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Hello all! It is with a very heavy heart that we've developed the TROY AHMANN FUND. As many of you may already know on Wed Oct 23rd Troy suffered a massive hemorrhagic stoke. The stark r... more


Updated posted by Troy Ahmann 7 days ago

Hi Folks,

Sorry for the delay, been keeping very busy with rehab. With my balance now restored, have been working on strength in my left leg and regaining movement in my left arm, in which "scapulation, or angel winging took place. my "gait" continues to improve and with the help of specialist, should have more good things to report. Please keep my brother in laws Mom,MaryJane in your prayers as she also recently suffered a Stroke



Updated posted by Troy Ahmann 1 month ago

Dear family and friends,
Forgive me for taking so long to get a thank you note off to you, but every day as I am doing my Physical/Occupational therapy, I thank God for each of you who reached out to me, through your prayers and donations. Your generosity has lifted a tremendous financial burden from me and my family and allowed me to move right into from an Acute Rehabilitation program (which costs thousands of dollars) into an Out Patient Program and focus on getting well.
Right after the double aneurism/stroke occurred, I was fighting for my life as the doctors didn’t give much hope and as they told my family, that if I did live, I would never walk again nor would I ever be able to live on my own. Thanks to each of you I have gone from being hoisted into a wheel chair, to now walking with the assistances of a cane. Yes, I still have a long road ahead of me, but each day there is progress. My promise to you is that I continue to give a hundred & ten percent to my therapy and one day, in the near future I will be back to living a fully recovered life.


Updated posted by Troy Ahmann 3 months ago

Here's the video!!


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Created by Troy Ahmann on October 31, 2013

Hello all! It is with a very heavy heart that we've developed the TROY AHMANN FUND. As many of you may already know on Wed Oct 23rd Troy suffered a massive hemorrhagic stoke. The stark reality that he and our entire extended family are facing is that Troy is facing a lifetime of assisted living, and the kicker.. Troy has no health insurance. Troy's left side is permanently paralyzed, and the bleed he had in his brain has literally wiped out 1/4 of the left side of his brain. Troy will need constant care for the rest of his life. Many of you have asked how can you help.. We'll we've set up this Fund to help gather funds for the transition to Troy's new life. Our hope is that Troy can attain the Insurance he needs via Obamacare early next year; however, In order to move from ICU to the acute care facility where Troy needs to begin his rehabilitation, we anticipate costs totaling tens of thousands of dollars, so please donate whatever you can and feel free to pass this link along to anyone you believe may be able to help. This is truly a terrible tragedy and it is our goal to help Troy in every way we can.. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR GENEROSITY!
LOVE, Beverly, Jerry, Rebecca, Melissa, Eric ,Luke, Cody, Maddie,Stacey,Ellie and Jack.

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Glad you hear you are making great progress. You look great! Dave & Tina

posted by David Thompson 4 months ago

So happy to hear about your daily improvement:) We can't wait to come and visit you. Love Judy & Carlos

posted by Judy Casanola 5 months ago

Troy continues to amaze his team of therapists as he progresses in his dedication to reach his goals to walk and become self sufficient. Troy your hard work and dedication will soon have you over the goal line. Keep up the good work Son! Love you, Mom

posted by Beverly Howard 5 months ago

Thinking of you Troy and praying for you. God bless you and give you a speedy recovery!!!

posted by Tracey Holwitz 5 months ago

Troy - Thinking and praying for you! You can push through this...much love to you and all of your family!

posted by Monica Snider 5 months ago

Troy, I love you bro. Keep up the fight and I will come and see you after the season. Jeanell and the girls are will give you kisses when we see again.

posted by Dean Dowty 5 months ago

Best of luck in a speedy recovery. My thoughts are with you, buddy! Stay strong!

posted by Ted Uram 5 months ago

Thanks for the updates, I've been thinking & praying for sweet Troy. Pls give him a big kiss!

posted by Lara Martin 5 months ago

Hey Troy, if being surrounded by beautiful ladies is part of the rehab process you should be well on your way to recovery soon. I've been thinking about and praying for you a lot and will continue to do so. You truly are one of the good guys in this industry.

posted by Steven Maycock 5 months ago

Hope today is a great day of progress, believe in miracles - they are bred from hard work and perseverance Good luck.

posted by Diane Moresi 5 months ago

Hey buddy myself and family express our deepest regards to u and u r for a speedy recovery . You will be in our prayers .May God keep you and continue to bless you .Fight brother

posted by Marcus Black 5 months ago

Love u Troy! Thinking of you 24/7 U are a beautiful person!

posted by Lara Martin 5 months ago

For all of you who have contributed, from the bottom of my heart, thank you

posted by Beverly Howard 5 months ago

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Although we've never met, I heard about you through my friend, Kathy Boyd. I will pray for strength for you and your family and wish you only the best.



Janna Makaeva

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Merry Christmas, Troy! Praying for your continued progress and a bucketful of miracles.



Julia Gustafson

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