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On December 19th 2013 an Angel here on earth flew home. She had so much faith in the Lord and she has been taken to be with him. She was a genuinely caring and kind woman who did anythi... more


Updated posted by Justin Hansen 3 months ago

It has been amazing to see the amount of support from our friends, family and community! These generous donations are going to help the Carlson family immensely!
After talking with KC, he has decided to pull the page down on 1/"19"/14.
I can't express how thankful I am to all of you during this tough situation. I never thought we would raise this amount of money. It really goes to show how many people Jana Carlson touched in her life. She has made me, and I'm sure plenty of you, a better person. God Bless you all! Be well.


Updated posted by Justin Hansen 3 months ago

Thank you all so much for all of your support for the Carlson Family. This past week has been an AMAZING display of what a loving community can do.
Jana was such a beautiful person inside and out and it shows by the amount of lives she has touched.
Once again thank-you so much for your love, support and generosity!
There will be a Celebration of life for Jana Carlson at the Highlands Church at 215 Oak Hill Rd in Paso Robles on Saturday, December 28th at 1 pm. Feel free Celebrate with the community and the Carlson family.


Updated posted by Justin Hansen 3 months ago

What an amazing community we live in. I just wanted to say WOW and thank-you for your generous donations to the Carlson family. This is really going to help out the family BIG TIME. God Bless every single one of you. Have a beautiful day!

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Created by Justin Hansen on December 20, 2013

On December 19th 2013 an Angel here on earth flew home. She had so much faith in the Lord and she has been taken to be with him. She was a genuinely caring and kind woman who did anything for those she knew and loved. Her smile lit up a room. Her heart was full of love and compassion in which she touched many of our lives with. Jana and KC Carlson are the parents of 4 beautiful children who are in need of our help right now. Let's all come together to help this amazing family through this devastating time. We all know Jana would be the first to help in a time like this. God Bless and thank-you on behalf of the Carlson family.

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Kc kade Taylor cece and zayn stay strong

posted by Kaytlin Cavazos 2 months ago

The few times I ran into Jana, or saw her in passing, she always made me feel like we were long time friends. She just had this warmth and glow about her - this contagious and beautiful bright smile. This way of talking to you that made you want to grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair and keep talking. My most heartfelt prayers and sympathy to all of you during this time.

posted by Margo Lund 3 months ago

Our thoughts and prayers to your family.

posted by Katie King 3 months ago

Im really sorry for your Loss. I am glad you where able to get all those donations. WE are currently trying to get donations for Summer Bramon, memorial is in Los osos as Well. She was on the News the Same Day. Donations will be hard for us to get and we would appreciate anything we could get. As we cant even afford a Funeral. The Family is in very desperate times, She is survived by her Daughter who is 6 months Pregnant. Thank you.

posted by Freddie Sarenana 3 months ago

I posted this on my wall. We have not lived in Central Coast for over 5 years. Jana was a beautiful person. Anything helps, please! Lets get that goal to the moon!

posted by Mary Alred 3 months ago

I dint know Jana but I wish I had it sounds like she was a very special person!! The Lord obviously needed her to share her love and work in heaven!! My prayers go out to your family!

posted by Lorraine Williams 3 months ago

There will be a show at The Ranch in San Miguel on January 25th. It will be an all day fund raising event. http://www.ticketfly.com/purch ase/mobile/index/452245?utm_me dium=api&utm_medium=459899&ski nName=tfly

posted by Kasey Hansen 4 months ago

This page and all this love just goes to show how many people Jana touched with her love and smile. She was just an incredible human being and there is no replacement for her. A true tragedy.

posted by Joanna Anderson 4 months ago

we are so blessed to be on the Central Coast thanks everybody for all their help with his family me feel proud proud person to live on the Central Coast

posted by Chris Smith 4 months ago

Tragic loss for a loving family. May God give you all Peace and comfort. Keep your faith, keep your love for each other and the Lord, keep all Jana's memories in your hearts.

posted by Shelley Bright 4 months ago

God bless this whole family. Such a tragic loss for everyone.

posted by Linda Mickey-Kauffman 4 months ago

Sending my love and prayers to your family. I will miss you Jana you were a wonderful friend and you will never be forgotten. God bless you and your beautiful family I love you all. Helen

posted by Helen Record 4 months ago

God please bless this family for this tragic loss of a beautiful person we will miss you Jana and your smile will never be forgotten. Stay strong KC for your kids they need you!! Bless all of you and your family!! Xo Dee

posted by Dee Habash 4 months ago

I new Jana when we were 14 years old, she was kind, fun, and a good friend. Her family will be in my thoughts all the time and I wish her family peace and love during this time of grieving. Lots of Love your way. Mindy Sisemore

posted by Mindy Sisemore 4 months ago

Bless you and your family, I hope the goal is reached! my prayers go out to you and your family.

posted by Daniel Hanson 4 months ago

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I thank God that I was blessed to know Jana. She inspired me to be a getter person and to walk more closely with my Savior! Thank you Jana.



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Karen Shonka

3 months ago


Rest In Peace Jana Carlson



Matt & Brooke Boronda and Miller kids

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I had the pleasure of meeting Jana and KC as well as their children on a couple of occasions over the years. I would make my yearly travel from upstate NY to Paso Robles to see my sister Tenley Peterson Sharp. My thoughts and prayers are with KC his family and friends during this very difficult time.


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