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Thank you all so much, I am speechless with gratitude for the response that this fund received in such a short time. When we reached the projected total for the repair of the pergola the... more


Updated posted by Amanda Gallagher Quinn 2 months ago

You are an amazing community. Yes, $25K was raised for the Seattle Parks. $10K of that was a donation made directly to them from an amazing car dealership. We'll post who they were later tonight. THANK YOU.

In addition, if you still want to donate here is a link to the Seattle Parks Foundation.


We are grateful that the Seattle Parks Foundation is accepting today's gifts so graciously. It certainly has started quite a conversation about all things fundraising.

Most important, know we THANK YOU; we loved doing it and Seattle is a great place to live. We love you, fans.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amanda, Shana, and Gretchen


Updated posted by Amanda Gallagher Quinn 2 months ago

Huge news! Seattle Parks has received a $10K donation. We are AT THE GOAL!!! Thank you so much!!!!! We'll be posting more information and thanking everyone who participated. Fantastic. Thank you, 12th Man!


Updated posted by Amanda Gallagher Quinn 2 months ago

$1212.00 is the ultimate donation for this cause! HUGE SHOUT OUT to Kevin Daniels. What a great example of a 12th Man. #HowSeattleRiots

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Created by Amanda Gallagher Quinn on February 3, 2014

Thank you all so much, I am speechless with gratitude for the response that this fund received in such a short time. When we reached the projected total for the repair of the pergola the parks department asked us to close down this fund. Just because this fund is closed does not mean that you cannot show your support for Seattle, Seattle's beautiful parks and show your 12th Man spirit. Here is a link to the Seattle Parks Foundation continuing fund drive . Thank you again for your amazing and overwhelming enthusiasm and support.

On Sunday February 2nd, the Seattle Seahawks made history by dominating Superbowl XLVIII and the 12th Man roared in triumph. From Bothell to the U-District, Ballard to Pioneer Square, we filled Seattle streets with our dancing, cheers, and Seattle's iconic polite style of celebration. Polite or not, there was a party foul in Pioneer Square. Seattle's historic Iron Pergola was damaged to the tune of $25,000. Now it is time to clean up after ourselves, because this is truly #HowSeattleRiots

Let's give the parks department some help in replacing the things we broke, and show that the Seahawks truly have the best fans in the league.

Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:


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Steelers fan here and I am glad I was able to help, been a resident since 1997 and I love this state! Congrats again to the Seahawks and their fans! Great cause here...

posted by Tomas Alvarez 2 months ago

I hope this reopens. I would love to donate!

posted by Danielle Cowles 2 months ago

Ya know what? This thing is going viral. Up the goal. Let's fix the pergola and get Seattle parks a little more cash for whatever they need. Don't turn down the Volume 12 too early!

posted by Jimmy Fursman 2 months ago

I believe it is because Seattle Parks received a $10,000.00 donation directly to their offices. So, combine that with the existing donations that poured in here, and the $25,000.00 goal was met and then some!

posted by Aimee Stewart 2 months ago

@AJ read the most recent update from the page.

posted by Alicia Sprague 2 months ago

If the damage costs$ 25k+, why did the donations stop at 16k? Still a $9k difference.

posted by AJ Schofield 2 months ago

I wish I had donated before it closed so I could have been part of this, but this is awesome and the true 12th man spirit!

posted by Steven Wilson 2 months ago

Wohoo. Just shows how great the 12th man really is. Knew we could do it! To bad I don't get paid till Friday.. now I don't get to donate. :(

posted by Brian Decker 2 months ago

Awesome Amanda. Thanks for taking the lead on this. People love being a part of and giving to specific efforts like this. Can't wait to see the new glass work

posted by John Bredeson 2 months ago

You should keep up the collections and not only fix the Pergola, but donate the additional to the Parks Dept and have them add in a Seahawks sculpture! Improve the entire square area!

posted by Casey Lynn 2 months ago

Just about that action, boss.

posted by Nick Cullen 2 months ago

I was standing near the Pergola when the damage happened and I can attest that the broken glass was done accidentally by the people walking about on top. The damage was not done to intentionally harm the city. I am happy to contribute to the cause!

posted by Scott Schweiger 2 months ago

Maybe, the Seahawks will pay this. Seeing that the fans were willing to pay some of the players fines? Just saying.... I've posted like crazy everywhere about this! Keep it going!!

posted by Glenn Stuttgen 2 months ago

http://www.kansascity.com/2014 /02/04/4797590/campaign-launch ed-to-repair-seattles.html It's here too

posted by Jen Irwin 2 months ago

The link is up on Q13 Fox. :) Way to go 12th man: http://q13fox.com/2014/02/04/h owseattleriots-raising-money-t o-fix-damaged-pergola/#axzz2sO IGXDNd

posted by Brian Decker 2 months ago

I'm a Niners fan of all things and I want to help as well. It's not much but I hope it gets you closer to your goal. Congrats on your win, and I hope this helps.

posted by Jen Irwin 2 months ago

I just tweeted this to Paul Allen!

posted by Audrey Henley 2 months ago

Awesome solidarity 12ths! Let's show the world that Seattle is conscientious and responsible as well as dominant! Go Hawks!

posted by Jason Moran 2 months ago

Please get this site to the news media so that they can help promote!

posted by Audrey Henley 2 months ago


posted by Nate Thornton 2 months ago

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Suraj Sukumaran Nair

2 months ago


12 times 4 for the 4 members of my family Suraj, Dhanya, Diya and Simba GO HAWKS!!!



Richard Kelley

2 months ago


Seattle rocks!




2 months ago




2 months ago



Kimberly Ahrens

2 months ago


While I do not condone the actions of a few. I am and always will be a "12" for life!



Bow 2 Stern Llc

2 months ago


I'm very proud of my town! This "beautiful City" Let's keep it this way! Let's Show some Class!




2 months ago



Michael Cho

2 months ago


SoCal 12's representing! Can't wait to get back to WA. Wish we could be celebrating with you all in seatown.




2 months ago




2 months ago


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