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Thirteen year old cancer survivor, Destiney Warfield's, wish is for a golden retriever puppy. I am helping her raise funds to purchase one to honor the memory of my precious, brave, Will... more


Updated posted by Will Abernathy 2 months ago

Thanks to all who helped make this possible!



Updated posted by Will Abernathy 2 months ago

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Updated posted by Will Abernathy 2 months ago

Due to the weather & an unexpected hospital admission, Destiney's wish is on hold. Please stay tuned for updates. Bella is safe with her mommy. Please say a prayer for Destiney.


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Created by Will Abernathy on January 5, 2014

Thirteen year old cancer survivor, Destiney Warfield's, wish is for a golden retriever puppy. I am helping her raise funds to purchase one to honor the memory of my precious, brave, Will, who battled stage IV neuroblastoma and treatment related AML for 33 months, before entering his heavenly home with Jesus and his Pop on July 16, 2013, at the age of 5.

Every day in the United States, 46 children are diagnosed with cancer. One out of every five of these children will not survive. The emotional damage of this disease is overwhelming to children and their families.

Destiney recently completed her cancer treatment and is very special because her mom, Debbie, was one of Will's homehealth nurses during his treatment. With your help, we can make this dream come true for Destiney, in memory of Will.

Please read Destiney's story.

"Hello my name is Destiney Camille Warfield. In May of 2013 I began a fight with something I never could imagine as a child. One day I was just a normal kid and then at the end of my past school year around April things changed for me dramatically. I began feeling different I guess and I thought it was just cramps and regular stomach pain. Maybe growing and pains from starting dance classes. I also began feeling low at times and crying for no apparent reason, at school I would have to ask to go to the restroom so no one could see me . By the end of April and towards the beginning of May things just were not getting any better. By the end of the school term I started skipping days & missed so many days of school because of not feeling well but could not quite explain. If I went to school my parents would have to pick me up maybe two or three times week. On May 17, 2013 I was not feeling well but we were having a talent show at school and me and some classmates were supposed to rap . I wanted to be in the talent show but as hard as I tried I could not stay at school. My teacher really had to make me go to the nurse then my nurse knew me and this time she knew something was wrong. Again I had to call for one of my parents to pick me up. When we arrived home she came in to speak with me while I was lying in bed. I did not have enough strength to pull up my clothes so my mother did and was able to get a better look at my abdomen. She says it was so enlarged. My mother took me to Scottish Rite Hospital that evening and instead of going to the hospital and being discharged with a stomach virus we received devastating news. After CT scans, MRIs and blood tests were ran we found out on May 17, 2013 I had a tumor in my abdomen. We were not going home. It was a parent's worst nightmare and one a child thinks never could happen to them. On May 20, 2013 I had surgery to remove the tumor that they said was a football size tumor. On May 24, 2013 we found out the tumor was malignant. I had a Teratoma 10% and 90% Yok Sac tumor. We now had to talk about Chemotherapy . This was all so very hard for me. I was scared. I couldn't go hang out with my friends like I used to so much . I got my Port placed in June of 2013 on a Monday and began my first five days of Chemotherapy that same day. It was a horrible week but I got through it. I had to do 4 cycles of five days of Chemotherapy each time. My mother stayed with me all the time and the nurses were great at Scottish Rite. I didn't like to get up much and I chose to do my Chemotherapy at night which seemed to make me tolerate it better. My other happy days were when the Golden Retriever came to visit. It just laid in bed with me. It made my day and could bring a smile to my face when no one else could. As of now I am still trying to feel better and get normalcy back in my life. I am still not feeling well and am still having a few issues that I hope will get better soon. I am still doing homebound set up. I would like to one day be strong enough to be there for other children or patients who are diagnosed with Cancer. CURE CHILDHOOD CANCER!"

Destiney Camille Warfield

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Does Destiney have a FB page so we can see puppy updates?

posted by Richelle Devine 2 months ago

Have the funds been raised looks to me it has exceeded the amount needed if not please let me know ill help

posted by William Harrison 3 months ago

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Catherine Ruckel

1 month ago



Yvonne Stanley

2 months ago


I am praying for your healing and the strength of you and your family. I look forward to seeing you back at Mount Moriah very soon.



Jenifer Sixto-Murren

2 months ago




2 months ago



Scott and Heather Yarberry

2 months ago


From your uncle Joe's friends! Get better!!



Greg Lewis

3 months ago


Get well soon cuz



Richelle Devine

3 months ago


In honor of our beautiful daughter Bridgette Marie Devine. We have her golden retriever puppy Hope Bee Devine. Hope is 8 months old and beautiful. Here is some extra for some dog toys, Hope goes through a ton. Have fun with your puppy!



Carie' Cato

3 months ago


What a wonderful cause. I read about this on and am thrilled to help Destiny with her puppy and to honor Will.



Ronda Waiksnis

3 months ago


There's nothing like getting a new best friend in your puppy! Good luck and God bless Destiney!



Karen Hall

3 months ago


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