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My childhood home, the only true heirloom my family possesses, is in foreclosure. My family and I have been struggling to make ends meet for the past 6 years but all of our hard work wa... more


Updated posted by Charles Philip DeCesare 3 days ago

We've made it through the winter and now that spring is here, it is time to celebrate!

Here is the information for our "Thank you for saving out home!" party.

Date - May 3rd, 2014
Time - 1:00pm until 7:00pm
Parking location: 1573 Union Valley Road, West Milford NJ 07480 (the lot across from Mr. Wonton Chinese)

link to e3vent page:

We're expecting more people than our driveway can accommodate so we will have a van to shuttle attendees to and from the party.

So excited to see everyone! :)
-Charles and Scott

A big thank you to Yahoo! News for getting our story out there.


Let's celebrate! You are all invited!


Updated posted by Charles Philip DeCesare 1 month ago

Update: 3/1/2014

After a long month of phone calls, e-mails, paperwork, and snowstorms...

We have successfully refinanced our home and have made our first payment- a new beginning thanks to all of you!

I am planning to have our celebration in May, but a date has not been set. This party means a great deal to me because our home is meant to be shared and enjoyed. There will be some special guests as well!

I will be sending out online invitations to the celebration so please contact me if you are planning on coming out :) here are two ways to get in touch...

Facebook (preferred):

E-mail: send message through GoFundMe

Thank you, everyone, for your overwhelming generosity and kindness.

with love,


Updated posted by Charles Philip DeCesare 2 months ago

I've received numerous messages and comments from supporters stating their desire to see the mortgage completely paid off.

As a courtesy to those interested, I am reposting the amount needed to pay the mortgage off in full.

That goal is $140,000

The listed goal on the GoFundMe will not be changed, the initial goal that was posted has been achieved- and for that I am eternally grateful.

Thank you for all of your support and the page will stay up for as long as people show interest in helping our situation.

with love,

P.S. this has been the best day of life!

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Created by Charles Philip DeCesare on November 21, 2013

My childhood home, the only true heirloom my family possesses, is in foreclosure.

My family and I have been struggling to make ends meet for the past 6 years but all of our hard work was not enough.

Our hardship began when my mother became terribly sick about 7 years ago. Her chronic illness was unexpected. And as if that were not troubling enough, my father's longtime career in the construction industry had taken its toll on him physically, mentally, and emotionally. His longtime company threw him to the side like a broken toy.

My mother was sick, my father was broken. We were all broke.

After a 5 year ordeal that put myself, my brother and my father through emotional turmoil and financial ruin...

My father still struggled to get work...

and my mother, Julia... passed away just as she seemed to be getting healthier.

Her passing has broken our hearts and took away my father's true love. Our family has been devastated.

I have realized we cannot do this ourselves. My father is a very proud man and he would never ask for a handout, he has worked hard his entire life. I love my dad, he is my best friend... and I want to do anything I can to help him- even if that means swallowing pride and asking for help.

Our home is at 315 Morsetown Road, West Milford NJ. My father has given all of his effort, his body and soul, towards saving the house that means so much to our family.

This really is our last chance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

With hope and love,

Charles Philip DeCesare

P.S. Even if we do not achieve the listed goal, any substantial amount of funding could very well improve our relationship with the bank, possibly resulting in lower payments or halting the foreclosure.

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good luck in everything!

posted by Frank Keechi 2 months ago

James, if you look , the limit has NOT been changed. It remains the same. Thanks for your donation.

posted by Scott DeCesare 2 months ago

HI. I donated with no regrets but I want you to know that I am a Mortgage Banker and have been for the past 30 years. I know you have a very hard time and I wish you nothing but love and prosperity. God Bless...

posted by Maddi Straus 2 months ago

Just delete those people! No one is going to ask for their money back. People gave because they wanted to, not because it was a stick up! I am so glad everyone was able to help you out. I loved the story about fixing your pipes! I hope this year brings better fortune.

