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Updated posted by Magoo Gelehrter 2 months ago

A Note from Danielle (Dani)


Thank you to all who expressed love, sympathy, and condolences. I’m deeply moved and overwhelmed by the tremendous outpouring of emotion and kindness from everyone who loved Magoo. And let’s face it, to meet Magoo was to love Magoo so that’s a LOT of people! I want to reply to everyone individually, but it will take some time. Meanwhile, I thought I’d post something from Magoo’s GoFundMe page, which has been of tremendous relief to us in recent months, and continues to help. Thank you a million times over for your generosity and kindness.

It has been over a week since my reason for living left his mortal shell and moved on to a higher plane of existence. We were together for 12 years and were married for almost 10 years. Every day of our relationship was a miracle. We used to say we were “made for each other,” and those who knew us best, know this is true. Our 10th wedding anniversary would have been on June 27th. We didn’t make it to June, but we did make it to our 12th “date-a-versary” on May 4th.

Without fail, Magoo made me laugh every day that we were together. The day before he left this world, he sang a little tune in his hospital bed. He went on and on and on, incessantly singing some little jingle until I started cracking up. “What is that?” I asked. He smiled and said, “it’s the jingle from my childhood ice cream truck.” He proceeded to remind his dad, who was also in the room, that the ice cream truck driver was named Archie. Magoo then continued to sing the funny jingle because he knew it’d make us laugh. That was Magoo. If he knew something would make you chuckle, he’d immediately add to his arsenal of silliness.

When he’d get home from work, he’d shout “Hey baby!” and plant a kiss on my lips. He’d then say something like, “Woggity woggity woo! I love a girl who looks just like you!” I’d pretend to be hurt and respond, “Oh yeah? Who is she?!” He’d smirk and say, “You!” I’d then say, “What a coinkydink! I love a guy who looks just like YOU!” He’d scowl and say, “Who?” And I’d say, “You!” Then, we’d both shout “YAY!” and smooch a whole lot as Krispy gamboled around us.

That was our relationship - silly, fun, sweet, and full of love. Pure, real, and true.

I miss him so much. While my heart knows he’s in a much better place, my brain can’t accept that he’s left the mortal world. Our hearts were completely entwined by a beautiful rosebush, and now it feels like half of the rosebush has been torn away, the thorns leaving deep, bloody gashes in my heart. I know he’s happy, and I know he’s bringing happiness to others, but I can’t think of him or anything associated with him without crying, or sometimes laughing and crying at the same time. Every distraction just causes my mind to wander back to him as I remember what it felt like to be in his arms, to hear his laugh, to sing “Rockaway Beach” together. I wish I could say the deep gashes in my heart will heal. I wish I could say that I know it will get better, but I know that it won’t. Not really. He is my other half. We understood each other in ways that nobody else in this world will ever fully comprehend. He was the One I was meant to find.

Magoo wanted me to feel joy. That was his wish for the rest of my life. I promise I will try, my love. And I find joy in this…About a week and a half or so before he passed from this world, he told me something. He had accepted his fate, though I begged him to please stay with me. With great confidence and tranquility, he looked into my watery eyes and said, “Don’t worry. I know where I’m going and I’ll find you when you get there.” The calm conviction with which he spoke those words was transmitted to me, and my tears of sorrow slowed, replaced by tears of acceptance and love.

There is joy in my sadness as I mark off time, knowing that one day we’ll be reunited. I’ll be patient. I’ll wait. I do not fear the end, for it is only the beginning. “Together.. Forever again!”


Updated posted by Magoo Gelehrter 2 months ago

Thanks again. I am so grateful. All I ask now are your best hopes for going into remission. Thank you all!


Updated posted by Magoo Gelehrter 2 months ago

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this campaign, the goal has been reached. I had no idea going in how this was going to work or even what number to pick. I was scared and unable to work any longer and very concerned about my diagnosis. Facebook was a fun thing to fool with and see what people were up to, and of course for years Shilling Shockers has been a great time but I had no idea of the impact of these to come together and help me stay financially afloat. The kindness shown here has been eye opening and restored faith in a very deep way. Thanks to all! You mean the world to me!

