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On October 22, 2013, Heidi's employees unexpectedly lost their jobs. Unfortunately, they also lost all their wages/salaries for the month of October. This included gratuities left b... more


Updated posted by Chi Ngo 8 months ago

All we want is what we have earned. We will happily return all donations if this happens.


Updated posted by Chi Ngo 8 months ago

Thanks so much to everyone so far. The Heidi's crew is very appreciative.


Created by Chi Ngo on October 22, 2013

On October 22, 2013, Heidi's employees unexpectedly lost their jobs. Unfortunately, they also lost all their wages/salaries for the month of October. This included gratuities left by the diners to the servers. As many of you know, food service employees live day by day, paycheck by paycheck, and work long and hard hours. We are trying to raise money to provide the monies owed to all the workers.

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Hi Heidi, I am not sure if we know each other...I am one of the few (if not the only!) employee in this town that worked with Stewart and Heidi Woodman for almost 5 years, if so.. I have been a server at Heidi's 1.0 and was part of the team that reopen the restaurant on Lyndale and Lake Street. I always took pride in my work and have consider myself been privileged to work for such a talented chef. My last day of work was the 20th of October and have been outraged by how everything ended. Here are the facts: Heidi's Minneapolis retained all employee tips from cc transactions until the following payroll date, gaining full control of this tip money for up to several weeks. . It is very sad that the restaurant closed and yes, we know, restaurants do close, but to hide behind a statement like "please respect our privacy" send to the media (in regard with the unfortunate divorce), while leaving your loyal employees blindsided and unpaid it is simply not acceptable and heartless. I hope this community will eventually wake up....Those are facts, and not allegations. We do matter!!!

posted by Eugenia Jahnke Costea 8 months ago

To Heidi Quicksilver- I dont know about you, but I cannot pay my mortgage with intentions and plans. I suppose we are uninformed in your opinion, as none of us are on Twitter. Thats how former employees are expected to gather information regarding the thousands of dollars owed to them, right? We will happily repay all donations, but not when the checks arrive. They will actually have to clear first. Central Bank would not cash a check I was given for $127.00 on 10/21. They would also not cash my paycheck on 10/16. The reason they gave was insufficient funds. While I realize these are all allegations, they are also facts. Did you see Stewart on Fox 9 news? Maybe I should watch it again, because I completely missed the part where he stated the employees would be paid the wages and tips they are owed. In fact, I have never heard that from him or Heidi. But then again, Im not on Twitter.

posted by Angela Jelsma 8 months ago

"Heidi's Minneapolis @HeidisMpls @josephpettini We are working a plan, despite these nasty allegations. In the interim Borough offered to hire any staff out of work." Posted to twitter yesterday. They staff have jobs which is great. Hopefully they will repay donations when their checks arrive. And please watch your tone "Queso", you know nothing about me or my tenure in Mpls restaurants. I understand losing a job is hard. Everyone should thank Borough and go eat there. That will help the employees more.

posted by Heidi Quicksilver 8 months ago

Sorry to hear about this guys!!!!! I'll rally some funds ASAP. And nope, you aren't gonna get paid as you're well aware. This happens in the industry but the holding tips comment is a new one. That seems completely nutso.

posted by Amos Moses 8 months ago

Nice comment, to bad I used to work for them and have seen and know first hand what is going on. You are very uninformed , and for u to ask for the donations or support to be taken away . You are a fool. We work hard and deserve the pay that we worked for. We should not have to be broke because someone couldn't figure out how to pay the people that kept your place running. Please do the respectful thing and get rid of your post. I support this fully having worked for a sister company and saw that go in the same way. You get informed , u find sources before u open your mouth. This is a very censored letter. People like you are the reason TGIF , and chilies are still around . You have no love for your local places or people that work to give the public good food and great service. Done with u

posted by Queso Pantallones 8 months ago

This is ridiculous. Do you actually think they have no intention to pay you? You will get your paycheck and I hope people don't Believe your post and donate. Very Un-informed and unfortunate. You should return any donations made.

posted by Heidi Quicksilver 8 months ago

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The Griffins

8 months ago


This totally reeks. We LOVED Heidi's, but it was nothing without the staff. I hope you can all recover and move on to better things, and that we can cross paths again.




8 months ago



Ali McCray

8 months ago


I really hope this story has a positive outcome. In the meantime, I hope this helps. :)



50th and Grand Neighbors 2.0

8 months ago


Unbelievable. Not again. Stewart and Heidi Woodman took down our BlackBird and Patina. Now hurt those within Birdhouse and Heidis. SO SAD. Sorry to hear this




8 months ago



50th and Grand Neighbors

8 months ago



Rachelle Medema

8 months ago (Offline Donation)



Corey Burlend

8 months ago


I have several friends that worked here. I've heard horror stories about Stewart and Heidi for a long time. They can attempt to downplay this all they want, but the bottom line is they are thieves. Hopefully this has finally caught up with them and people won't continue to support or work for them if they try and open a new spot. Truly disgusting.



Bryan Gerrard

8 months ago




8 months ago


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