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Drew suffered severe head trauma during his high school football game on Friday October 4, 2013. He was admitted to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, Illinois immediately follo... more


Updated posted by Andrea Williams 27 days ago

In the past, writing updates on Drew has been disheartening as there was little progress being made. Today, however, we are extremely excited to inform everyone that Drew has turned a corner and is on the upswing!! :) The surgery to put the piece of his skull back went well and he is becoming more alert every week. He is still in a vegetative state but he is keeping both eyes open most of the time. In speech therapy he is working on swallowing and enhancing his senses. He can move his tongue and is beginning to learn how to open his mouth. In physical therapy he is consistently turning his head both left and right when asked to. He can track moving objects with his eyes and is building strength while learning how to hold his head up; he has reached 60 seconds which is terrific!! He is also starting to show more facial expressions, especially when we hug him. We can tell this makes him happy :) We are so grateful he made it through this winter without a cold or illness. At this time he can have visitors and we are sure he would love to see you and hear your familiar voices. We tell Drew how much everyone loves him and asks about him, and we read him all of the messages that everyone sends to him and our family. Please continue to lift Drew up in prayer as his progress proves it's working.

Love and much thanks, The Williams


Updated posted by Andrea Williams 2 months ago

We want to thank everyone who has faithfully followed Drew's recovery and commented on his public or private Facebook pages. Know that your prayers and encouragement mean a great deal to our family. Although we can not respond to everyone individually, we do read each and every one of your comments.

We would like to give an update on Drew which is a painfully difficult thing to do at this time. Due to his severe brain injury his progress will be extremely slow. Therefore we ask that you be patient as we have to be. Know Drew is trying and getting stronger everyday. He is planned to have surgery in the near future to put back the piece of his skull that was removed during his craniotomy. We will update you after this occurs. As always, please keep Drew in your thoughts and prayers.

The Williams


Updated posted by Andrea Williams 5 months ago

Last week we had a fundraiser at The Melting Pot. We had a great turn out and hoping for a larger turn out this weekend at Bluelight Bar. This Saturday November 23rd 2013, Bluelight bar 3251 N. Western Ave is holding an event in effort to raise money for Drew. This money will contribute to his medical bills and any help he will need during his recovery. The event begins at 7pm and goes until 1am. The bar stays open until 5am after. There will be a silent auction for two round-trip airfare to anywhere in the continental US. Also a raffle that will include many great prizes such as gift cards, bull’s tickets, and much more. This event is twenty-one and older. There will be catered food by Chipotle, and a $40 premium cocktail package for three hours. We really hope you can come out and support Drew in his time of need. Thank you for you continued support, prayers and donation. Everything means so much to the Williams family. Hope to see each and every one of you at Bluelight Bar this Saturday! Please forward this information to everyone that would be interested in participating. Thank you!

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Created by Andrea Williams on October 7, 2013

Drew suffered severe head trauma during his high school football game on Friday October 4, 2013. He was admitted to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, Illinois immediately following the incident undergoing emergency surgery to extract a portion of his skull to relieve pressure. For updates on Drew's recovery and to leave words of encouragement, please visit and Like the Drew Williams Recovery page on Facebook.

The site you are currently on is to help relieve Drew and his family of some of the financial burden by raising funds to help with medical bills, expenses related to staying with Drew at the hospital, and overall expenses for Drew's care.

If you are able, please spread the word and donate. No donation is too small - every little bit helps!

*Annie Williams is Drew's older sister (Andrea Williams). She is a financial advisor who has set up a recovery holding fund at her institution in his name*

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Saw this link on a friend's facebook profile who went to Drew's school- I am also from the Chicagoland area. I have just recovered from my 6th concussion and I am completely aware about the harmful head injury risks that sports often create for young (and older) athletes. I will be thinking of Drew and once I am back in Chicago in December I will hopefully be able to attend a fundraiser! This must be such a scary time- if you need anything or any support just find me on facebook :). Good luck guys- sounds like he's a fighter and I have full confidence that he will get better! Stay strong and keep the positive energy coming his way- he knows we're here for him.

posted by Ellery Lockwood 5 months ago

I traveled from Florida on Oct 4th and I saw Drew's story on the News - I am praying for a full recovery and I am adding him on my prayer list at my church. May God bless him and his family through it all.

posted by Richard Nix 5 months ago


posted by Madeline Morales 5 months ago

My prayers are with you and a host of others. God healed the Sick, lame and blind. God is with you, he said he will heal the sick. I am a firm believer of that! My nephew was 9 years old and fell off the 3rd floor balcony. It was a struggle to wait and a slow process as well. Little Mike was on the news and reporters stated some information wrong and his head had swollen sooooo bad he didn't really look like himself but glory to GOD the almighty stretched his hand forth and healed him. Little Mike is now 16 and still smiles when he came out he was still able to recognize us. It was day to remember when he smiled at us. Drew is aware and from the information you gave tells us he is fighting to live. Stay strong, continue to speak with him on good things he love and most of continue to say you love him. Stay positive regardless what some may say, it gets hard and may be some bump and bruises along the way but he will be healed by his strife. MAY GOD BE WITH YOU DREW AND FAMILY (I KNOW HE IS ABLE TO DO ALL THINGS THAT STRENGTHENS YOU IN HIS WONDERFUL NAME)!

posted by Latanya Barrett 6 months ago

From all of us at CosbyCo Realty and Investment Group, our prayers are with you. Wishing a speedy recovery.

posted by CosbyCo InvestmentGroup 6 months ago

May God heal you and enable you to fully recover.

posted by Renee' Thompson 6 months ago

Get better soon and a speedy recovery,

posted by Margaret Hug 6 months ago


posted by Laura Martin 6 months ago

Hope it helps. Wishing Drew a speedy recovery.

posted by Bryant Keil 6 months ago

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Christine Lang

21 days ago


Drew: We pray for your speedy recovery and hope to see you back at Lane Tech very soon! Prayers go out to your wonderful, loving family too!! Sincerely, The Lang Family



Ernad Halilic

26 days ago



Gracia Leon

26 days ago




26 days ago



Joni Croll

27 days ago


I am happy to hear that Drew is progressing slowly but surely. I'm sending good thoughts to he and his family.




27 days ago




27 days ago

11:11 I love U


The Myers Family

27 days ago


We are so pleased to hear that Drew is progressing. We will continue to keep him in prayers. It sounds like each day is a step in the right direction. Our thoughts continue to be with Drew and the whole Williams family.



Kevin Wamala

1 month ago


God Bless, he is always in our prayers. May the Lord bring him back to us.



Latricia Gordon

1 month ago


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