins wrote on Facebook.

"I love you, Bryan," she responded, followed by a heart.
Bailey-Collins' cousin, Tiffany Mooney, said Bailey-Collins seemed like a different person when she saw her in Florida.

"All I kept hearing from family members was how low she was in Michigan," she said. "Then here comes this guy and he completely turns all this around. I guess fate saw it differently."
Carrie Collins, Bryan's mother, said the two met on the beach in Florida about two months ago where he worked as a security guard.

"They knew it was right the first time they met," said Carrie Collins, who lives in South Carolina and was looking forward to meeting her new daughter-in-law for the first time. "She treated him like a king and kept a nice, clean Christian home."

Mooney said the family is still trying to pick up the pieces of a life that was "just ripped right out from under her." The crash could have been avoided, she said.

"This didn't need to happen," Mooney said. "No one deserved to do this. I wish it could have been different."

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I'm a cousin to Mariah I was living in Utah when I heard of this tragedy an was unable to make it to the funeral my heart goes out to Bryan and Keller Mariah and I were pretty close when I was younger and she will be greatly missed my prayers are with you boys

posted by Cailyn Wooton 1 month ago

We are a cousin to Mariah meet Bryan for the first time at the funeral what an outstanding young man our prayers go out to him and the son that needs surgery's and the rest of the family that they can find peace .

posted by Phil Nicholas 2 months ago

I live near to where all this happened. There are not enough words to express my heartfelt sadness at your loss and suffering. Please know you are all in our prayers. Many from here support you, and will strive to get justice for Mariah, Bryan, and her son. We are strangers by distance, but not by heart. God be with you in this time of suffering.

posted by Janice Grigg 2 months ago

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Desiree Palmer

1 month ago


God bless this sweet family! Praying for you all!



Shawna Garrett

1 month ago


This is from a group on Facebook-Chit, Chat and Charity. We had a donation drive for this amazing family. Please know that we are always praying.



Sweet delights in a cup , Natalie Tompkins

1 month ago


We think of your family and hope the pain will ease with time ): Sending many hugs from Korea!!!




1 month ago



Joseph Consiglio

1 month ago





sheia duelo

2 months ago


I wish I could deliver millions ,but I have only limited funds! Iwill always be there.



Jessica Weaver & Joseph Elder

2 months ago


I'm so sorry for this tragedy that has happened in your lives. Prayers are with you at this difficult time.



Sherry Sullivan

2 months ago


I am heartbroken and am praying for the family!




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2 months ago


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