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Updated posted by Loren Summers 2 months ago

Well guys! Our campaign has come to an end! I want to send out a big thank you to EVERYONE who made pledges to this cause! While we did not hit the mark, Marshawn did graciously agree to match and donate whatever we could raise in pledges! I know that he will make us proud, as he always does. 12's around the world are flying high on the heels of our phenomenal win over San Francisco, and our impending trip to the Super Bowl! I am more inspired than ever by the generosity and passion that resides within our 12th Man tribe! I'm so proud to be a part of this amazing community of giving people! I will leave you with this: the next time you see something that you don't agree with, take a stand! Create a platform for your voice to be heard. And take every opportunity to make the lives of those around you better! GO HAWKS!!!


Updated posted by Loren Summers 3 months ago

Just when I start to think it is hopeless, ya'll fire it back up again! I have a couple of people working on contacting corporate donations - otherwise we just keep spreading the good word! I'm in until Sunday morning, and I will keep trying to find a way! GO HAWKS!!!


Updated posted by Loren Summers 3 months ago

Alex - C-LINK was on my list, as was Larson Automotive Group and Beacon Plumbing. This campaign ends on Sunday morning, way before the game starts. Maybe you could call their corporate headquarters and see if you can get any of them on board? I'd appreciate it!

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Created by Loren Summers on January 5, 2014

For those of you who are not aware, our beloved "Beast Mode" Marshawn Lynch has been fined $50,000. by the NFL for refusing to speak to the media in 2013, which is a reported violation of his NFL contract. I have a few things to say about this:

2. Has anyone considered that Marshawn has a fear or problem with public speaking? You know, like the other 74% of the population? Watch the body language in this video and decide for yourself. Is Marshawn being difficult, or would he rather be home jamming thumbtacks through his toenails to avoid having to speak to a room full of strangers?!?


I think it is absurd that this man has to pay the NFL a fine of this magnitude and further, be forced to speak when he doesn't want to. $50K? Under what other circumstance would a player be forced to pay such an obscene amount of money? Just because the man has money, doesn't mean he should be a target! PLEASE! I have started this campaign in the hopes that every 12th Man will donate at least $1.00 to cover the amount of the fine imposed on Marshawn by the NFL. I will personally deliver the check at the end of the campaign, along with the message that the 12th Man has your back. Does Marshawn need this money? No. But I think it would be a good time to let Marshawn know, that we don't need his interviews or his thoughts to appreciate the amazing talent he is, and the contribution he makes to our team. And that we recognize the injustice that has been done to him, and we will not stand for it. What Marshawn does with the money is not my concern - maybe he will pay it forward and donate our collections to a non-profit that helps people overcome their fear of public speaking!!! GO HAWKS and GO 12th MAN!!!

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Please join this campaign: http://chn.ge/1cv5ied This petition is to stop the NFL from making it mandatory to speak to the media.

posted by Jeremy McWhirter 2 months ago

Anything helps please

posted by Stephen Hutchins 2 months ago

Extend it!!!!

posted by Kylee Wilman 2 months ago

I don't want my money back !! Bottom line use it for this !! Loren great job ! Marshawn is a great man doing great things

posted by Diana Braden 3 months ago

Loren keep your head up, amazing things can still happen! If for some reason all of your hard work does not reach $50,000.00 , I am still donating my portion to a foundation that I work with. I will put it in honor of the both of you;0) Stay strong...from one of the other 12th women

posted by Jerry Jennifer Binam 3 months ago

I based $31 off 20,344 so obviously if people donate more then that figure changes but it guarantees 50k.

posted by Jannelle Brown 3 months ago

I emailed some local companies. We will see if the respond. Also for everyone who already contributed (971) donated $31 more dollars we would reach our goal. I'm down with that.

posted by Jannelle Brown 3 months ago

Or has anyone talked to century link and ask if they could put up collection locations at the game the linking them into the site

posted by Alex Richardson 3 months ago

I know this is the 12th man trying to make it. But i wouldn't mind seeing fellow teammates donate.

