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Created by Kelly Thompson on November 6, 2013

11/20/13 - We have had such an incredible outpouring of support for both Willow and our "Say Something" campaign - and we can't begin to tell you how grateful we are for this level of support and encouragement. Willow is making amazing strides in her recovery, with her blood levels approaching a healthy level and a slow but steady increase in her weight/muscle tone. She is an incredibly happy, loving, affectionate, social girl who loves to cuddle with her foster moms and sister. We are determined to help more animals like Willow and will be continuing with Willow's Fund as a resource designated to paying for the medical care of severely abused/neglected dogs and cats. Your donations will enable us to rescue more animals like Willow knowing that we have the resources needed to provide immediate, unrestricted medical care. Thank you for helping us make a difference in the lives of animals who have no hope left. Every dollar you donate makes a difference and we simply can't thank you enough. Huge Hugs - Abby, Kelly & Willow

11/14/13 - Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive and understanding over the past 48 hours. Several of you have asked why our goals and donation amount has fluctuated over the past several days - and we wanted to explain the confusion. Over the past three days, over $9,000 in donations were made to Willow's Fund on what turned out to be stolen credit cards. The donations appear to be made by one person using numerous stolen cards. Our target goal was raised so inauthentic donations didn't push us over our target amount, as those "donations" were appearing but not processing. As the authorities determine which donations are legit and which our fraudulent, our donation amount keeps changing as they delete the fraudulent charges. We're incredibly disappointed and disheartened by this, and also want everyone to know that not a single penny is being routed elsewhere. In the light of trying to do something good, something positive - we've found ourselves being conned by a thief. It really is exhausting. As we mentioned in our previous post, our goal is to keep Willow's Fund an on-going reserve for animals who have been severely abused/neglected to receive the care they need. In the event there are any funds left after covering all of Willow's expenses, we would like to be a resource to other animals who desperately need our help. This level of cruelty and abuse has to stop, and we want nothing more than to give animals who have been forced to endure this level of torture a happy ending. Thank you to everyone who has chosen to support us on this journey. We're truly sorry for any confusion or doubt the fluctuations over the past several days has caused.

11/11/13 - We are completely stunned by the level of generosity and support that is being shown to both Willow and animals in need! THANK YOU for the continued donations and messages of hope. Our goal is that Willow's Fund will not only get Willow all of the medical care she needs, but that it can be an on-going fund designated to helping animals who have endured extreme levels of abuse/neglect get the medical care and support they desperately need. Together, we can make an enormous impact on these animals lives. From the bottom of our hearts - thank you!! -Kelly, Abby and Willow of F&C

11/10/13 - WILLOW THE PITBULL UPDATE: We spent several hours today just sitting at the vet's office cuddling with Willow. She was very tired today and spent the majority of our visit curled up in our laps fast asleep. She's having a very hard time putting on weight and her anemia is overwhelming her delicate system, so we have decided to move forward with doing a full blood transfusion in hopes that it will help her regain strength and start gaining a little weight. Thank you to everyone who has said kind words, thought good thoughts, donated towards Willow's care and shared her story. We will be using Willow's Fund to support all of her medical needs, and hopefully will be able to have enough left over to support other animals who have been abused or neglected and desperately need medical help. No animal ever should suffer like this. We'll keep the updates coming... Thank you - Abby and Kelly of F&C

11/8/13 - WILLOW THE PITBULL UPDATE: Willow is one of the most kind, gentle dogs we've ever met. Her heart and will to live is so inspiring to us and a testament to her strength and ability to trust people despite the horrible condition she is in. She is currently in the ICU where she is receiving constant care and attention. Her bloodwork did not come back the way we hoped it would, so she is scheduled for a blood transfusion on Monday if it can not be regulated over the weekend. She has a sparkle in her eyes that tells us she has no plans on throwing in the towel. We will get her through this one day at a time.

On Sunday, 11/3/13 Willow was with picked up by an Animal Control Officer who found her starving and freezing on the streets of Chicago. She was unable to walk or stand and was in critical condition. Rescue was needed for her if she had any chance for survival. Felines & Canines received a plea for assistance and absolutely couldn't say no. We are so grateful to be given the opportunity to provide Willow all of the medical attention, resources and time she needs to be the healthy, happy, loving pup we know she can be. We are in this fight together and appreciate all of the support, good-thoughts and resources shared with Willow.

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Fraudulent charges to help that's a unique type of crime!

posted by Raman Dhanota 5 months ago

Mike, I saw that too and went to their facebook page. Apparently there were fraudulent charges to the tune of 8k from a stolen cc.

posted by Linda Meza 5 months ago

Yesterday you were at $16,000+ in donations with a goal of $20,000...interesting.

posted by Mike Sherrill 5 months ago

Can you help me understand how the donations are being allocated? Would love to donate but want to make sure the $ is being used appropriately. Thanks!!

posted by Michelle Haggard Cyr 5 months ago

nice for everyone i like dogs so much

posted by Sebastian Sebi 5 months ago

god bless this poor baby and of those that are suffering just like her. so happy to be part of this and please keep sharing.. its working!!

posted by Ashley Gaudioso Mauro 5 months ago

I have tried to share her to other pages with no luck! I so hope Willow starts improving by leaps and bounds!

posted by Susan Rhoads Elmore 5 months ago

I wish I could donate, I have many times in the past, but I am truly sad about this. It breaks my heart. Justice for Willow and for Puppy Doe.

posted by Cindy Slade 5 months ago

I hope everyone donates to this poor sweet dog...

posted by Sabre Slattery 5 months ago

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Karen Werner

3 months ago


Thank you for helping.




3 months ago


I'm anemic too. If Willow needs a forever home I have a friend with a large property about 60 miles NW of Chicago who would be happy to have her.



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Thanks for helping Willow.




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Jennifer L Rhodes

4 months ago


Wishing Willow all the best!


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