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La Tasse Gamine is a family friendly kids cafe that welcomes young families, expectant mothers, neighborhood nannies and more into their space to have a meal and let their kids run aroun... more


Created by April Defalco on September 29, 2013

La Tasse Gamine is a family friendly kids cafe that welcomes young families, expectant mothers, neighborhood nannies and more into their space to have a meal and let their kids run around, breastfeed, meet with their mom friends or just relax and do some work with a coffee while their kids make new friends in our play areas.

La Tasse Gamine looks like a kids café from the window, but when you walk in you find much more. We offer music classes, day camps, exercise classes and more.

Most importantly though, La Tasse Gamine provides a very welcoming place for parents, both before and after childbirth; a place for moms to come and talk with other moms, make new friends and reach out to others during what can be a challenging time.

The café is owned by two women, April Defalco and Stacey Bebbington, who are both mothers of two; on top of running La Tasse Gamine, both work second jobs, look after their young children and maintain their homes (with two very patient and loving husbands!)

Within 6 months of opening, the café was flooded due to a construction mishap on the street. We were forced to close for 6 weeks during our peak business time and worked hard to pick up the pieces and carry on.

The second year of business welcomed a new baby boy into Stacey's life and a busy, successful year for La Tasse Gamine.

In August 2012, the locale upstairs was a victim of an arson attack. The fire caused damage throughout the building and once again, the café was forced to close. The renovations (and insurance disputes) took 8 months.

As a result: almost one full year of business lost for La Tasse Gamine. One year of not having a place for local mothers and children to hang out. One year of trying to keep this small business on track.

We have tried so very hard to pick up the pieces again, and again. We have sadly reached a point where our own personal funds, our business funds, and all other resources have been drained.

We try every day to bake fresh goods, cook healthy and delicious meals and greet our wonderful customers and friends with a smile. Sadly, the stress of our finances has built up, and recovery from last year’s tragedy on top of the previous one has become unbearable and we now look to our friends, customers and families for support.

We have no choice but to consider closing the café.

These community-based small businesses are extremely difficult to run. What we are and who we serve has kept us going this far. We are a great little place and have such loyal customers. We want to be here and grow further with all of you and your children. We can only do so with your support.

We are asking you to help raise funds for La Tasse Gamine, to see us through this final month, so that we can pay our rent, pay our staff and serve our customers, big and small, as the wind gets colder and the season starts to bite.

We ask that our customers, friends, family and anyone who can donate 20$ each to the cause.
We are not here to make millions; we are here to serve our community.

Please help allow us to keep doing so by raising funds to keep La Tasse Gamine open.

Thank you,

April & Stacey


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Mai Anh Le Van

6 months ago


I've heard so much about La Tasse Gamine from friends and other mamas and finally made it today with my toddler. It is amazing and the community needs you! Wishing you lots of luck!



Elisa Alby

6 months ago


Hoping you make your goal so we can continue to come.



Connie Defalco

6 months ago


I sure hope you're able to keep it going. Good luck



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