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Raising funds for the services of these two young angels tookin from our family too soon as well as their father please everyone if u can help please donate or share this throughout the... more


Updated posted by Jennifer Carpenter 3 months ago

We will be closing this up today thanks to everyone who has donated n shared this for helpin we will be makin sure everything is paid for that needs to be n the family gets things takin care of that need done and Johnny's services r being took care of with this money as well just to keep every informed


Updated posted by Jennifer Carpenter 3 months ago

Let's please continue to share this n help this family they have three services to take care of I'm begging that everyone come together n help please


Created by Jennifer Carpenter on January 1, 2014

Raising funds for the services of these two young angels tookin from our family too soon as well as their father please everyone if u can help please donate or share this throughout the world if need be

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im sorry for the losses way too young way too soon... ,may god bless the rest of the family. if you need anything feel free to contact me via face book. even if its just to talk.....and those who can help and don't, remember this could happen to any of us at any time.. we never know....

posted by James Tom 2 months ago

My heart goes out to the family for their loss...having to continue on withot a piece of your heart and soul isbeyon words. What saddens me more is the venomous attacks & horrible comments made towards equally kinds and caring people who had the AUDACITY to ask a simple question. Why lash out at complete strangers? My prayers are with this family

posted by Kaylie West 3 months ago

leiha & patty i am truly sorry for your loss and donnie & jackie this page is for kids and thier dads not your personal amusement

posted by Marilyn Greathouse 3 months ago

If I had money to donate I would. My heart is going out to the family at this time. And for the lady with the rude comment I hope you never endure a tragedy like this. I have had a child in my family pass away. Every little bit of money helps for something. Even for the mom missing work to bury her babies that money could be used to relieve the stress from her so she can grieve. Selfish people.

posted by ChristinaLynn Clark 3 months ago

jackie dont worry no one expects u to drop a dime here the botox injections must cost u a fortune did i say that yep i did

posted by Donald Stinson 3 months ago

Im sorry for your lose i know you you feel i hope people stop being so mean. God bless you.

posted by Turtle Mendell 3 months ago

sending my condoleances to the family and sending prayersat this time of your lose . RI.P. ASHLEY & DAVID & JOHN

posted by Phyllis Foster 3 months ago

Again hear say is what u heard they haven't paid anything towards the services we had a false lead on that by the cox funeral home owners grand daughter n they denied sayin they would help so the cost r left to my family to pay

posted by Jennifer Carpenter 3 months ago

R.I.P. Ashley, David & Johnny I'll miss you Ashley and Johnny, I'll even going to miss you to David no matter you don't know me

posted by Tori Barton 3 months ago

Rip ashley David & jhonny

posted by Stephanie Phillips 3 months ago

I am truly sorry for your loss all my prayers are with you and your time sadness

posted by Lisa Blaho 3 months ago

Won't the organization Victims Of Crime bury them for free? Or is that over the limit? Those poor babies

posted by Gloria Brown 3 months ago

I think it's such a shame so many people think this is a scam! A giving heart no matter what the denomination is an act of kindness to help this family in need, if u need to question it don't bother giving, 3 innocent people lost their lives and as a whole we should come together and support not question! Who cares what the $ is used for, this whole families world has been turned upside down, rip to all the victims , and may the mother find a way to cope and survive with the help from all of us

posted by Jennifer Crislip-myers 3 months ago

My thoughts and prayers are with you during this horrible time. I had David in two of my classes, he will truely be missed.

posted by Melissa Spall 3 months ago

I am sorry to hear about your children I have shared this on my page I hope you get everything you need for them!I child not imagine how it feels! May they R.I.P also may their father R.I.P I'm so sorry

posted by April Batalion 3 months ago

I would just like to say if someone would ever make something up this horrible as a scam to get money they should rot in hell. These children were close to my children and myself. I have not left their mother since it happened. Thanks for everything everyone is doing and all the support. Leiha I love you with all my heart.

posted by Leina Vessels-Pouncey 3 months ago

This past week, we lost my 7 year old nephew in a tragic accident. I am so deeply touched by the outpouring of love and compassion by ALL who have donated to help pay for his burial expenses and I decided to look for others in a similar situation who are in need of help. I'm a little taken aback by some of the comments that I have seen on this page and it only serves to make a terrible situation even more horrible. What a horrible thing to be judged when you are in so much pain. I wish you peace. Such a tragedy. Remember that there are more good people in the world than bad and that even though we may not know you, we do care. I hope you reach your goal very soon.

posted by Cindy McConnell 3 months ago

Look no disrespect but this is for Ashley and David and whatever the mother does is her business but you guys really need to think about what you say on here because everyone can read your comments on this is a hard time for the family and there friends so I think you really should think before you speak I do know some of the family and my heart is for them and words can't bring them babies back but if your family or friends right now leaih needs all the Surport she can get right now she is having the hardest time so why don't you think about her needs for right now

posted by Echo Gross 3 months ago

Ashley and David, you are missed extremely bad. I have known you two since you were infants. to see this happen to you for no reason at all before you even had a chance to live. Well, words cannot even describe how wrong this is. You both deserved better than this. I love you Ashley and David. Rest in peace babies.

posted by Tina Askew 3 months ago

Not that is anyone's damn business but her and Johnny aka the dad are very close! And Ronda aka the other victim. As well. If Eadie or Jim Johnny's parents need anything she will go e them whatever they need. Rondas family also because she is that kind of person! You shouldn't be so quick to judge and I hope you like the taste of Crowe! You should have more faith in humanity !!!

posted by Sayward Everson 3 months ago

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So sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.



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We are praying for peace and comfort. God bless your family




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