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Kimm's current diagnosis is advanced stage 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) the most dangerous of brain tumours. Kimm's oncologist has said the best treatment possible is AVASTIN. AVASTIN... more


Updated posted by Kimm Poirier- Fletcher 15 days ago

As we hit the 8 month mark of Dr. Perry giving me only months to live with out treatment, I reflect on the outpouring of support, love and prayers if have received in order to have the treatment needed. I am great-full to have these months and the new friends that have entered our life. To my friends and family it has been an incredible journey and for those you I may have helped and inspired, it is your pain and struggle that I look to to help me continue my fight. As of Thursday I will be going to Ian Anderson House to continue my care. I am not quitting or have given up but I have to help my family be one without them as my caregivers but my husband, my son, my daughter and my family. Thank you again,

With love



Updated posted by Kimm Poirier- Fletcher 1 month ago

Another MRI, continued good news as per Dr. Perry, telling me to keep going with Avastin and also has added the chemo drug Temodal with it. That's great news because I was taken off the chemo Lomistin back in January. Although my L.S. Deficits are not slowing down, neurology everything is ok as per the MRI, so the fight is still on!

Thank you again for everything 6 months and counting


Updated posted by Kimm Poirier- Fletcher 2 months ago

Had my Avastin today! Hoping to see some improvement on my left side. I am also going for a therapeutic massage to improve blood flow. Have not rested yet, early night for me folks! Good night and God bless. Kimm and family

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Created by Kimm Poirier- Fletcher on October 19, 2013

Kimm's current diagnosis is advanced stage 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) the most dangerous of brain tumours. Kimm's oncologist has said the best treatment possible is AVASTIN. AVASTIN, although not a cure will prolong Kimm's life.Kimm's insurance Company and the Ontario government will not fund this life saving medication as they regard this drug to expensive and do not value anyone's life worth this . As a result of lack of funding, this valuable medication will cost Kimm and Scott $8000 a month.

Let's come together to support Kimm's fight against brain cancer. Every cent counts!!! Thank you for your donation!!

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Dear Kimm, Thank you for sharing your story and allowing me to be a part of your journey. You are a true inspiration to those around you. You carry so much love and courage, a person who shows that no matter what, you keep that fight going and don't give up. That fight will continue for a long time to come, I promise you. I am glad you had the opportunity to share more time with your beautiful family. Wishing you peace.

posted by Lisa Leslie 11 days ago

Dear Kimm, Your story has touched us all - it is your determination, grace and love for your family has inspired us all to help those (we don't even know) get just a little more time with loved ones and make more memories for your family.... wishing you peace and love.

posted by Kristen Hodson 14 days ago

Please accept my apologies for the typo in my last comment. It should have read; Kimm is an ANGEL amoung us... :)

posted by Patti Moorcroft-Tasker 28 days ago

Our dear Kimm is still with us and fighting so bravely. Although now in a wheelchair and partially paralyzed, her spirit and fight for others as well as herself has never faltered. God bless our Kimm, as she inspires us daily. She is truly a gift, and we all continue to be so blessed by her spirit and her courage. She is an angle amoung us.

posted by Patti Moorcroft-Tasker 28 days ago

We are continuing to pray for you. Great news that things are continuing to improve. I am sure you could use more monetary help and I hope people will continue to donate to your fight for life.

posted by Susan Allison 1 month ago

Hi Kimm, I will pray for you, I grew up with your aunt Nancy in Pierrefonds, we lived across the street and my brother Bob went to school with your dad, I also went to your parents wedding, I wish you all the best of luck and my prayers are with you. God Bless you xx

posted by Nicole Chalifour 2 months ago

Kimm, I have been following your story and am so happy to read the latest update. Although my Gr 2 Oligoastrocytoma pales in comparison to your tumour I certainly know the emotional rollar coster you are in. Having to fight for treatment you should be able to get is just something you don't need right now, and I'm so happy people have been able to help you. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I shared my story on the brain tumour foundation of Canada's website, if you want to read it I hope it offers you some more encouragement. Keep kicking cancer's butt! ries/taras-story/

posted by Tara Ferrell 3 months ago

I will keep you in my prayers. Hope the news is all good. God bless you and your family. Linda

