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Earlier this fall, I began experiencing swelling of the lymph node at my jaw, and severe neck pains and inflammation of the face and jaw. After it got bad enough to drive me to the emerg... more


Updated posted by John Mørke 1 day ago

As a follow-up to the last message, here is something made possible with your help. I was able to complete my final AA classes with high enough grades to get invited to a lunch for honors graduates with the president and vice president of the college I was attending.

I also have almost completed the entire EX3 Solar Charm set, and managed to keep my grades high in my first two university courses. I just finished my last final exam today--I am hoping it is an A--so we'll see if I am able to keep my 4.0. It has been a really rough semester. To be honest, I may lose it. But the fact is, I am proud of what I have been able to accomplish even though I have been so sick, so exhausted and so depressed for the last four months.

Even so, I was able to make it this far only because you helped me. I really appreciate it. Here's hoping to more good news.


Invitation to honor graduates.


Updated posted by John Mørke 1 day ago

Attached to this post are pictures of the bills you guys have helped me clear. Not pictured: the cost to get my foot in the door of the hospital, the cost of the ENT visits, the price of antibiotics, the price of Wellbutrin and Celexa which I just started with medical recommendation, the price of gas to make it to my appointments. Needless to say I would have been crushed without your help.

Now, for more good news: I think this last battle with the infected node has done the trick. It is no longer hurting, no longer tight. I don't feel it moving anymore. I can also turn my head. It is quite possible that I spent three to four weeks horsing through a potentially fatal infection rather than going to the doctor. In any case, once I finish this antibiotic, I hope to have nothing but good news to report. I have one more ENT visit ahead of me, after which I am hoping he gives me an "all clear" and I won't have to have another biopsy or worse.

Thank you all for your support through this terrible time. Any continued support you can give me would be very welcomed, as this has drained my resources quite a bit, and I am trying to keep my head above water long enough to finish the Exalted core.

I plan to do one more post tonight, I just can't fit another picture into this post. Have a good night, everyone, and thanks again.


The emergency room bill.

The pathology bill.

The hospital bill.


Updated posted by John Mørke 9 days ago

Hey guys, this is Holden Shearer, Exalted co-developer. John is ill, exhausted, and too busy to post this update, so I am typing it up to keep you informed.
I’ll start with the bad news: he’s still not in the clear. There might be a second biopsy and a lymphectomy on the horizon. The good news is, his ears, throat, and nasal passages are still clear of any obvious problems, and the swelling in the lymph node isn’t as pronounced as it was in November, though there is still swelling present. The doctor has prescribed antibiotics in case this is an infection he’s dealing with. The ENT specialist is still watching the lymph node and the cause of the swelling still isn’t certain, so he’s not in the clear just yet.
John’s been spreading all of his time between university and Exalted writing and development. This hasn’t left time to pursue other writing jobs and expenses are piling up, and will continue to do so as he pushes to the end of the core book’s development. There are also going to be more doctor visits in the future, to follow up on the current treatment. We continue to watch the lymph node’s progress.
Any financial assistance you could toss John’s way right now would be much appreciated.

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Created by John Mørke on November 8, 2013

Earlier this fall, I began experiencing swelling of the lymph node at my jaw, and severe neck pains and inflammation of the face and jaw. After it got bad enough to drive me to the emergency room, I was put through an antibiotics treatment and a battery of tests, including a biopsy to search for lymphoma. Their results have been inconclusive, and the swelling in the lymph node remains. If it doesn't resolve itself by December, which it shows no signs of doing, I'm looking at another biopsy and a fresh round of medical bills.

I have no insurance and the current bills amount to more than my total savings.

This Gofundme campaign is to raise funds to cover my existing medical bills, which include: Radiology-ultrasound and lab cytology ($298.14), basic metabolic panel and blood count ($46.00), CT Maxillofacial w/ dye; FNA W/Image; Echo Guide for Biopsy ($545.00), and CT scan / IV treatment and ER diagnosis ($736.00). I've submitted an application for charitable relief for as many bills as I can, but several aren't eligible, and I don't know if the applications will be accepted. The goal set on this Gofundme page is for slightly more than the total of the bills, to account for Gofundme's standard deduction and withdrawal processing fees.

Any help that anyone can give will be very much appreciated.

—John Mørke, 11/8/13

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Don't forget tomorrow John! And this isn't meant as pressure in any way shape or form.

posted by James Walker 12 days ago

Thanks for keeping us updated here, John. I hope you'll say if you need more money as well.

posted by David Karlson-Weimann 4 months ago

I was just diagnoised with Diabetes myself and my insurance covered only the first 200 dollars, and I had bills similar to this. John, I am a fan of your work, and I know your pain. This isn't much but I have a feeling this won't be your last bill as it seems this condition will need to be examined and looked over time and again till they solve it. I wish you the best.

posted by Nathan Hoskins 5 months ago

It's not much but I hope it helps brother

posted by Jay Lawrence 5 months ago

Spreading the word as far and fast as I can.

posted by Rev. Phillip Malerich 5 months ago

I'll happily help. I hope this raises enough you don't have any financial worries for your medical concerns.

posted by Charles Phipps 5 months ago

You guys are all awesome. -big hugs-

posted by Carrie Stone 5 months ago

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Erin Bisson

16 hours ago


This is all wonderful news! So happy to clear that things are startingt o clear up for you!




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James Shaw

1 day ago


Exodan/Foorish Shamurai here. Finally got some extra money I can spare to help out.




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John Richter

5 days ago



David Scott

7 days ago


It isn't much in the face of everything, I'm afraid, but I hope it helps. Still pulling for you!




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8 days ago


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