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It’s terrifying when you hear that your child has Type 1 Diabetes. My name is Stefanie Huff. I’m married to Craig and the mother of 4. My twins were diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when t... more


Updated posted by Stefanie Caudlehuff 8 days ago

So Easter is coming soon and two children with type1diabetes I don't want take the candy and normal stuff away but want find something different to do it just brakes my heart to give it to them but when they want the candy I have to say no I don't mind a little candy but they are kids and would eat candy all day so I'm on a mission find fun Easter for the t1d kids have a Great Sunny Weekend


Updated posted by Stefanie Caudlehuff 11 days ago

You know what will brake your heart is when your children have diabetes and they tell you they are starving and there not a thing in the house that he will eat that won't effect his blood sugar ( his blood sugar is 600) totally brakes my heart please continue to pray for us and help in any way that you can we need these dogs to help us in so many ways.


Updated posted by Stefanie Caudlehuff 21 days ago

It's been a long week Cameron got the stomach virus and we had to take him to the ER his blood sugar got so low and he couldn't keep anything down so food didn't help please continue to pray if you can help in any way it would be appreciated all fund are going towards getting our diabetic alert dogs thank you

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Created by Stefanie Caudlehuff on February 11, 2014

It’s terrifying when you hear that your child has Type 1 Diabetes.
My name is Stefanie Huff. I’m married to Craig and the mother of 4. My twins were diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when they were 5 years old. Diabetes can change from moment to moment. Lots of sleepless nights, ER visits, hospital stays. It’s been a “new kind of normal for our family.” A Diabetic Alert Dog will change our lives. She will be trained to alert when there is a change in blood sugar in both boys. And then come to me. Amazing, isn’t it?
These dogs don’t just change lives. They SAVE lives.

Sometimes one of our boys has a high blood sugar level and the other other has a blood sugar drop at the same time. Checking on the boys several times a night is like having newborns in the house again. I’m not complaining. They are blessings. And I’m determined to keep my boys safe and healthy.

It’s not all about us and our family. Everyone has their own struggles. As I sit here and reflect on 2013... some of us had a good, sad, bad, ugly year. We all had our ups and downs. God never promised tomorrow. But we are all still here to talk about another day, another year. The way I see it... life is a roller coaster ride. Up. Down. Side to Side. Upside Down. And a Lesson in it all. I thank God for it. I’ve learned to not worry about the small things. Enjoy life. Live life to the fullest. It’s a gift. Have fun every day for another day.

It’s hard to ask for help. But I know that a dog will change the lives of our boys and also be an ambassador for others who need service dogs for whatever challenges they face. The organization we’ve found is Dreys Alert Dogs. a 501C3 non-profit organization. The cost of the Diabetic Alert Dog is $30,000.00.We’re hard workers, but that’s too much for our family to manage.Your gifts are tax deductible.

Thank you for giving whatever is on your heart to give. And if you can’t give, say a prayer for us. When your family needs help, call on us. Raising our children takes all of us.

I love you all.

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Tina Willard

1 month ago


Praying that your boys , your family & your new dogs!



John/ Lois Morris

1 month ago


As the parents of 3 grown sons we want to help you get dogs for your family. Take care of yourself too Mother....



Amy Lingrosso

1 month ago


Love you Sister! Wish I could do more right now.. Will send some more later along with some dog food ;o)



Chris & Shauna Bramlett

1 month ago


God Bless!




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