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First of all I would like to thank each and everyone of you for the support. Together we have reached 470.08% of the original goal of $5,000. With the help of almost 32,138visitors of th... more


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Updated posted by Brett Lively 5 months ago

Prayers and Updates for Rachel Poole Sorry I typed the zip code wrong

Krista Ratliff
Dir, Radiology
4845 alameda
El Paso, Tx 79905



Updated posted by Brett Lively 5 months ago

The Pooles need a home for their dog Gabriel due to Rachel's condition
He is a family dog who gets along with others well.


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Created by Brett Lively on November 2, 2013

First of all I would like to thank each and everyone of you for the support. Together we have reached 470.08% of the original goal of $5,000. With the help of almost 32,138visitors of the site, 653 people donated a total of $23,504.00. This page has been closed for donations. For any additional information please contact The Poole family or myself. Thank you for all the love and the support everyone has given!

My name is Brett Lively and I am a good Friend of Justin Poole. On Wednesday Night October 30th his 9 month pregnant wife Rachel Poole was attacked, stabbed, and beaten. Rachel Poole, who is 31, was in critical condition and rushed to the hospital. Rachel is still currently recovering in the hospital ,still has no vision in her left eye, has a broke arm (metal plate inserted), had a punctured lung,and has had to get stiches from the stab wounds along with more injuries. Baby Isabel has arrived and was Sick and was being monitored, she is currently doimg much better. Justin was sent home early from overseas to take care of his family.

I am starting a donation up to help out with additional expenses, bills, moving them out of their home, and any financial aid we can possibly provide to help out with this crisis. Justin has also been flying family to Texas for support. Justin bought Rachel a puppy the same morning as the brutal incident happened , the puppy did not make it but the other 3 dogs are in a foster care home.

I was Justin's Room mate for 5 months and I can tell you he never missed a night without Face timing or Skyping Rachel. I hope you can help them out anyway possible. I know for a fact he would do this for each and everyone of us. Please pray for Rachel And Baby Isabel as they stay strong and as they recover in the hospital.

I will try to keep everyone updated as much as I can! Thank you!

Here are some news media sites that go into detail of what has happened

If you have any questions or would like to contact me.

Here is Justin Poole's Page

Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:


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Does anyone have the hospital information to send a card. I thought I wrote it down to send a card, however I don't have it. Many prayers to Rachel and all family.

posted by Jill Townsend 5 months ago

People please take into consideration that , Rachel may not be able to work a long time, if not ever. This family really is going to need money to subsidize for the loss of her income. They also have to move . Let's help raids them enough money to also be able to help them buy a house .

posted by Rachel Ellis 5 months ago

I wish I could give you something I just found out today I have found a home and now have to raise the money for the first months rent and deposit I myself am raising funds for my kids as our landlord does nothing and our heat almost caught my home on fire with us in it and no warning of it and they refuse to fix it right so its still a fire hazard with that being said though they are still in my thoughts and prayers I wish I could help them and it saddens me that I cannot but I think about them every day and thank god for them surviving she is a very strong young woman and little girl god bless you all who has helped this family in need!!

posted by Lea N James Kroth 5 months ago

I have been and continue to pray daily for this little family and the many that have shown love and support for them. May love and blessings follow you as you progress!

posted by Robyn Lewis 5 months ago

I donated a few days ago...sad that there are some negative comments on here. Mr Lively is doing a wonderful thing for a friend/co-worker. You either are moved to help; praying, giving, etc... or you're not. When you reach out to help someone it should be freely given with LOVE! I'm personally glad that a handful of close friends/family members are helping this couple so they will be able to meet the forthcoming challenges without money worries. Thank you Mr. Lively for your continued postings-bless you. The photo of Rachel and the baby made me smile. Prayers from Orlando...

posted by Veronica Bowery 5 months ago

I came across this tragic news. Even though I do not know this family, as a brother my heart goes out to all of you.

posted by Dallas Williams 5 months ago

Someone delete the neg comment below. This is terrible that someone would be so racist. Prayers from NY

posted by Angelique Jackson 5 months ago

Hey Brett-- hope you're in the running as Godfather!

