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We are making a short training film to educate health professionals about the harm caused by weight stigma and weight bias in healthcare. The video is being produced by the Association f... more


Updated posted by Fall Ferguson 6 months ago

Please commemorate Weight Stigma Awareness Week by watching ASDAH's Resolved Trailer and making a donation to help us complete it. Every health care professional needs to see this video. Thanks!



Updated posted by Fall Ferguson 7 months ago

Please check out the trailer for ASDAH's Resolved Video and consider donating to raise money to complete post-production. We want a finished product that health care organizations will use as a training video. Thank you!


Created by Fall Ferguson on September 17, 2013

We are making a short training film to educate health professionals about the harm caused by weight stigma and weight bias in healthcare. The video is being produced by the Association for Size Diversity and Health.

This training video (the final product will be 10-15 minutes) will feature the voices of those who have experienced the effects of weight bias in healthcare. We asked people to tell us about their experiences with doctors and other health professionals, and what they would like to say to these practitioners if they could. After you watch this trailer, we hope you will agree with us that these voices need to be heard. In addition to the stories of patients such as those in the trailer, the final film will feature commentary from health professionals on how to treat patients in a weight-neutral manner.

We have completed most of the filming, and now we need funds for the post-production phase, including editing, clearances, music, and graphics. We estimate that our post-production costs will be about $6000. We are asking for $3500 from donors and the Association for Size Diversity and Health will provide the rest.

We are grateful for the assistance of the Size Diversity Task Force in publicizing this project to recruit participants.

The Project Name: The Resolved video project originated as an alternative to New Year’s resolutions. Instead of the clichéd weight loss resolution, we asked people to “resolve” to speak out about weight bias. We introduced it in a blog post on January 1, 2013.

The Background: The harm caused by weight bias and weight stigma in healthcare is well documented and includes:
-Internalized stigma leading to stress and chronic illness
-Avoidance of medical treatment
-Over-diagnosis of conditions assumed to be related to weight
-Under-diagnosis of health conditions because physicians assume that the patient’s weight is responsible for symptoms
-Increases in incidence of eating disorders and disordered eating

About ASDAH: The Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH) is an international professional organization started in 2003. It is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit organization whose diverse membership is committed to the Health At Every Size® (HAES®) principles. The HAES model stands for treating clients and patients of all sizes in a weight-neutral manner and for creating weight-neutral public health approaches. HAES advocates work to promote size acceptance, end weight discrimination, and lessen the cultural obsession with weight loss and thinness.

Thank you for your donation!

Fall Ferguson
Association for Size Diversity and Health


Note: ASDAH is a non-profit organization classified as 501(c)(6). Donations and contributions to ASDAH are not tax-deductible.

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Michelle Pitman

3 months ago


Best of luck! I look forward to seeing the final cut and sharing this powerful message with my clients and community.



Miriam Klamkin

3 months ago



Deborah Kauffmann

3 months ago



Rev. Dr. E-K Daufin

4 months ago


So important and these people are the real thing.



Lily O'Hara

5 months ago


Fantastic and important project. I look forward to seeing the finished product.



Melissa Freer-Smith

5 months ago



Sandy Ross

5 months ago




5 months ago



Lynn Ellen Marcus

6 months ago



Judith Matz

6 months ago


What a wonderful, and much-needed project!


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