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The world lost a beloved Elder and teacher yesterday; Eddy Gutierrez, an incredibly well known and respected Santero, Conjure man, and educator, passed into his next journey in a massive... more


Updated posted by Bozanfè Bon Oungan 2 months ago

Dear friends;
Eddy’s family has put out a call for memorial statements and essays that may be used as a part of his service. If you’ve been touched by Eddy or have stories about him you would like to share, please leave them in the comments on this blog post http://vodoublog.kcconjure.com/?p=226 (so we have a single archive to reference from as opposed to individual emails and messages).
Thank you,


Updated posted by Bozanfè Bon Oungan 2 months ago

We're *almost* there! ;)

Total funeral costs look to be about 13k; anything extra we can do will help Clayton stay protected through this time (probate and final estate assessments have a lot of their money tied up in the legal process, which is a huge burden the family just doesnt need right now)

To me, right now, each and every one of you are living Gods; Im truly humbled and amazed at the breathtaking support the community has been able to raise for Eddy's loved ones.

Eddy's name in Lukumi (from his Santeria priesthood) translated roughly to "Sorrow contains/brings Joy" (Ekun Dayo)... and it's true; for me at the moment all I can see is a spectacular community rallying to support Eddy's family in a show of such powerful love... Thank you; even the words "thank you" feel too small to contain these emotions.

Take a moment, in Eddy's name, to hug your loved ones and spend time with them. We never know what tomorrow will bring.


Updated posted by Bozanfè Bon Oungan 3 months ago

My love and my gratitude go out to each and every one of you, those who've given and those who've shared this link so others know about it... you have all shown me a humbling lesson in the strength and love of our communities, families, and in how much Eddy meant to all of us.

We're really only beginning; every bit helps and adds up to a stunning gift of help in a dire time. We've at least reached the cost of a burial plot, but add to that the cost of a funeral (which, in Los Angeles, average in the 7-10k range) and the hospital costs and you see what kind of work we have yet to accomplish. PLEASE continue sharing the link to this fundraiser to the people whose lives Eddy touched. Your amazing support and love mean so much to me, and to Eddy's family.

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Created by Bozanfè Bon Oungan on January 15, 2014

The world lost a beloved Elder and teacher yesterday; Eddy Gutierrez, an incredibly well known and respected Santero, Conjure man, and educator, passed into his next journey in a massive cardiac event. While we know that Eddy himself is not suffering, he leaves behind his beloved mother, sister, and partner.

Eddy did so much for so many communities; Lukumi, hoodoo/conjure, the Minoan Brotherhood, the Unnamed Path, and served as a pillar of knowledge and strength.

It now falls to our communities to aid Eddy's family in their time of need; final costs and rituals are an expense nobody is ever truly prepared for, and Eddy's family needs our support. Please give what you can; all proceeds from this fundraiser go directly to Eddy's mom and partner to help them in this time.


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My daughter and I are deeply touched by the number of people who loved Eddy. Our hearts are broken with his loss and our only comfort at this time is that as long as he lived, he helped and inspired so many.

posted by Vicky Gutierrez 2 months ago

Something I learned when I did not have the 3000.00 for a Trust is for each person who has any bank accounts is to designate aprs on as a Payee Upon Daeth or POD. This way, in the event of an accident, probate cannot touch it

posted by Jacqueline Mathers 2 months ago

I'm absolutely astonished at the level of support that's come from the community in support of my Eddy. I always knew that he was a loved member of the community but now I can truly see how very special he was to a great many people. 'Thank you" is just simply not enough of a reply to such generosity from so many people.

posted by Clayton James 2 months ago

As a Brother of the Unamed Path I personally thank all those who coordinated this and those who donated. May you be blessed with Love, Laughter and Peace David Shorey

posted by David Shorey 2 months ago

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Jim Yahazim

14 days ago



Joi Duke

27 days ago


Blessings, Dr E was very inspiring to me with a lot of information he has given in the pass years. I am greatful to have read and learn a lot from him..... ASE !!!!!to you Dr E




1 month ago




1 month ago



Josh Lehan

2 months ago


Met Hyperion at Pantheacon. Rather cool Unnamed Path. My condolences.




2 months ago


Thanks Dr. E for all of your help and the inspiration that you have given me. You will always be remembered. I'm still in shock but it know that you are truly a light on the other side.



Christina & Jonathan Strait

2 months ago




2 months ago



Wes Isley

2 months ago


I didn't know Dr. E, but his online presence and work inspired me from a distance. My sincerest condolences to his community, his partner and mother.




2 months ago


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