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Duyen is Mancelona's exchange student :) She came here to study and learn better English. She wants to study in a University in the US eventually. Duyen wanted to play sports during her... more


Updated posted by Jody Garchow 3 months ago

Just an update that Duyen will be going to her first follow up appointment on New Years Eve!
She seems to be doing well, even getting bored sitting home so I take that to mean she is ready to be moving about and more active already!!
We will be going to Ann Arbor for her first follow up and then we will be seeing Dr Webb in Petoskey.
I got a call from the hospital in Petoskey where Dr Webb has her clinics (and where they diagnosed Duyen's ASD) and they have offered to fund her cardiac rehab when and if she needs it!! Wonderful news. We are basically paying for transportation, hotels, food, and her school expenses now... that is much less than the surgery and all that would be! Duyen is certainly blessed!
Thanks again for all the support!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!!


Updated posted by Jody Garchow 3 months ago

Wonderful updates!!!
First, surgery was on Friday the 13th of December. Duyen did wonderful during and after while she was in the hospital, and she amazed us all by being discharged on Tuesday!! Just five days after open heart surgery she was so excited to go home :)
While we were there she seemed to bounce back wonderfully quick and even managed to smile through a lot of it!
Her mommy and I were there through the whole five days and spent some quality time just hanging out with Duyen, crocheting our hearts out and even spent a few hours before surgery checking out Ann Arbor.
Duyen is healing, her bruises are almost all gone from the IV's and the tape, and her heart is now beating at a normal pace. (Although she feels it is not "normal" because she was so used to it being quicker).
Now we are hoping to get the dinner organized and let everyone meet this girl, and possibly her mommy too! Mom goes back home on January 9th, but we will try to make her weeks here with Duyen fun and interesting. (Even though it seem to be snowing a lot this week, leaving us stuck home a lot!)
Just want to say thanks once again for all the support and well wishes :) It means a LOT more than you may think!
And if you have been keeping track of her newspaper stories... there have been 2 in the Traverse City Record Eagle, 2 in the Antrim County News, and 1 in the Ann Arbor News!! She's quite the celebrity!
Merry Christmas everyone!!!


Updated posted by Jody Garchow 4 months ago

Couple of updates!! One... Duyen's mommy got in last night about 10pm. To say Duyen is excited is an understatement!! Two... Duyen's only home basketball game before surgery is tomorrow night. It will be at 6pm at Mancelona High school. Please come! There will be a bake sale put on by the team to help Duyen. We will leave on Thursday morning to head to Ann Arbor for her surgery. This is her last chance to see and meet everyone until after we are back home. I will be there and so will Duyen's mother. Can't wait to see everyone and watch Duyen play sports... the whole reason we found her problem, and the first step to fixing it!!

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Created by Jody Garchow on October 17, 2013

Duyen is Mancelona's exchange student :)
She came here to study and learn better English. She wants to study in a University in the US eventually.
Duyen wanted to play sports during her last year of high school and during a routine sports physical it was discovered that she has a birth defect which left a hole in the top two valves of her heart. She needs to have an MRI to determine what kind of procedure she needs to repair this hole.
This is NOT an optional thing, it needs to be done. We are doing our best to help get this done soon, before she starts having more medical problems because of it.
Duyen had two types of insurance. One from the exchange company does not cover birth defects (and that was ended when the company too her off their program) and she has insurance in Vietnam that the hospital her can not bill because it's not in this country. So... it looks like she will be responsible to pay for the MRI, and the surgery. The amounts of that will depend on what kind of surgery it has to be.
We all love Duyen and we would like to thank you all for helping her out! Every little bit will go toward her medical costs and/or her costs to stay here until school is over this year. Her full story will be published soon and I will be sure everyone gets that information.

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Very cool story in the Record Eagle today - happy to support your generosity, Jody!



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If I could do more, I would my sweet sweet angel.



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wish I could do more but this all I have at this moment


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