Delaney House Fire in Calhoun, GA!

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The Delaneys and their six special needs adopted children lost everything in a fire in Calhoun, GA on Thursday, 10/28/13. The community has rallied around them to help them get set u... more


Updated posted by Delaney Calhoun 5 months ago

14 fr gtube with extensions ... 4.0 no cuff shiley ped trach...60 cc syringes ... 2x2 ... 4x4 gauze bandages , band aids , pedisure, and size 13 hearing


Updated posted by Delaney Calhoun 5 months ago

Every donation is greatly appreciated! We feel so blessed by the ones we know and even the ones we don't. No amount is to small. We also have a post office box set up for gift cards you can send those to 136 west Belmont drive calhoun, ga 30701.


Created by Delaney Calhoun on October 28, 2013

The Delaneys and their six special needs adopted children lost everything in a fire in Calhoun, GA on Thursday, 10/28/13.

The community has rallied around them to help them get set up in a hotel, salvage what belongings they can, and rebuild their lives after this disaster.

Many people have expressed interest in helping this family with donations. We set up this page for people who can't make it to Calhoun to give clothes, or who would rather give financial assistance.
Clothing Donations are being accepted at:

Gordon Adult and Pediatric815 Curtis Pkwy SE
Calhoun, GA 30701

Mark the clothes as "For the Delaney Family" and place them at the side door.

Boy 10
Boy 8
Boy 6
Boy 4t
Girls 10-12
Girls 3t-4t

The Delaney family wishes to thank Kenny Bailey with Georgia Farm Bureau, Flipper McDaniel for trying to help the Delaneys find temporary housing. Shawn and Kbird, Michael, Meghan, and matthew Melton, Ashley Amanda Sheriff, Patti Hall, and Ben Karr. Experienced tremendous team work today between Shawn and kbird, Michael, Meghan and Matthew Melton, Ashley Amanda Sheriff, Patti Hall, and Ben Karr, Admiral Cleaners in Cartersville, Renegade's Gym, our Gordon County Public Service Family, our Reinhardt University family, Dr. Bob and members of Calhoun First Methodist, and the best school staff any parents could ask for their children - Swain Elementary.

Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:


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I don't have anything to give you but, positive energy. Prosper and remember, through anything, to always feel the love

posted by Seth McClain 5 months ago

Any donations can be mailed to The Delaney family 136 West Belmont Drive #113 Calhoun,ga 30701 Thank you in advance for your generous donations !!!!

posted by Delaney Calhoun 5 months ago

Could someone please email the address to which I could send a donation? Thank you, and bless you!

posted by Johnny Harris 5 months ago

We have several children with feeding tubes and other special needs. We have feeding tube extensions and other supplies we would like to donate. Where should the supplies be sent?

posted by Patte Whitfield 5 months ago

My mother passed away and had a home family day care. She has a lot of stuff toys that decorated her room , they are washed clean. A lot of other toys, books etc. My husband left right before this happen and I had helped raise 3 of his grandsons so I have some new boys clothing and toys. I am losing my home so in between cleaning it and packing things. Living with my father so all my dishes .... also have complete desk top computer and corner computer desk has to be taken apart and 27" sanyo tv (bought 2009) beautiful picture. I f you could have some friends or yourself with a truck and time to come and look through whatever we would be blessed to give to help. Call me at 678-877-1088 my name is Darlene. I have a lot of plus size new woman clothes don't know your size but...and your husband size. Just call when possible. your in my prayers!

posted by Darlene Cato 5 months ago

We have a King Bed that We can donate if you would like it

posted by Kris Goeddel 5 months ago

My friend and I have a number of clothes and medical supplies we are happy to send. Which address would I use and what kind of supplies are needed?

posted by Ann Clasey 5 months ago

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Robyn Altman

3 months ago


Delaney Family! I'm sorry this took me so long, but wanted to know that I have been thinking about all of you. Derron you were amazing to work with on Fast Five-- and so helpful! I wish I could be of more help. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Lots of Love, Robyn



Christa Penson

4 months ago


Giving Tuesday! :) Random Acts of Kindness to you and your family!



Gilbert Family

5 months ago


Sending prayers as you recover from the loss of your home.




5 months ago



Ashley Devoe

5 months ago


God Bless



Holly & Mark Dahir

5 months ago



Nancy Davis

5 months ago



James S Lynn

5 months ago


God Bless!




5 months ago



James Hagin

5 months ago


God bless you wonderful people!!


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