posted by Ann Zemaitis 5 months ago

I said this when I donated, but it bears repeating: To be pregnant is stressful, but to be pregnant without a devoted husband there/deployed overseas must be more than I can imagine. To compound this with a violent attack while your helpless husband watches and hears, heartbreaking. I'm just glad all are alive and may the contribution I made help a little toward a happy ending. I was glad to see that the person in charge is listed by the news as a verifiable fundraiser: =11741102

posted by Ann Zemaitis 5 months ago

Morning from London to the Poole Family :-)

posted by Zoe Davies 5 months ago s/article-2487531/Rachel-Poole -stabbed-FaceTime-husband-meet s-baby-girl-Isabella-time.html

posted by Dianna Rowcotsky 5 months ago

Prayers and support for this young family. I am not a fan of the military, but I am certainly appalled by the low income service members receive, especially in active duty war zones. My friend's husband was serving in Iraq and she qualified for state aid (WIC) for her child to get dairy, fruit and vegetables. She had to live at her parents home with her child in a bedroom because she could not afford to live on her own. She was also a vet. Although this is the wrong forum, this is a discussion that needs to happen. Speedy recovery and reunite for this family.

posted by Paula Thompson 5 months ago

Regardless of the medical insurance situation, my heart goes out to these people. They are going to need all the help and money they can get with Rachel Poole being severely injured, them having a new baby and the husband being in the military, which pays squat. I wish you both the best of luck.

posted by Wendy Fischer 5 months ago

Amanda Miller you obviously do not know squat cause Tricare does not cover everything all of the time... Stop Trolling and trying to cause drama and saying false stuff... Tricare does not always cover everything at all

posted by Leslie Schumann Wilder 5 months ago

First off Amanda Miller, stop trolling these donation pages and posting ignorant stuff! I think someone already laid out the basics for you. Just because he is military, there is a lot more behind it than you THINK, key word, THINK!! Yes, he gets salary. Pending on pay grade E1-E5, that ranges from 21 cents to 29 cents per hour!! His deployment pay stops once stateside and continues again once he returns back overseas. Tricare, pending on what option they have, either pays very little or most. KEY WORDS NOT USED is that tricare pays all. They still need to pay for medicine since Rachel will most likely be on many to prevent infection etc, deductibles, plus other medical out of pocket expenses. Also, do you think it's free for family to fly in NAND help them? Free for Justin to go to and from the hospital? Free baby items, new home rent, deposits, food, etc???? Also, I think the LAST thing on this family's mind right now is a lawsuit! I think they have enough on their plate with getting Rachel better and in a new home as well as baby Izzy! I'm sure all they want is to be a family, don't you think?

posted by Julie Wilcox 5 months ago

Amanda miller you are ignorant tri care will not pay for baby items movinf flying family in food etc... mind your own business if you don't know what you are talking abouy

posted by Amy Thrash 5 months ago

Tri-care will be pay 100% . He is still receiving his pay they are salary however she won't be able to return to work for awhile of they couldn't survive with his being the only income the money will be helpful. I sure if they have it good they will put up a college fund for their baby or they may even donate. A lot has been raised. No one has to donate if they don't want. Hopefully this cash will help with a great lawyer to sue this dude for all the damage he has done.

posted by Amanda Miller 5 months ago

I am so happy to see on your facebook page as well that wife and baby are doing well. Prayers continue to go up and a speady recovery for both mom and baby.. Please reach out to your military community, they are equip to help you in this time of need as well... My comment earlier was directed so you might infor people and some feel it was an open door to be hateful and message me.. GROW up people, in particular ~~Ginger Marie Stineman~~ , you have been reported to facebook for cyber bullying although you blocked me.

posted by Mary Beth Denney 5 months ago

Our thoughts and prayers to the Poole family and a big THANK YOU for Brett Lively. Ft. Bliss and the El Paso community support you and pray for a quick recovery. We may not know each other personally, but we are here for you if you need anything. God Bless baby Isabella. She is a beautiful girl and a true fighter like her Mommy. ~ The Cruz-Turner family.

posted by Annette Turner 5 months ago

Praying for your family during this difficult time. God has you all wrapped in his arms and has given you the miracle of a beautiful baby girl! Stay strong and know that there are so many people out there thinking of you all. Rachel, you are a fighter and your will to live and protect your baby girl is very inspiring and brings me to tears. (I have a little baby girl too). Justin, thank you for your service to our country. Justice will be served! Sending my HUGS

posted by Jenny Carroll-Counsell 5 months ago

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