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I raised money for students at my school (Kimball Elementary) to get each kid a Seahawks Jersey! Let's 12th Man the kids and bring Seahawks pride! My goal was to buy 447 jerseys for... more


Updated posted by Kevin Zelko 2 months ago

Seahawk fans: we got the jerseys for the kids at Kimball! Amazing! Can we also get some extra tutoring? Donate $12! #gohawks


Updated posted by Kevin Zelko 2 months ago

Can we get $12 donations from the 12th Man for Kimball Elementary? Let's make this happen on this Seattle Super Bowl Sunday!


Updated posted by Kevin Zelko 2 months ago

Every student did get their Seahawks jersey last week, and it was an amazing event to be at! We are still fundraising for academic support at Kimball! Please donate to our fund! We can take offline tax deductable donations to the Kimball Elementary! Help bring more tutoring services to Kimball!

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Created by Kevin Zelko on January 13, 2014

I raised money for students at my school (Kimball Elementary) to get each kid a Seahawks Jersey! Let's 12th Man the kids and bring Seahawks pride!

My goal was to buy 447 jerseys for the students at Kimball Elementary after my original goal was 15! We had an amazing school assembly to give them to the kids! .

We are now collecting to support Kimballs academic program now that we reached our goal! 

Any money raised over the cost of the jerseys will be used by Kimball Elementary to fund tutoring and purchase needed technology
equipment! Let's turn this into not just an exciting Seahawks jerseys for the kids fundraiser, but also funding education of our kids!

Help me bring the support to Kimball!! Let's 12th Man the kids! Seahawks Nation is so generous!


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Hi Kevin, I used to work with you at John Muir and I am very happy to see this story. What a great story. Very cool of you. Those kids are blessed to be at Kimball with you!!

posted by Kathy Hennessy 2 months ago

Mr. Zelko, I'm currently in college to become a high school english teacher and your story inspired me. The love you have for your students and your school is amazing. It's one of the many reasons I want to become a teacher. I hope one day I can be just as cool of a teacher as you are! Thank you!!

posted by Olivia Troi 2 months ago

#G0Hawks from Philadelphia, PA Great job!

posted by John Trimback 2 months ago

This is so awesome. Thanks for doing this!

posted by Anthony Ward 2 months ago

Way to go man. Those kids are going to be very happy.I wish that I could figure out how you do it man. I am in a wheelchair trying to move back home to family and friends in Seattle and I cannot get a single nickle to help me relocate.

posted by Dale Hamlin 2 months ago

Amazing job Kevin! I love that this the students are working with you creating their "math" lesson! And I hope that your stretch goals are met so this struggling school not only gets a much needed pep boost, but some new tools as well!

posted by Kristie Macris 2 months ago

Wow this is amazing! Look how generous everyone is and for a great cause! Lucky kids! I was happy last night and I haven't been happy in forever and it was because Seattle won! I wish my site got that many hits!! I used to fight my marines over the channel when we were deployed so I could watch the Seahawks games! Eventually they stopped fighting! Hope this brings smiles to the kids

posted by Renee Langlais 2 months ago


posted by Mike Roxon 2 months ago

Well done, this is amazing.. :-)

posted by Gavin Stone 2 months ago

Ohh that's awesome!! My son used to yo to Kinball!!

posted by Lindsay Hill 2 months ago

Congratulations on the success of your fundraising. I too would love to see all the happy faces of the recipients (and their friends, brothers and sisters in the school if you had enough to go around)

posted by Allen Mears 3 months ago

Kevin, this is unbelievable! Thank you for caring! This is why Kimball is a great school, it's because we have teachers like you! Go Hawks! - Jackie

posted by Jacqueline Martinez 3 months ago

Thats awsome

posted by Jason Mckown 3 months ago

I think the Seahawks should have a section of Century Link field that is only for kids per classrooms or something like that. Every year, give 200 seats away per game to kids and their teacher and a few chaperones. Just start randomly choosing from Snohomish, King and Pierce counties. No repeats of classes and mix it up enough so a kid does not go with their class this year AND next year kind of thing. Let kids go who would never ever see an NFL game. I did not get to see my first NFL game until I was in my mid-30s. Been a hawks fan since.

posted by Deb Von Cannon 3 months ago

I heard this on the radio (97.3) this morning on the way to work; as soon as I heard you were a teacher at Kimball - I had to help out! Kimball Cougars rule! =)

posted by Luana Ma 3 months ago

Is there any way you could record the kids getting their jerseys?? I would love to see their faces!!

posted by Nataleigh McIntire 3 months ago

Love what you're trying to do Kevin. Have posted the link across networks. All the best!

posted by Adityan Kayalakal 3 months ago

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Ellen Chesley

2 months ago


Celebrating the Hawks win by supporting tutoring! I didn't need that last beer...saved some cash for kids that really need it!



Bruce M

2 months ago


Read about it in HuffPost!



Jason Gibson

2 months ago


Thank you for doing this. I wish I could afford to give more. GOHAWKS ! Jason-



Michael Warga

2 months ago



Rodwell Kov

2 months ago


From one teacher to another, THANK YOU for doing this for our kids. GO HAWKS!!!!



Parsons Family

2 months ago


What a great idea--GO HAWKS!



Huie Family

2 months ago


Thanks Mr. Zelko for putting this together. Go Hawks!




2 months ago



Andrew & Lisa Drake

2 months ago


... The cherry on top. Go Hawks!



Stephanie Steiner

2 months ago


happy to push this one to the top :) Molly: I hope Oni will love it!


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