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A place for people who want to help support Rachel and Baby Izzy. This gofundme is set up and run by family. All the money raised will be used to support Rachel during her hospital stay... more


Updated posted by Alicia Marie Schindler 4 months ago

This account is set up and run by Rachel's family and the money we are receiving has all been used to keep her mom there with them to help take care of Rachel and Izzy. Rachel's mom has been there since the day after the attack. Rachel's dad will be going down this week. We are using all donations directly to help for the expense of keeping her family by her side through this. You don't need to donate if you don't want to, but this is not a con and we have never claimed we needed funds for medical bills. We also have never used either the situation or the military status to request sympathy or funds. We are here simply to support or daughter and sister through this time.


Created by Alicia Marie Schindler on November 2, 2013

A place for people who want to help support Rachel and Baby Izzy. This gofundme is set up and run by family. All the money raised will be used to support Rachel during her hospital stay and to meet baby Isabella's needs as well. Any money raised above what the family needs at this time to cover expenses will be put into an account for Isabella.

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@William Kubkz: I am not related to, nor do I personally know this family -- I found out about them in a newspaper article -- but I would like to help you understand why they need help financially. The husband is an enlisted military member, so his salary is pretty low. Yes, they have tri-care, but like civilian insurance there are co-pays (e.g., 80/20% for hospital stays, etc.). Rachel was working before this happened so the household income is now probably cut in half. When this page was first set up it was never said that donations were just for medical expenses -- "...and to meed baby Isabella's needs as well." I would strongly argue that Izzy needs her grandmother there right now, so using some of this money in aid of that seems valid to me, a donor. Naturally, you, or anyone, doesn't have to agree with that. If you don't, don't donate. But is really makes me sad that people feel they have to post comments that will only bring down people who have already had such horrible things happen to them

posted by Jean Harris 4 months ago

This appears to be a con to me, and the money will not be used for medical expenses. It makes me sick when military members and their family attempt to use them being in the military as an excuse to get money from a sympathetic public...

posted by William Kubicz 4 months ago

Amanda, Tricare does not pay 100% all of the time. My husband and I were stationed at Ft. Bliss last year. Our daughter was sent to an off post hospital for surgery and it was not covered 100% because it was not done by a military doctor. The only way her and her daughters medical costs would have been covered 100% if she was taken to the on post hospital. And the on post hospital does not have a NICU or the staff Rachel would need for her injuries. I know this from personal experience with the Army hospital on post.

posted by Morgan Clayton 5 months ago

Amanda, Tricare does not pay 100% all the time. I have a friend whos daughter has had 3 heart surgeries and they have medical bills that Tricare did not cover. But this donation is not for that, it is for other stuff, like when the family is at the hospital and have to eat. Food gets expensive

posted by Leslie Schumann Wilder 5 months ago

She has tri-care they pay 100%

posted by Amanda Miller 5 months ago

The money will be used for whatever they need from medical supplies they could need when she gets home to copays and care for the new baby.. Also they want to move the family from the home so the wife doesn't have to go back there especially since the media put out their entire address

posted by Susan Allen 5 months ago

So this isn't to pay for medical expenses?

posted by Salem Raboy 5 months ago

Justin, My name is Alisa Johnson; I am a Marine, and also the president of a nonprofit Dogs on Deployment. My heart goes out deeply to you and your family. I am writing because we heard a rumor that during your ordeal, your dogs ended up at a shelter. We would love to help you find a foster home for your dogs until your wife and new baby are recovered. If this interests you, please email me immediately at Take care, Alisa Johnson President, Dogs on Deployment

posted by Alisa Johnson 5 months ago

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5 months ago



James Kraft

5 months ago


As a newylwed myself I was very touched to read your story. You don't know me but please accept this gift and my prayers for you and your family.



Robin Hill

5 months ago


Keeping all of you in our prayers




5 months ago



Baron Huntington

5 months ago


G-d bless you and your family.




5 months ago


I'm so sorry for what you are going through. I will be lifting you all in prayer. May God's mercy, grace, and love shine ever bright upon you.



Judy Kay

5 months ago


Rachel, Justin and family, I was so shocked and broken hearted to hear what has happened to Rachel and Izzy, that I wanted to do something to help. I hope Rachel and Izzy recover completely and are able to put this past them and live a happy life, but I also want to thank Justin and your families for the sacrifices you make for our country. Justin your service is appreciated by us and by all Americans! You and your family are in our prayers. Thanks for keeping your facebook page open and keeping us updated on their recovery, we all care, even if a few are misguided. God bless!



Shara Evans

5 months ago




5 months ago



Marilyn Wren

5 months ago


I am so sorry that the family is having to go through all this. Justin as a retired wife of the military I commend you for all you do and hope this journey in your life will bring more strength and love for Rachel . Love and Prayers are powerful


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