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Created by Magoo Gelehrter on December 24, 2013

Since October 2012 I have been fighting for my life. Since last April I have been unable to work due to the pain and the strength it takes to fight it and cope with chemotherapy, and the side effects, and bone mets. My wife Danielle has been working two jobs but there are seasonal layoffs in her profession and we are struggling to make ends meet because, even though I am covered by Mass Health, Insurance doesn't cover all of the expenses incurred in this situation. We spend hundreds of dollars a month on alternative medical treatments that are vital to my recovery but not covered by insurance. If you can help with even a dollar towards this, you will be a crucial part of my recovery. Please feel free to do whatever you can, any amount will make a difference. For those who can lend alternate forms of support, please remember that laughter is the best medicine and I am as corny as they come. Laughter and your friendship is more valuable to me than all the gold in the world.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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Although the campaign goal of $20K was reached shortly before Garou's passing, we are continuing the fund-raising campaign for Danielle with our "Pennies for Penny" drive. Please consider giving -- or giving again, if you have already contributed.

posted by Crimson Executioner 1 month ago

My condolences, Danielle, to you and all of Magoo's family and friends. I am grieved by your loss. I only found out about this a couple of weeks ago. It was only this morning that I posted on my blog, hoping to bring more support to this campaign. All I can say, as little as it is, is that I'm sorry. And I'm glad that you have so many happy memories, because that is what will bring you comfort.

posted by Rick Hutchins 2 months ago

Hello, Magoo. I came here via Kreepy Kastle and Bone Jangler. I'm sort of a horror host in training--lots of ideas cooking for a couple of years now about how and when to proceed to the next step. Until then, I'm an ambivalent poet, Facebook addict, and failed medical experiment (five different antidepressants couldn't help me). Take care. Sending positive vibes to you and D.

posted by Bob Geise 6 months ago

Well, Rob, that's a trick question. Since I have never actually driven the Mustang of my dreams which is a '66 Mustang, I suppose the correct answer is the 1979 RX-7 which I honestly have driven the hell out of, all the way from Tulsa to San Francisco and all over Northern California, and that baby really hugged the curves of Highway 101. If it weren't for you, Rob, I would have never known the pleasure! You da Man!

posted by Magoo Gelehrter 6 months ago

RX-7 vs Mustang.....?

posted by Rob Lawson 6 months ago

I'm So sorry I did not know you were battling cancer

posted by Lois Bromfield 7 months ago

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Erica Walker

25 days ago


Wishing you comfort, Danielle. I play ukulele, like Magoo, and hope it brought him happiness.



Thomas and Eileen Jackson

1 month ago


Dani, we are so grateful to you for sharing your moments with your beloved Magoo in the best and worst of times. Your posting/eulogy is eloquent, heart-rending, yet life affirming at the same time, as I'm sure Magoo would want (surely he's read it from beyond...we MUST believe in that for comfort). We've never met, so your descriptions of your loving exchanges with Magoo brings him and your incredible relationship to life for us. We wish you strength. We know this is the most difficult thing to face. Tom and Eileen




1 month ago



For all Dankind

1 month ago


We were so sorry to hear about your loss. Remember the good times you had together. Keep making yourself laugh like you made us do so many times. ~Dan D, Dan R, Daniel S, Bessie, Erin, Josh, Patrick and Vanessa



Zoe botte

1 month ago


Don't know this person but every little bit helps



Dave & Nancy Almeida

1 month ago


In memorim of our friend Magoo. I will be dedicating my performance in "LUCY" at our Providence performances and our NY performances to the memory of Magoo.



Cindy Maheu

2 months ago


nurse Misery's very sorry for your loss...




2 months ago



Derrick DeMelo

2 months ago


From all of us at TPK's. Thinking of you Danielle!



Mark Johnson

2 months ago


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