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Please help save Central Drive In Theatre. Please watch the video to understand the need and why it is happening to us. We were hoping to win the national contest at more


Updated posted by Buddy Herron 4 months ago

We have closed for the season and I am certain it will not be forever but we still need over 25k to get the 1/3 down to finance the other 60k. If you can help me now I will send you movie passes or food coupons. I have some more arcade machines to sell, and have given up on my dream of owning all of the designs of JPop. pins when I returned my Magic Girl back to him. Once I get that refund we will be much closer to the finance goal, as that one pinball alone cost 15995.00 Once he finally sends the refund we will have around 22k in the fund leaving us 9k short. Once I have the 31k we can order and hopefully get reopened before June or July.

Thanks again to everyone help and concern and even prayers.


Updated posted by Buddy Herron 6 months ago


I just added the payments received thru PayPal. We do accept payments there and will add them here. I really though we would get a few more PayPal donations as some had asked and again we set it up. Thanks for the two donations as we are now almost at 900 dollars. We had the donation jars set up at the drive in Friday and Sat and will add that total this Friday. Every 10 or 20 dollar donation will help. We cant get to a higher number without smaller donations. I also parked my van and even old S-10 truck for sale in front of the drive in to help raise funds. Please do not give up yet. I posted on Facebook I will rent space for any flea market activity for just 5 dollars. It could be a large space as we can hold 400 cars but nobody has taken me up. You tell me what day is best I will be there to collect and let you in to set up. I just think it would be nest to not do it when Pound has their flea market set up. Central has a good central location for Norton/Wise and Appy/Big Stone Gap. Thanks again!


Updated posted by Buddy Herron 6 months ago

Any money donated will go directly toward us at no cost to you the contributor as we pay the charge. We need atleast 27k to be eligible to get an equipment lease. We need 1/3 down plus we need to paint the screen to a more silver paint and upgrade our the old projection room to a climate controlled environment. Any help and I mean any would greatly appreciated and would help us to try to keep the drive in open. We do enjoy it and hope to continue but its really up to you all now. This is NOT a scam, we are just trying to do what many suggested.


Created by Buddy Herron on September 23, 2013

Please help save Central Drive In Theatre. Please watch the video to understand the need and why it is happening to us. We were hoping to win the national contest at but we came up short in our votes. Many people at that time offered to donate but we did not wish to accept until we knew the results of the contest. We now know we lost so we need your help to keep this 61 year old business open past the three to four weeks we have left that we can still show movies on film. No fees charged on your donation. I know it sounds like a alot of money and it is, thats why we were hoping for votes! This looks to be our last hope. Thanks again!

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I went to donate and didn't see the paypal option.Please advise.

posted by John Humphries 5 months ago

Yes the money is only bring used for that purpose and to get the building ready for the new projector and we also have to paint the screen. If we do not get to open next year we will roll it over to 2015. We want the drive in to be open for many more years.

posted by Buddy Herron 6 months ago

I would be glad to donate too but will you still put the money toward a new projector regardless if you only raise, let's say 10,000 and not the 27000.

posted by Mike Clark 6 months ago

How long do you have to raise the money?

posted by Briar Rose 6 months ago

If you don't raise the $75,000, what will you do with the money raised?

posted by Margaret Propps 6 months ago

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John Humphries

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Donation via PayPal



Pinball donations

5 months ago (Offline Donation)


Net proceeds after cost for the pinball. Thanks to everyone who helped with this fundraiser.



Donations collected at Mr Gattis Pizza

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Donations collected at the Wise VA Mr Gattis Pizza and our new donation cards. Thanks again!



Donations at Cinema City Norton VA

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Donation Jar at Cinema City thru Sunday Oct 13, 2013



Donation Jar at Central Drive In

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Donations at Central Drive In for Oct 11 and Oct 12



Gina Minton Kearns

6 months ago


I don't want to lose such an incredible experience ... a movie screen backed by the magnificent mountains.




6 months ago



Buddy and Paula Herron

6 months ago (Offline Donation)


Money from Yard Sale we had Saturday at Central Drive In from items we donated. We would like to thank everyone for coming out. We wished we had more vendors but even for free set up we can not get people to come out. We tried and thanks again for the suggestions.


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