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Daniel Jaffke was taken from this earth entirely too soon, but left a lasting impression in his short time here with us all. His heart and mind were always open. He was a deep thinker, a... more


Updated posted by Emily Pennington 2 months ago

It has been overwhelming and amazing to see all the support and hear everyone's kind words. Over 8,000 and still growing. Thank you so much, everyone.


Created by Emily Pennington on February 1, 2014

Daniel Jaffke was taken from this earth entirely too soon, but left a lasting impression in his short time here with us all. His heart and mind were always open. He was a deep thinker, a creator, a true friend to so many. He shared his music and love of music with great passion.

May justice be served for the murder of our sweet brother, son, and friend.

Daniel, you will live on in all of our hearts and memories...


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I was deeply saddened to learn about what has happened. I hadn't been on fb recently so I've been out of the loop with anything going on. My deepest sympathy to all Daniel's friends and family. Such senseless crimes are just shocking.

posted by Abad Smith 2 months ago

Daniel was a friend of my daughter's, his death has affected her deeply.. The world has lost a awesome individual..

posted by Mary Bacon 2 months ago

I am one of Daniel's sisters. I want to thank everyone so much for donating money towards his funeral. It is so unbelievably touching. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

posted by Julie Ritter 2 months ago

I would like to say how sorry I am for the loss of your son, family, friend. I run Karaoke shows "Lyrics Karaoke" just for causes like this. I am sure hoping this weekend I can take my tips and pay it forward... God bless!

posted by Tammylynn Koch 2 months ago

I am Daniel's mom and would like to express my gratitude to all who have donated to this fund. Daniel hadn't been gone long before my husband and I looked at each other knowing full well that this was going to be impossible to do right and give Daniel the send off he deserves. I thought I was going to have to have him cremated against his will. But all of you glorious people have erased that problem. there is a Greenwood couple and I won't mention names because I doubt that they would want their names mentioned have donated a burial plot for Daniel and 2 more with it so that we could be buried with him when it's our time to go. Thank you all so much!

posted by Donna Jaffke 2 months ago

Occupy Movement? The goal here was to raise money, not sabotage the effort. Politics shouldn't be mentioned here.

posted by Perry Tucker 2 months ago

I knew Daniel during the Occupy movement. Nice guy - looking back, that time and music had a common thread ... talking about meaningful ideas. I miss him now.

posted by Carl Levinson 2 months ago

I posted a link on the Rock House Memorial Concert page as well.

posted by Anitra Larae 2 months ago

This is absolutely the most beautiful thing. To see the love and support coming through here. Thank you all so much for helping us to see the good hearts and taking our focus off the one evil that took him away from us. Thank you from all of us. Dianna

posted by Dianna Jo Line 2 months ago

You all are amazing. Thank you so much. We talked to the funeral home and they estimated $13000 for the funeral. If we have any money left over, it is going into a reward to find his murderer. Again, thank you. Mary

posted by Daniel Jaffke 2 months ago

It is so remarkable the amount of money being donated in such a short amount of time. I'm doing my best to spread the word on all of my social media accounts since it's the very least I can do for a friend of 10 years (1/3 of our lives). Still heart broken. Both of my parents and a good friend all in an 8 year span. I'm over this, to say the least.

posted by Sarah Moralez 2 months ago

Anitra Larae~ I was not able to get to that link. This donation page is working well. Also, if Papa John's sets up a different donation site, please post it on this site as well. Thank you!

posted by Charlottes Web 2 months ago ns/john-schnatter-assist-the-f amily-of-daniel-jaffke-with-fu neral-other-expenses-after-he- was-murdered-while-delivering- your-pizza

posted by Anitra Larae 2 months ago

After an online campaign, Papa John's corporate office will be orchestrating a fundraiser to make a donation. While I had little money to donate, I had plenty of ire and motivation to help any way I could.

posted by Zach Smith 2 months ago

I set this up. I hope it helps (

posted by Anitra Larae 2 months ago

Thank you, as a friend to Daniel , to everyone who donated any amount to the Jaffke family. No amount of money can turn back time, but we can at least help ease the pain,stress and suffering of the family by helping financially. Any little bit helps when love is involved. Look how quick we all raised this much already. It makes me cry harder w a smile on my face that everyone pulled in so close all for Daniel and what an incredibly adored man he was.

posted by Rachele Allen 2 months ago

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1 month ago


It could have been any one of our sons! God bless the Family of Daniel~❤️



Erin & Ryan Cripe

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Drew Bowman

1 month ago


this includes donations from folks at my workplace, TCC Software Solution



Joanne Stahl

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2 months ago



Rachel Ascione

2 months ago


Your friend Jena has shared your life and her love for you in such a lovely way. This is just a small way to pay that forward.



The Manning's

2 months ago


In the arms of the Angels. RIP


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