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This is a memorial fund for Tyler Bryan who tragically lost his life in a logging accident and left us all too soon on February 10th 2014. He and his fiancé are expecting their first chi... more


Updated posted by Jamie Jason Leyde 2 months ago

Thank you all! God bless!


Updated posted by Jamie Jason Leyde 2 months ago

Today @ 7pm will mark the end of the memorial fund for Tyler Bryan. Even though the fund is ending our memories of Tyler will live on. I am greatful for all of you supporters and I know the family is too. Thank you all so much! Its great to see everyone come together to make a difference. Its amazing that in just 7 days over $11k has been raised. This is all because of you guys! Please continue to share.


Updated posted by Jamie Jason Leyde 2 months ago

Great memorial today. Thank you everyone for supporting. This has grown to nearly $11,000 in just 5 days. Great work everyone! This fund we end on Tuesday February 18th at 7pm. Please continue to share until then!! Thank you!

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Created by Jamie Jason Leyde on February 11, 2014

This is a memorial fund for Tyler Bryan who tragically lost his life in a logging accident and left us all too soon on February 10th 2014. He and his fiancé are expecting their first child. Although his legacy will live on through their first son Coen, Tyler will truly be missed by family and friends. Most of all his wife-to-be and son. Our condolences go out to the Bryan family and his fiancé for their terrible loss. We will all miss Tyler and his huge personality. Please help us raise funds for the Bryan family for any cost associated with this loss and for the support of the new baby boy that will soon enter this world without his amazing father. At the very least please offer your prayers. Thank you!

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Prayers for this young family. If you haven't already been given the guidance to do so, please apply for survivors benefits from social security for this child, get yourself a little help with the costs.

posted by Julie Delgado 2 months ago

As coming from a logging family myself; I know how dangerous it can be. How it feels to loose those you love. I am so sorry for your loss. I will pray for you your unborn son and all touched by his loss. Our Jesus will be your comfort sending angels wings. bless your heart

posted by Betty Luurs 2 months ago

such a sad and tragic story i lost an uncle my brother and almost my son two weeks ago in the logging world such a dangerouse job my condolences to the family during this tough time god bless

posted by Debbie Calvert 2 months ago

sending prayers.

posted by Darlene Jenkins-Streiff 2 months ago

I am so sorry for your loss. I am a daughter of a logger and lost my father to a logging accident in 1980. As soon as I can I will help. What I can do before payday is pray for all. God Bless you my heart truly goes out to all who lost this young man.

posted by Susan Bauer 2 months ago

I dont know the family or the person that died, but I lost my best friend to a logging accident 6 years ago and I can only pray that the fiance and her support group is large and the lord wraps his arms around her and that baby. My donation is a token of gratitude to all the men that put their lives on the line for their families! God bless you all and I am so sorry for your loss.

posted by Rachelle Nicholas 2 months ago

My thoughts and prayers to Tylers fiance, unborn son, family and friends. I lost my brother and a friend in two separate logging accidents 24 plus years ago. They both left behind new brides and unborn children, just as what happened here. So tragic and sad. I hope the fundraising goes well and that hearts will mend in time. God Bless.

posted by Rob DeHarpport 2 months ago

I really wish that I could afford to donate help you out but I can't. I am sending my heart out to the entire family and friends that lost Tyler.

posted by Julie Dalby 2 months ago

I am so very sorry for your loss! When I was 21 I lost my husband. We had only been married 5 months and 20 days. I was 7 months pregnant with our first daughter. I know the pain. My prayers are with you.

posted by Erin Cromwell 2 months ago

So very sorry for the loss of a father to an unborn child. The loss of a son,husband,friend and all that he would have been. Remember that he is with you in your hearts and in his son. Again very sorry for the loss of your love one.

posted by John Brockmueller 2 months ago

So sorry about your loss and the babies loss, that is all we should be thinking about right now.....not what the company should be doing or what they shouldn't be doing.....

posted by Chablis Hillaire 2 months ago

Really dude??? You have no clue on the amount of hurt that Jerry Brindle is going through right now because of this tragic loss and to say that the company would be responsible for the funeral......no class! Believe me, Sadie and her unborn child are the ones who will need the support the most and I for one would like to see this donation page grow to a very very large amount for the child who will not be able to meet a fantastic father as Tyler!!!!!

posted by Kenneth Yucha 2 months ago

My heart breaks for all of you. Prayers

posted by Gina White 2 months ago

Wouldn't the company be responsible for paying for the funeral? I feel if he died at the job then that would qualify under work related injury/death. http://www.workerscompensation .com/compnewsnetwork/workers-c omp-blogwire/11513-washington_ state_workers_compensation_101 .html

posted by Michael Spengler 2 months ago

Sending prayers.

posted by David Taylor 2 months ago

My heart cries for this situation...:( May he R.I.P. He is an Angel now watching down on all of you who are affected by this.. Take care of each other and stay strong, you have something to cherish from him, the little baby that soon will be here...God Bless you all!

posted by Melody Morgan 2 months ago

My heart goes out to all of you.

posted by Yvonda Lee 2 months ago

My condolences to Sadie and the Bryan family. I did not know him or Sadie, but he was my Nephew's best friend and this is a tragic loss.

posted by Chris Jones 2 months ago

Sending prayers!

posted by Laurie McClure 2 months ago

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Adam Deck

2 months ago



Caleb Hanson & Nevah Mitchell

2 months ago


Losing Tyler has made us realize that we need to love life more as he did. We need to hold our loved ones close and not take any day for granted. We are very sorry for your loss




2 months ago



Shelley Bannon

2 months ago



Jessica B

2 months ago


I do not know your Family, but I was moved by this story. I pray for Comfort, Peace, and Support. Sending Healing Energy for the Entire Family and Friends. Namaste.



Terry + Nita Bogardus

2 months ago


Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time of incredible loss. Praying for comfort and strength for each of you.



Becky Jacobson

2 months ago


Dear ones ~we are so, so, sorry for your loss of your son, fiancé and friend. Many times a day we are praying for great comfort as you go through this grief. We love you even though we've not met you. Ron & Becky Jacobson



C & C Logging Partners

2 months ago


We are sending thoughts and prayers your way following this tragic accident. Being in the logging industry 47 years, we, at C & C Logging can truly relate to trauma and grieve along with you in your loss. May the Good Lord provide you with His comfort and provide special blessings to you and your family.




2 months ago




2 months ago


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