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It's time we started serving REAL. GOOD. MEAT on the regular to folx in L.A. If we smoke it they will come. We've been serving REAL. GOOD. MEAT. to the good folx of L.A. since 10/2008... more


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Updated posted by Neil Bigmista Strawder 1 month ago

$70 more and we will have reached 70% of our goal. We are still chugging along though. Our plan check is done. Our industrial waste app is done. The building a safety portion is done and our app with the Bureau of Engineering will be done this week. We're planning that by the end of this week we will have RFP's going out so we can start construction. REAL. GOOD. MEAT. is getting closer and closer. We thank you for your continued support.


Updated posted by Neil Bigmista Strawder 1 month ago

Why did no one tell us about all the fees involved with this venture. Plan check fee, health department fee, waste mgmt fee, bureau of engineering fee. This is definitely a learning experience.


Updated posted by Neil Bigmista Strawder 2 months ago

We just got back from our design meeting with Kevin Tsai. We both loved the concept - simple but bold. Here are pictures of the design elements and wait til you see the donor wall. Not at all what we originally envisioned. Not cherubs as originally planned but the new idea will let everyone know who are big supporters are. We hope to have some actual design photos to show you later. Until then, thanks again to all for being a part of our dream! - Mrs.



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Created by Neil Bigmista Strawder on February 5, 2014

It's time we started serving REAL. GOOD. MEAT on the regular to folx in L.A. If we smoke it they will come.

We've been serving REAL. GOOD. MEAT. to the good folx of L.A. since 10/2008 at various farmers markets throughout Los Angeles. We started in Watts and have since been to Lawndale, Echo Park, Eagle Rock, and El Segundo. Now we're in Atwater Village (our anchor), Century City, Pershing Square and BofA Plaza Downtown.
We plan to be one of the few places that stays true to barbecue because it's our passion as you can tell by my blog post earlier this month.
We are opening our first restaurant in downtown Los Angeles at the Medallion. Initially we thought we had enough funding to finish out the project but we're finding that may not be the case anymore. The kitchen will be completed with no problems, it's the front of the house we need funding for. We want to make sure we're able to open by the end of April as planned.
Smoked PastramiSmoked Pastrami
The space has already been designed by Kevin Tsai Architecture firm and the smoker has been selected but there is a lot that needs to happen before the doors will open. We plan for this to be the flagship of at least four more restuarants so we plan to be really hands on and big PIMA's (pain in my a$$) throughout the project so we can learn as much as possible for the next location,
Saucy RibsSaucy Ribs
The lease is signed the deposit is made and paperwork is underway and we want to make sure that everything doesn't come to a halt because we ran short of funds.

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best wishes brother!!!! im building a bbq place here in guadalajara mexico and i have come to the same money problem as you!!!! but i have faith and you inspire me to keep on trucking along!!!!! be blessed adios amigo and best wishes!!!!

posted by Juan Mata 2 months ago

All the best!

posted by Carl Bailey 2 months ago

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John Yee

3 days ago


Hope all is progressing well Bigmista! -R2Egg2Q



Arianna "ST" Armstrong

19 days ago (Monthly Donation)

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Ryan Garnache

19 days ago


Best wishes Neil! ~KnucklHed BBQ

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Tom Borgogna Leanza

20 days ago


Hope this helps brother.

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Mike Hartenburg

22 days ago


From fellow brethren Brew&Cue. Good luck, Bigmista!

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Aaron Brummer

27 days ago


From new Brethren - Ahawkeyeguy

Signed Book


Matthew Comiskey

28 days ago


Best of LUCK!!!

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Raciel Diaz

1 month ago


Can't wait to visit you at your permanent location and order Pig Candy to my heart's content! ;)

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Harry Lawrence

1 month ago


Best of luck my friend!!! May your troubles be "Where do we put all these people??"

Signed Book


James Bloomfield

1 month ago


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