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Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Called to Serve July 2013 - July 2015 Serving the Idaho Pocatello Mission Our family is deeply saddened by the the tragic loss of an extraor... more


Updated posted by Christine N Scott Larsen 3 months ago

We are closing the Elder Taylor Ward Contribution page. Thank you to all who have contributed and who have sent your warm condolences. The pain the family feels will never go away but the love and compassion they have felt from all of you have strengthened their testimonies. My testimony has been strengthened as well. I wish all of you a Happy New Year. Make sure you say, "I love you" to your loved ones every opportunity that you have. Here is a final message from the Ward Family that they wanted to share with you...

"It has been four months now from the passing of our son Taylor. I would like to tell everyone who has helped and been there for our family Thank You! All of the donations and prayers that have been said on behalf of my family have been greatly appreciated. I don’t know how we would have been able to get through this without the gospel in our lives. Knowing that the savior has died for us to be able to live again with our father in heaven; is a great comfort. And knowing that through the atonement and being sealed as a Forever Family that we will one day be able to see Taylor again. I would like to tell you of a passage that our Prophet President Monson said in his conference talk about the passing of his dear wife.
“Of utmost comfort to me during this tender time of parting have been my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the knowledge I have that my dear Frances lives still. I know that our separation is temporary. We were sealed in the house of God by one having authority to bind on earth and in heaven. I know that we will be reunited one day and will never again be separated. This is the knowledge that sustains me.”
He has stated the way that I feel for my son. That one day with the blessings of the temple and being an eternal family; that we will only temporarily be apart that we will see him again."

If you would like to read more of President Monson’s talk here is the link: http://www.lds.org/general-conference/2013/10/i-will-not-fail-thee-nor-forsake-thee?lang=eng

Love always,
Deidre & Trevor Ward


Updated posted by Christine N Scott Larsen 6 months ago

Brandon and Trevor Ward


Comic strip of Brandon and Trevor

Brandon and Trevor

Brandon and Trevor


Updated posted by Christine N Scott Larsen 6 months ago

A few photos from the Memorial Hockey Skate...


Trevor Ward

Brandon Ward

Game time...

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Created by Christine N Scott Larsen on September 4, 2013

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Called to Serve July 2013 - July 2015
Serving the Idaho Pocatello Mission

Our family is deeply saddened by the the tragic loss of an extraordinary young man who gave his life to serve The Lord. We love Taylor and our hearts go out to the Ward family. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

Please help the family
We are trying to raise some money to help with the expenses of traveling from CA to Idaho and to Canada (where most of the extended family lives). The money will also greatly help with other costs such as the funeral expenses.

Police Report
On September 3, 2013, at approximately 5:55 p.m., the Idaho State Police investigated a two-vehicle fatality crash on State Highway 39 at milepost 43, near Rockford. A 2013 Chevrolet Cruze, driven by John Floyd, 20 of Deep Run, North Carolina, failed to yield from a stop sign at the intersection with State Highway 39 and 100 South in Bingham County. The Cruze was struck on the passenger side by a 2010 Ford F350, headed southbound, driven by Joshua Morris, 23 of Blackfoot. Floyd was transported to Bingham Memorial Hospital for his injuries, his passenger, Taylor Ward, 19 of Vacaville, California, was transported to Portneuf Medical Center, where he later succumbed to his injuries. Morris was not transported due to his injuries. All occupants were wearing their seatbelts.

About Taylor:

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Member of the Vacaville 3rd Ward, California

Called to Serve July 2013 - July 2015
Serving the Idaho Pocatello Mission

"I really only have one hobby in my life and up in-till recently it really was my life. That hobby is the great sport of ice hockey. I say it was my life because before I decided to go on my mission I left home for the first time in my life and even went to a different country to try to fulfill my dream of going and playing in the NHL as a pro. But while I was there The Lord told me that I needed to go back home and go on a mission even though it was only half way through the season. Now a lot of people especially my teammates and coaches from past teams have asked why I would give up on that dream especially When I had a good shot of making it. My answer is because the Lord has called me to do this marvelous work and I dare not miss this glorious opportunity that will allow me to come closer to god and allow others to come closer to him as well."
--Elder Taylor Ward

