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Updated posted by Nemanja Pandžić 1 month ago

Dusan was transferred to Courage – Kenny Rehabilitation Institute in Minneapolis, MN.

After three and a half months of recovery at Regency Hospital in Minneapolis, MN, Dusan was transferred to Courage – Kenny Rehabilitation Institute. According to his doctors, Dusan will stay in this rehabilitation center until May 1, 2014. His current rehabilitation consists of a 24/7 stay at the rehab center and various physical and occupational therapies. After May 1st, Dusan will move out of Courage – Kenny Rehabilitation Institute and continue to receive daily therapies as an outpatient for several months.


Updated posted by Nemanja Pandžić 3 months ago

Dušan stays in Regency Center

Dušan has been at Regency Hospital for the past nine weeks. His condition is improving. He is breathing on his own and also speaking without the help of his tracheostomy. The first week of January, Dušan had a follow-up for his neck and spine and all are recovering wonderfully. The halo brace was taken off and Dušan will be wearing a neck brace only for the next 4-6 weeks. As far as Dušan's extremities go, there have been no changes. He can feel his arms and move them from the elbows up, while there are no changes with his legs. Dušan's doctors are looking into the next steps that need to be taken for his rehabilitation and are searching for an adequate rehabilitation center in Minneapolis to continue his recovery. - See more at: http://pomozitedusanu.org/#sthash.LqksvFLP.dpuf


Updated posted by Nemanja Pandžić 5 months ago

Dušan continues his recovery at Regency Hospital

Dušan was transferred to Regency Hospital Minneapolis yesterday. In this hospital he will begin early rehabilitation which will allow him to fully breathe on his own, drink fluids and eventually eat food. With the help of a special tracheostomy valve, Dušan is now able to speak on his own. Dušan's father and friends are very excited to once again hear the sound of his voice.

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Created by Nemanja Pandžić on October 11, 2013

We are trying to raise money for the car accident victims that took place last Friday, October 4th in Minot, ND when 3 young Serbian students that came to the US on a "Work and Travel" program, suffered several life changing injuries and one of them passed away on the way to hospital. Dusan Travica, Goran Sisarica, and Vladan Jovanovic are the victims and need our help to pay for medical treatment as well as for everything that awaits in the future! Please help us, donate any amount you can, they need every penny they can get! THANK YOU!

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Pomozimo narode koliko ko moze ,da ova dvoica odu zivi svojim majkama.

posted by Velinka Arnautovic 6 months ago

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Marija Vranjes-Lukic

2 months ago


I wish this young man a speedy recovery! Neka ga Gospod Bog i Andjeli cuvaju i pomognu da odzravi.




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Mira Baldwin

3 months ago



Tamara Ležaić

3 months ago



Violetta Krstich

4 months ago




4 months ago


Zelim ti brz i uspjesan oporavak :)




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Vedrana Glavas

4 months ago



Friends from Toronto

4 months ago


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