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Updated posted by Magoo Gelehrter 16 days ago

Seventeen Days Later...

Well it was a harrowing half a month in the hospital due to having my gall bladder make a hasty departure, I am home at last and regaining my strength bit by bit. I got down to my old fighting weight, Bantam weight but I am better off as a middleweight so I need to regain some weight but it all has be done gently, small sips and tiny bites. Thank you to everyone, especially the great folks and socks of the Vortexx, who have done so much to help my campaign. I wish I could thank each and every one of you magnificent human beings and spooky friends but until I can, all I can say for now is, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!


Updated posted by Magoo Gelehrter 29 days ago

Hi Everyone,

It's been a long but busy week here in the hospital. I've been tested, re-tested, decongested, and highly requested by everyone who is concerned by my situation. I just lack the stamina to than everyone to thank you to all who keeping adding to the bucket of love. While I am hospitalized, maybe another week or so, just know that your support really does carry me through all these obstacles but I just am not up for phone calls or correspondence. It is too exhausting. But I think of everyone out there cheering me on and it helps immensely. I am going to beat this thing if I can get enough rest. So I'll be over and out til I feel better. Thanks again for rooting for me!


Updated posted by Magoo Gelehrter 1 month ago

So all through the week and especially last night while The Vortexx aired Penny Dreadful's Shilling Shockers, pennies from heaven rained down upon me. I cannot give enough thanks to all those who reached deep into their pockets, denying themselves some pleasure for my benefit. It worries me that some folks might have gone a bit overboard and denied themselves some necessities too, especially my mysterious benefactor. I have so enjoyed having had the pleasure to say throughout the week that I have a mysterious benefactor. I've never had one of those before. If I ever even had a secret admirer, they were a wee but too secretive about it for me to ever surmise.
Kreepy Kastle and especially Sluggo Gonzales who came up with the idea and spearheaded the organization cannot begin to guess how much thanks and love and deep deep deep appreciation I have for them and all they have done. The outpouring of good wishes, high hopes, and the help the people in the horror host community and those wonderful people who enjoy what we do to keep the old traditions alive really came together last night. Tears of gratitude are rolling down my cheeks while I smile from the outpouring of love that flooded the internet last night. I hope everyone enjoyed hearing Bela Lugosi proclaim his name to be Doctor Paul Carruthers in The Devil Bat. That is my favourite line in that movie, gets me every time. I know The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari enthralled all the insomniacs who got to watch a sleepwalker roam through the German Expressionist background. What a great film. I wish I could have stayed online to watch it but I couldn't keep my eyes open and that makes it quite impossible to watch a film. I got ninety-nine problems but insomnia ain't one.
But I digress. What I meant to say was this:
Thank you all so very much.
Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!
You are all a miracle to me.

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Created by Magoo Gelehrter on December 24, 2013

Since October 2012 I have been fighting for my life. Since last April I have been unable to work due to the pain and the strength it takes to fight it and cope with chemotherapy, and the side effects, and bone mets. My wife Danielle has been working two jobs but there are seasonal layoffs in her profession and we are struggling to make ends meet because, even though I am covered by Mass Health, Insurance doesn't cover all of the expenses incurred in this situation. We spend hundreds of dollars a month on alternative medical treatments that are vital to my recovery but not covered by insurance. If you can help with even a dollar towards this, you will be a crucial part of my recovery. Please feel free to do whatever you can, any amount will make a difference. For those who can lend alternate forms of support, please remember that laughter is the best medicine and I am as corny as they come. Laughter and your friendship is more valuable to me than all the gold in the world.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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Hello, Magoo. I came here via Kreepy Kastle and Bone Jangler. I'm sort of a horror host in training--lots of ideas cooking for a couple of years now about how and when to proceed to the next step. Until then, I'm an ambivalent poet, Facebook addict, and failed medical experiment (five different antidepressants couldn't help me). Take care. Sending positive vibes to you and D.

posted by Bob Geise 2 months ago

Well, Rob, that's a trick question. Since I have never actually driven the Mustang of my dreams which is a '66 Mustang, I suppose the correct answer is the 1979 RX-7 which I honestly have driven the hell out of, all the way from Tulsa to San Francisco and all over Northern California, and that baby really hugged the curves of Highway 101. If it weren't for you, Rob, I would have never known the pleasure! You da Man!

posted by Magoo Gelehrter 3 months ago

RX-7 vs Mustang.....?

posted by Rob Lawson 3 months ago

I'm So sorry I did not know you were battling cancer

posted by Lois Bromfield 3 months ago

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This is money raised from the Drive-in raffle we held for Magoo during the screening of "Return To Nuke'Em High" Vol 1. - a "local" drawing, separate form the larger campaign.




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Sending big bunny hugs your way!



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Love to ya, my brother!




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Happy Birthday!



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Happy Birthday Magoo!! We love you!!



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Happy Birthday. Hope this helps.


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