Parents: Trevor & Deidre Ward
Younger Brother: Brandon
Younger Sister: Krista

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The Lioce family would like to extend our sympathy for the loss of your son. Although we have never met we are saddened deeply by this tragic event. Please know I will be praying for your family. Anthony, Cari, and Antonio Lioce

posted by Anthony Vincent 7 days ago

Dear Ward Family, We have thought about you so very much in the past few weeks. We do not know each other except we are family within this wonderful gospel. We live in Idaho and were so saddened when we heard the news of your missionary. There isn't words kind enough to tell you that we hurt for you, but our Father in heaven loves you. We think of you, we pray for your continued comfort and peace. Your son sounds like an extraordinary young man. May God bless your family! Our love, the Cole Family

posted by Nancy Huffaker Cole 6 months ago

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who has helped my family at this time. We are eternally grateful for all of the love and prayers that have been spoken on our behalf. I want to let the members of the Blackfoot Stake know how much their letters have ment to my family. With out their love, support and prayers this would have been a much harder time. There are no words to express how you all have touched our hearts. Thank you all, may The Lord always be with us. Deidre & Trevor Ward

posted by Deidre Ward 7 months ago

I am not a Mormon anymore, but got the news of your son through a young girl I taught in Sunday School. You have all been in my prayers, along with Elder Ward's companion and his family. May God's loving grace sustain each of you!

posted by Pat Rzonca 7 months ago

For most of you that knew Taylor you know he loved the library, the ice rink, sushi, and his family. Throughout the past five years that I've known him I have had the pleasure to know him in all these environments. Taylor as well as his family have become a second family to me. Taylor was one of my best friends. He is one of the few people I know that no matter what I could always count on. I am so thankful for all the memories and funny stories that I have shared with him. He will always be in my heart, and I know he will always be watching over me. Thank you Taylor for everything. The Wards are in my thoughts and prayers.

posted by Jennifer Hannon 7 months ago

Dear Ward Family, Our son was in the MTC with Elder Ward and knew him well. Our son told us last week that your son was the only one in their whole zone who loved sports as much as he, and that they spent a lot of their "off" time talking with each other about their common interests. He was very fond of your son. He was shaken by the news of your son's passing, but also bore a strong testimony to us of the plan of salvation, which he had taught in a lesson immediately before he heard the news of your son. Our son counseled us that we should be faithful and strong, that that's the way your son was serving his mission. Our hearts ache for you, but are also comforted by the knowledge and blessings of the gospel, which promises a sweet a joyous reunion. May the Lord bless you at this time. Stephanie and David Blake Carrollton, Texas

posted by Stephanie Blake 7 months ago

Trevor & Deidre, My family and I send you all our love, hugs and prayers. The time we had with Taylor last year during hockey season will forever be in my mind. His humor and wit were a great addition to the laughs enjoyed during the season. His love for books and movies were amazing. I never met a kid who could read so many books in such a short time. Know that we mourn with you and miss him.

posted by Tracey Erickson-Louvros 7 months ago

Dear Ward family, I didn't know your son, but from what I know, his heart was in the Lord's work and he was a wonderful young missionary. I know the Lord is very aware of you and your family and I pray that peace and understanding will come. Our family mourns with you and you are in our prayers. https://soundcloud.com/saralyn baril-1/thy-healing-hands

posted by Sara Baril 7 months ago

I live in the stake where Elder Ward was serving. I met him on his second night in the missionfield and have had the blessing of working with him and having him in my home during the time he spent in Blackfoot. He was an amazing missionary who was truly a disviple of Christ in all his words and actions. He testified with power and conviction. He was always happy and loved to be a missionary. His enthusiasm was infectious. May his family be comforted during this difficult time and know that we loved him dearly and are so appreciative of the time we got to spend with Elder Ward in the Blackfoot West Stake. Heaven is getting a wonderful missionary !