posted by Alex Richardson 3 months ago

Why would it "ALL" go away? Lynch said he would match what ever numbers we got. When i talked to him on the phone he said " I will match and donate to a charity in Seattle! Don't let the 49er Whiners get you down. I have been working hard on this as well. I am not going to give up hope. What ever we met shouldn't be " GONE" it goes to charity. I am still waiting to hear back from the people that i have called... Have faith we have 5 days left!

posted by Tami Avey Galloway 3 months ago

Well Loren you did a great job - lots more than I would have and yes the post said all or nothing - I don't think most if us would mind if we donated what we gave, but ya know there would be a squeaky wheel out there -

posted by Chad Thompson 3 months ago


posted by Tami Avey Galloway 3 months ago

I believe that what ever amount we end up with should go to charity. Not just IF we reach our goal. Marshawn said he'd match whatever we raised!!!! GO HAWKS!

posted by Kim Kirby 3 months ago

Radio station done, Wenatchee world done, Billboard for the support of the " HAWKS" in the works..... BOOM BOOM !!!!!!! Once i start something i don't stop!

posted by Tami Avey Galloway 3 months ago

BOOM BOOM !!!!!!!! Lets get the goal to "QUAKE" We are going to the bowl baby and if every one spreads the word we can reach the goal... Talk to your friends,Co-workers ect.... I am going to call places and ask for them to help us met this goal! Have a nice day everyone! "BEAST YOU ROCK" SEATTLE SEAHAWKS you guys are the "BEST" in the NFL! I can't wait for this game with the 49er whiners..... GO HAWKS

posted by Tami Avey Galloway 3 months ago

24 k sounds like a fine realistic goal - we were definitely heard (as usual). :)

posted by Chad Thompson 3 months ago

Reminding people this is going to charity and being matched by lynch. Lets do this

posted by Alex Richardson 3 months ago

I think we should get to 24k!

posted by Jannelle Brown 3 months ago

For all those going on about money and how we should feel bad for donating to this cause. 1. It was about the stupidity of the fine and excessive amount. 2. Show of support as fans (Best fans in the NFL) 3. We know our Seahawks, they dont turn their backs on their fans or their community. If those of you who only read half of whats posted you might have missed the part this is all going to charity (if 50k is met) and if its not its getting returned to the fans and Lynch is matching the amount made what ever it will be and donating it.

posted by Lauren Bess 3 months ago

https://www.facebook.com/photo .php?v=611866768881659&set=vb. 114431401958534&type=2&theater

posted by Tami Avey Galloway 3 months ago

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Tom Leahy

2 months ago


Go Hawks! Very happy on every level to contribute to this cause. Looking forward to a monster game tomorrow. I absolutely love seeing Marshawn's yards after contact. Beast Mode all day!



Colleen O'Connor

2 months ago


We all love Marshawn. He speaks for us on the field every game. It shouldn't be anyone's job requirement to speak to the media.



Jenny Graves

2 months ago


C'mon 12th man! I would do more if I could, but I think every 12 could do 12!!!!



Rhonda Bright

2 months ago


I still believe...in the Seahawks and this site. Go Marshawn - run angry!!!!!



Alena Doll

2 months ago


Go Hawks!



Kylee Wilman

3 months ago



Paula Hicks

3 months ago



Stacia Dugan

3 months ago



Michelle Matthews

3 months ago


Sending all prayers, dialing for dollars, and have all hope in the world that Loren's campaign is going to succeed!!! We have until Sunday folks, keep donating, sharing, and getting the word out. We all came together, almost 1000 people STRONG!!! This is our opportunity to be a part of something WAY bigger than just us. #GOHAWKS Thank you Loren!! ♥



Jannelle Brown

3 months ago


So if all 971 that all ready contributed, contributed $31 then we would reach our goal so i am donating again!


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