posted by Jena Blue 2 months ago

Carol, We received your gift yesterday and it was a very unique way of lifting our spirits. Certainly one of the most classiest gifts that I had ever received. The "315" in the middle was a nice touch. I am forever grateful for the generosity shown by you and all the others that regardless of what other people think they give from their heart. I have every intention to re-donate what is not needed by my family to those who were affected by hurricane Sandy. The Jersey shore holds a special place in my heart as my family , when we were better off visited Seaside each year as our "Family vacation" not much but we were together and made memories that will last forever. Thank you again for your beautiful persona and gracious gifts. It is people like you that give me hope for this sometimes divided nation. The old sayings still hold true, "If you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all." Thanks again, Scott.

posted by Scott DeCesare 2 months ago

Thanks for the insight Art .

posted by Scott DeCesare 2 months ago

this is getting good! 'slowly pulling out the popcorn'

posted by Nicholas Cardenas 2 months ago

Sounds to me like Art and Steph should get married! God wouldn't that be a wonderful household to grow up in? I wonder if they ever give money to the person standing on the corner holding the cardboard sign...if they do I would like to know if they follow that person around all day to make sure they don't spend it in a way that would upset them! When you give something to is no longer yours! The DeCesare family has every right to spend that money any way they see fit! 1,891 people, including me, gave money to this family to help them out...and there is only a handfull that want to cry about how the money will be spent, or how much over the original goal people will give. Go cry in your own little world, and let me give you a tip! Don't give if you don't trust people to do the right thing with what you are giving them!

posted by David Moss 2 months ago

I've been thinking a lot about everyone's generosity, and I'm very thankful. I cried yesterday while caring for my client, who suffers from Alzheimer's disease. I'm a Caregiver for disabled seniors, and I have had a total of six clients within the past two years. Sometimes I work nearly 60 hours a week, and I love what I do. This is less a defense, as more a description. I've been working since I was 14, and contending with small minded people earlier than that. I'm grateful for what I have earned, and for what has been generously given to me. But I'm also outspoken and strong willed, and if I met any of the nasty naysayers in person, I'd put them in their place for questioning the integrity of my father and my upbringing. Back off, please. Worry about your own, and create your own fundraiser if you feel so much more deserving. I'll be with my 93 year old client tomorrow. Enjoying my day with a clear mind and open heart. Good night now.

posted by Malcolm de Cesare 2 months ago

Amberlee, Thank you. When i read some of the bile that comes from the detractors of this very humbling experience quite frankly it hurts. I asked my son to take the site down as I am now armed enough to battle the bank. He declined as he stated exactly what you have reinforced , if more people are willing to help have no shame in graciously accepting it. I have always earned everything I have on my own since the age of eight years old when my father abandoned us. Thank god for a very strong woman of a mother who also struggled to keep this family domain, so the quest to save the home goes much deeper than meets the eye. Contrary to one of the posts I have little income due to my age and the government regulations regarding my disability. When my wife passed she was the main wage earner but the government believes that the sum of $250.00 is all you deserve when loosing your lifelong partner. Enough to feed the pets for a week. In closing , I just want to thank all for their continued support as this battle with the greedy bankers is what brought us to our knees. I fully understand my responsibility to give back in return for the kindness given to me and my family. It was how I had been raised. Thank you again Amberlee not only for your monetary support but the moral support as well. You are a true believer in a noble cause and deserve all life's rewards. Again Thank you, Scott.

posted by Charles DeCesare 2 months ago

I would like to see the family STOP defending themselves. Those of us who gave, have no regrets. And if you do, that's unfortunate. If you don't get one more red, copper cent from people, I just want updates from what this has done for you and how you're moving forward! IF someone decides to donate enough to pay off your home, that is their business. Period. Crazy wonderful things happen all the time. And if it doesn't, then you've received enough money to jump start your life again. Stop encouraging the negative and ugly people. They always creep out in every situation. You set this page up as a last resort, and a long shot. Yahoo featured you, and success came for you! Take it and pay it forward friends! Good luck to you and your family and so terribly sorry to hear about your mother/wife.

