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Help Bring Free Energy to the People! Would you like a car that gets 800 miles per gallon? Your contributions help bring Free Energy Technology directly TO the PEOPLE! Our Phase I fund... more


Created by Brian Kelly on October 1, 2013

Help Bring Free Energy to the People!

Would you like a car that gets 800 miles per gallon?

Your contributions help bring Free Energy Technology directly TO the PEOPLE! Our Phase I funding of $20,000 allows the 5D Media Network team to launch the OPAL Tour - a mobile alternative media network. Amongst the many things being showcased on the OPAL Tour, Free Energy Technology is just the beginning!

The latest development on the Free Energy side of the OPAL Tour is one that we are all extremely excited about. As of this week, the architect and mastermind behind the development of the engine and generator conversions is going to be joining us on the road! For safety reasons, we have agreed to not mention his name or where he is located, which is only a temporary precautionary measure. His protection comes in the form of others knowing how to successfully develop the conversions. The more who have the knowledge, the harder it is for those who wish to stop it, to shut it down. There are a handful of people across the country who are trained in this technology already who we are in the process of networking with right now.

One of the objectives of the OPAL Tour is to showcase suppressed information and technologies. Our plan for distribution through the tour is the core element which will allow “we the people” to succeed where countless others have failed. No middle men. No patents. No desire for capital gain. The technology will travel directly to THE PEOPLE. As we speak, one of our OPAL Tech Team members is working up the following components: schematics, diagrams (flow, block), parts lists (for generators and car engines), tools, specifics/measurements, background theory and science, assembly instructions, assembly skill sets/techniques/warnings/hazards, maintenance instructions, troubleshooting guide and basic operating instructions. Once these plans are complete, we will be creating a purely digital file, capable of mass distribution. The file will be shared to various contacts within and outside of this country prior to the tour launch, at no charge. This element will help to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

By empowering other innovators to come forward and share their creations, we’ll create the space for a grassroots, mobile movement of change from state to state. To show what’s possible when the ONE PEOPLE unite, we’ll be traveling with a converted generator and Chevy Suburban to educate the people. Our tech team will provide live demonstrations by showing the technology in action - all because our contact decided it was time to come forward! The OPAL Tour gives him the platform to share his passion directly with others. Our intention is to attract anyone who has the necessary skill sets and capabilities out to our events, so they can be trained on reproducing the conversions on their own. A complete package of plans and hands on training will be provided as well. To ensure easy access to parts, we are currently in the process of negotiating an agreement with a machinist/parts supplier who will be developing a pre packaged kit to include all necessary parts ready to be shipped to anywhere throughout the country! A classic train the trainer model, with easy access to parts and plans will create the space for mass reproduction of conversions, ultimately bringing the people that much closer to Total Energy Independence!

The OPAL Tour will bring people together to foster community and new ways of conscious living. There will be live broadcasts of all 5D Media Network programs & streaming of events and interviews to connect people regardless of location. You’ll find content that will span all different interests from new healing technology to alternative sustainable communities. Through traveling across the US, we will be connecting with those who have a common vision for a world Absent Limits. Our shared vision and intention with our technician team is just one example of the magic which is possible when the PEOPLE unite! This vision is our common bond. One that makes the relationship very special and one that will guarantee our mutual success - here and along the way!

We have already succeeded by developing working prototypes of the technology. This is not a “donate your money and we’ll give it our best shot” crowd funding campaign. It’s more of a “help us to make this happen and together we will change the world” call to action. Massive exposure is what we need most. Every small contribution helps…combined with assisting us to get the message out there helps even more. Your contributions are crucial to help us get to work to BE the change we want to see in the world!

It’s time for The One People to Unite!

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for…and we’re DONE waiting

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YAY!!!! Go OPAL Tour!!!!!!!!! Love you guys! :-) $20,000.00 here we come!!!

posted by Bethany Crawmer 6 months ago

yipee freedom "here we come" let's DO AND BE!

posted by Mervyn Daye 6 months ago

Jambo People! Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. God is the source of everything including the free energy, and God's people can not be stopped not this time Amen.

posted by JN Concord 6 months ago

Hi Everyone! Just a quick note that the video is currently down, but we're working to have it up again tomorrow! Thank you for all you support - together we CAN do this! In full transparency, you can read more about what's been going on right here: http://briankellysblog.blogspo d-paradigm-stuff.html

posted by Brian Kelly 6 months ago

Yes! Arend's site is the ish! Been my go-to site for learning about free energy and it means A LOT to see his inferred support for the OPAL tour. Would be epic beyond fvck (sorry can't contain my excitement!) if you guys teamed up (Brian please team up with this amazing dude)! Much love to you all, eternally grateful for all that you do

posted by Imraan Samuels 6 months ago

There are many more technologies than the GEET system, most notably Stanley Meyer's "car on water", whose most important patents originate from the beginning of the 1980s and are therefore no longer valid. Patrick Kelly wrote a guide with many more technologies, which is available for free and currently hosted at my site: http://free-energy-info.tuks.n l/ I have studied quite a lot of material on free energy and only recently discovered the secret of Meyer's technology, which involves the conversion of energy from the zero point field / aether / vacuum / whatever name you prefer, into useable electric field energy by means of a polarized dielectric. The trick to utilize this effect is to use electropolished stainless steel for the anode in Meyer like systems, which can be run on ordinary tap water. I have published all the details and am working on a proof of concept, which will NOT and CANNOT be patented, because it is already published and Stan's patents are now also in the public domain: php/Main/StanMeyersSecret php/Main/MeyerWFCReplicationPr oject So, if Mr. Pantone is not happy with the free advertising, I'm sure you can make another video using material about Stan Meyer's stuff, such as the ones showing his FIRST prototype running on his cell, originating from the beginning of the 1980s and/or the replications by Ravi and Lawton, which are about the best replications so far. And there are many more video's referred to in Kelly's excellent guide. Either way, it IS time for this technology to be brought to the people and NO ONE is going to be able to prevent that. There's simply too many of us working "open source" for the benifit of all instead of patenting our work for personal gain.

posted by Arend Lammertink 6 months ago

I think you can publish your knowledge via internet. Why not?

posted by Juan Bubbleone 6 months ago

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Camroeun Ham

5 months ago


C'mon. Let's cooperate with eachother honestly to the best of our given abilities. Peace and Love for all who are from the Creator of All-that-Is-Us United as a Human Community.




5 months ago



John Dokimos

5 months ago


This is awesome, I hope it doesnt get shut down somehow. The time has come, namaste



Levon Gevorkyan

5 months ago


And So It Is Done.



Levon Gevorkyan

5 months ago


...233;377... love you too guys! :)



Levon Gevorkyan

5 months ago


...144;233... r we ready? u tell me! gonna lllove this game! :))



Wm. Dressel

5 months ago


BE still and know !



Imo Samuels

5 months ago


May this turn out to be bigger than anything we could ever have expected. Goodluck guys



Levon Gevorkyan

5 months ago


...89;144;... 144 is one of my favorite numbers :)



Donna Alexander

5 months ago


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