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My son Justin Earley, 22YRS,old, from LEESBURG/HIGHLAND COUNTY, was murdered by a man in Portage County. The murderer left him in the house to decompose for three weeks before the police... more


Updated posted by Cindy Parsons 2 months ago

My Heartache will never leave me! I want to thank all you wonderful people! Justin was a good person that was taken from us all. I miss him very much and there is now a piece of me missing!


Updated posted by Cindy Parsons 2 months ago

You all are amazing, Thank you very much here is the link to his memorial


Updated posted by Cindy Parsons 3 months ago

Please help the police just found him on 01/17/2014


Created by Cindy Parsons on January 18, 2014

My son Justin Earley, 22YRS,old, from LEESBURG/HIGHLAND COUNTY, was murdered by a man in Portage County. The murderer left him in the house to decompose for three weeks before the police found him. We need help getting Justin back home and burying him, if anyone has any Ideas it would be greatly apprecieated.


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Thanks to you all. This is a very difficult time and thanks to all you caring people some of the pain has been lifted.

posted by Clint Parsons 2 months ago

I am so so so so sorry for you're lost I have no words in a way but just know that. Evil man who did this will be in prison for ever it's not fair this happened to such a young guy god rest his soul he is In heaven with god Resting I wish u all the strength in the world let me Know if u need anything !! (562)381-5590 Thanks

posted by Ulfrido Lopez 2 months ago

I worked for NYS Crime Victims Board for 23 years and handled a lot of cases for assistance. Please contact the Ohio Victim Assistance Program to see what they offer in the way of burial assistance. My thoughts are with you, I saw too much of this in my working life.

posted by Bruce Kogan 2 months ago

Josh: May you and your family stay strong through this difficult time and hold everyone close. The comfort that you bring each other will live on forever in your hearts and holds us together as a society.

posted by Grady Marin 2 months ago

I hope your family finds some peace and comfort.

posted by Roy Pyatt 2 months ago

Thanks everyone for your support in donating money for my brothers funeral this means so much. I cant believe the story behind it. God gifted many great people in this world in it truely shows the ones who care. Thanks again!! God bless

posted by Josh Earley 2 months ago

I donated what little I can afford, I hope it makes a difference. I never knew Justin but I have seen friends affected negatively by hate- never murder like this. I do have belief in existence outside of this physical reality-- He is free of our horrible cruel world. As for the man who murdered him: You will reap what you sowed. You will be tortured internally if you have any semblance of a conscience. You will live a miserable life in prison, being abused and molested daily. May God have mercy on your soul; because no one with any sense of decency will. My thoughts and my prayers are with you and your family. If I had the money to do it I would contribute the remaining 4k you need to bury your son. I am praying you get it.

posted by Dave Jannsen 2 months ago

here is another great way you can raise money as well as design a shirt that will bring attention to this type of inhumanity

posted by Michael Stoker 2 months ago

I am so very sorry to hear of Justin's loss and you're all in our prayers..Heaven received another angel!

posted by Tyson Pugh 2 months ago

I'm disengaged from reality reading this tragic news. I'll never be able to understand how it is possible for anyone to intentionally take a life. Saddened beyond belief. I hope the family finds peace.

posted by Grady Marin 2 months ago

I am so sorry for your tragic loss. I posted Justin's story on my website and I am glad to see that people are reaching out to help. I am in the Ohio area. If there is anything I can do to help please contact me.

posted by Will Kohl 2 months ago

That breaks my heart to see this. That is no way for any parent to find their child. I do believe however, that what goes around comes around. The person who did this will get theirs in the end. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this most difficult of times.

posted by James Harrah 2 months ago

I'm saddened to hear of the loss of your child. I am positing a link to the national association of victims of violent crime. Every state has a fund that helps in these kinds of tragedies. I encourage you to look into this option for help. p?sid=6

posted by Erica Maloney 2 months ago

One Good Way Is. To Go To Walmart Or Any Store That Has Green Dot And Purchase A Prepaid Credit Card That's An Idea. I Am Very Very Sorry For Your Loss.

posted by William George 2 months ago

you can set up an account for donations at a bank then people cac stop in an donate

posted by Lizabeth Snyder 3 months ago

Hi, I sent an email yesterday about alternate ways of donating.. I dont have credit or debit cards.. Is there any other way ? I am so sorry for your loss in this tragic time..

posted by Trudy Collage 3 months ago

cindy some people would like to donate money but do not have bredit or a debit card please let us know if there is another way we could get the money to you thank you

posted by Wendy Beckley 3 months ago

A good way to get money fast is get an old junked up car that still has the windows in it, then get two slug hammers and a big sign saying something like "had a rough day? Take it out on the car! $5 for 5 min, $10 for 10 min and $20 for 10 min and 2 side windows or for 10 min and the windshield"

posted by Kelley Standsblack 3 months ago

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My heart and prayers are with you and your family in this time of loss.



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I'm so sorry for your loss.



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