posted by Amberlee Bratcher 2 months ago

hey Art listen you sont have to be ignorant, and how dare you call me narrowminded, im bery open minded, I may be arrogant sometime but atleast I can see that Ive made the mistake and can make ammends for it...your just being an asshole, and whether someone is look for a hand out or help is the same fu kin thing. we cant all put our egos up and go around and harassing people of there troubles. you wanna come over my cousins house and steal her wheelchair and push her down the stair, or make fun of my other cousin whos autistic? listen just leave this people alone, they didnt do anything to you, so just do us all a favor and hop off. please, im asking kindly (at this point). Please stop the nonsense. what would jesus do?

posted by Alex Lanza 2 months ago

Im going to state this again because some people dont seem to get it. People know that they are donating now that the DeCesares have met their goal. If People didnt want the extra that they have donated to go to help the DeCesares they WOULD NOT have donated the money. You have no right telling them to put that extra money towards something else because I know for a fact that the money is being used to pay the bank.

posted by Lindsay Hantverk 2 months ago

And I apologize for spelling your last name wrong, DeCesare family.

posted by Spring Cornavaca 2 months ago

I hope the Deceasar family will focus on the 1000+ people who were happy to help them during this time of need & forget about the very, very few who find it necessary to try to find negative in this situation. Good luck Decesar's! So happy that you reached your goal & then some!

posted by Spring Cornavaca 2 months ago

excuse me miss Stephanie we would all appreciate it if you took your bad vibe someone somewhere else just because someone actually had the balls to ask for a handout because they're in financial trouble doesn't mean that you have the right to come over here and slander their name. These folks are the hands down some the greatest people I've ever lived I've known Charlie for about 2 years and he I consider him a very close friend he has a huge heart is always there for people just because they ask for handouts did not mean they're bad it just means that they can move their ego aside and open up a hand for help. So please the fact that you think is a scam I feel like I should laugh in your face because of that please take your remarks and take them I too am in financial trouble what does not help me from helping my friend Charlie I may not be able to give him money by can give him my services and acting as a friend because nothing just the facts call friend the only thing I have to ask for.

posted by Alex Lanza 2 months ago

stephanie... Your comments are inflammatory and are working against this cause that so many others are supportive of. Why are you being so spiteful? The DeCesare family are good people, they will pay this forward, I'm sure of it. But you, Stephanie, will not be the on to dictate how they and all of the lovely people supporting this cause will do so. Stop trying to ruin this for them. BEST OF LUCK!

posted by Lina Greenly 2 months ago

Ok let me just put this out there. Everyone who has donated past the 40k goal has done so to help Charlies family and their home. It is not as if they are strong arming people into giving them money. I don't understand why you are all pissy about what people do with their own money. If someone chooses to donate to the DeCesares right now they want their money to go to helping the DeCesares and their home otherwise they would donate it to another cause.

posted by Lindsay Hantverk 2 months ago

I'm so glad you were able to reach your goal. Family homes are precious treasures.

posted by Christine Turple 2 months ago

2 Corinthians 9:7 Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. Honestly who cares what others say I hope not once did your family let any of the comments or the naysayers ruin your miracle. You are supposed to give without expectation, and never a moment, did I regret the donation made yesterday and I spent to entire day following your page and took great joy in watching your miracle happen, as someone who is also super close with their family I'm sure you'd rather have your loved one then anything any of us gave you but I'm glad you got a miracle yesterday and I don't know you or your agenda personally but I am so very happy for your family!

posted by Felina Higby 2 months ago

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Ann C

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I'm bringing a bottle of wine for your party but oops, it'll have to make it there without me. Make sure you toast your dad for reminding us that good parenting is it's best reward.



raul aguilar

1 month ago


go save ur home



Steven Barto

1 month ago


Good for you Charles! Now have a great party and enjoy your family home! Wish I didn't live across the country.



Diane Cassidy

1 month ago


I'm happy to hear you were able to re-finance your house! As my mom would have said, that's a job well done! I don't know if I'll be able to make it to the party in May, but here's a little something toward the party expenses.




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