posted by Linda DeAbreu 3 months ago

Hi, Kimm can u call my Mother, her name is Fania she has something important to share about the cancer. Please call @ 289 232 3204

posted by Strasho Gorgievski 5 months ago

Hi Kimm, I have been following your story on the news and I am so sorry that there are so many roadblocks from the government. As a Natural Medicine practitioner, I am suggesting that you not wait for the government to fund this drug for you as you have no time to waste. There are many natural healing products out there that can help you. One I would recommend is Nigella Sativa which is an oil. You may also want to look into the protocol through the Gerson Institute. There are also many good Naturopathic Physicians in the GTA who would love to work with you too. God bless you and keep fighting!

posted by Janet Woods 5 months ago

I know a wonderful lady who is also battling this disease and I know from watching her that fighters are born everyday, I want you to know that we will keep you in our prayers and hope this medicine not only helps prolong your stay here on earth but gives you precious moments to cherish with your family members.

posted by Helen Dominguez 5 months ago

A very good family friend is also on Avastin. Roche funded part of the cost of the drug for him. Have you asked for assistance from the drug company?

posted by Wendy Alexander-Penny 5 months ago

I am thinking about you and your family and am thrilled that you have been able to start treatment. I am even more thrilled to hear that it has not grown. Small successes need to be celebrated and cheered! I am glad to hear the people of Ontario are supporting you and your family when the government has failed! Bless you all and my thoughts are with you for continues successes!

posted by Tracy Yeager-Eckhardt 5 months ago

hi kimm, I would like to offer you and your family a complimentary photo session. My name is Lisa Macintosh and I'm a portrait photographer. You can view my work here and if you're interested, please feel free to contact me. www.lisamacintoshphotography.c a Kindly, Lisa

posted by Lisa MacIntosh 5 months ago

Hi Kimm. As a mother of 3 who has recently been through a similar challenge at JCC, I share in your fight. Know that you have so many people rooting for you. I am so pleased to see that you reached your goal and I know the one year goal will be reached as well. Keep on fighting.

posted by Rachel Milan 5 months ago

I am so disappointed in Dale Goldhawk at Zoomer Radio. As host to a massive radio audience it could have been a golden opportunity to broadcast on Kimm's dire situation, I emailed him 3 times, but he did not say a word about it. So much for his professional. Brand Goldhawk Fights Back, well he should feel very ashamed .

posted by Russelle Gardiner 5 months ago

This is by far the worst story I have read in our paper. I am ashamed to be an Ontarian today from this government we support. I pray for you and I wish you true healing and many many days with your family. I wish I could donate more but I hope during your time they find more than this drug. I hope the media, in this instance, can shame the government in to actually doing something useful with their time.

posted by Jenny Burke 5 months ago

Hi Kim I have recently vacationed in Portugal and found out that there is a foundation in Lisbon that is getting a cancer (tumor) fighting machine that is unique in the world. It can eradicate tumors in just one dose. Even advanced tumors with no side affects. here is the link to the story http://www.portugaldailyview.c om/whats-new/portugal-champali maud-foundation-to-get-single- session-radiotherapy-equipment Also I will provide you the link to the foundation n/the-foundation/ we have never met yet your story touched me and I would feel terrible if I didn't try to help. I hope you read this or that someone who knows you forwards it to you. Stay Strong.

posted by Jose Canas 5 months ago

I have asked dale goldhawk to discuss your situation on his radio show tomorrow,Goldhawk Fights Back, in the hopes that his massive audience out there in Ontario make the people ashamed of their decisions. Kimm you are indeed a beautiful mum with a loving family and hundreds are praying for you. I will donate to you some cash but also prayers for a miracle and that the powers that be will find common sense and grant you what you need most right now,

posted by Russelle Gardiner 5 months ago

Kimm, Try contacting the organization Liuna in Oakville as they have a Corporate Social Responsibility program and donate to help those in need locally. I bet they would be willing to help as so many of those in their union reside in the Halton area and are Moms and Dads. Good luck!

posted by Lisa Blinn 5 months ago

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Thinking of you, just as you always think of others.



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May the peace of the Lord's presence be felt by you Kim and each member of your family.



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Sending positive vibes your way...from one mom to another;)



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