posted by Delyn Porter 7 months ago

Hi, Ward family! As a service missionary in Blackfoot's Family History Center, luckily I had the privilege of working during the missionaries' P-day; several weeks ago a young quiet missionary came in. He seemed to glow, & there was a wonderful spirit about him, (when I saw a picture of Elder Ward, I realized it was him.) A special missionary, who resides in my home, said of Taylor: "He was a great missionary."

posted by Marilyn Cottam 7 months ago

I saw your son in the store Monday morning shopping. As I walked passed them asking them if they needed help with anything I remember the peaceful feeling that came over me. How impressed I was with both elders. My thoughts are with you and your family. You are all in my prayers. May the comforter bring you peace. Know that our Heavenly Father loves you.

posted by Justine Moultrie 7 months ago

Dear Ward Family, I live in the Idaho Pocatello Mission. I am deeply feeling your loss. My son died at 19 while preparing for his mission. He got cancer & fully expected to recover because he said when he got better he wanted to wear his missionary suit to church. So we honored him that request by burying him in it. I promise you that many spiritual experiences are coming your way through your son. These, along with the Comforter, will bear you up & give you hope. And knowing the Savior personally came to get him to continue this great work, for your son is a chosen messenger. D&C 138:30-32 To you, my prayers & love.

posted by Terry Westover 7 months ago

Dear Ward Family, all involved in this accident have been in our thoughts, our hearts, and our prayers since we heard. We live in the Pocatello Idaho mission and though we did not know your son, we were so impressed with his testimony on the donation page. What a wonderful young man you have raised. We know through your faith and through the gift of the Comforter that you will be given the strength to bear this tremendous loss. There is so much power in combined prayers and you have ours and those of many, many others who love you though we do not know you personally. We are blessed to understand the plan of salvation which gives us perspective and hope and the knowledge that we truly can be families forever.

posted by GregandWendy Rose 7 months ago

My love and prayers are with you at this time. As with the others, you do not know me, but I feel close to you anyway. I spend as much time with the local missionaries as I can. I love to have them over for dinner. I live in Bliss Idaho and have family in the Pocatello, Idaho Falls, and Montpelier area. I also have family serving a mission. As you know, your son was doing the most important work. Again, my prayers go out to you and your family at this time.

posted by Kaylene Jenkins 7 months ago

Dear Ward family, My son Elder Jordan Thomas served with your son at the MTC and they went to the Pocatello mission on the same day together. I am so sorry for the great loss that you are having to endure at this time. Our family has been praying for your family and we will continue to do so. I am so thankful that we all have the Church of Jesus Christ of LatterDay Saints to help us know of his eternal plan. Love to your family, The Thomas Family

posted by Dawn Thomas 7 months ago

Dear Ward Family, I don't have any connection to your sweet son, only that my own son is out serving his mission far from home, and my heart aches for your loss and the deep sadness you are called bear in your separation from Taylor too soon. I am praying that you can feel the love of our Father, that the Spirit is comforting you in some small way, and that all the prayers being said in your behalf are easing your pain in some measure. With much love, The Hughes Family

posted by Monica Hughes 7 months ago

Dear Ward Family, We live in the Kinston, North Carolina Stake where Elder Floyd is from. Our son is currently serving in Mesa, Arizona and as a missionary mom I have kept your family close to my heart these last few days as prayers have been offered for peace and comfort. I pray you feel this love through the Spirit. Much love, The Kirwan family.

posted by Kelli Kirwan 7 months ago

Dear Ward Family, Just like the Gale Family our son Elder Scott Sincere is serving in the Idaho Pocatello Mission. He arrived at the mission on Aug 27. We send our love and prayers to you and all those who are serving The Lord worldwide. May The Lord provide peace and comfort to you that only He can provide. The Sincere Family Elk Grove, CA

posted by Leslie Sincere 7 months ago

Dear Ward Family, you don't know us but our daughter, Sister Rebecca Gale is serving in the Idaho Pocatello Mission. She just arrived in Pocatello August 27. Our heart aches for you at this time. Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you. With love, Jesse and Debbie Gale Family. Chandler, AZ.

posted by Jesse Gale 7 months ago

Dear Ward Family, I live in the Blackfoot Northwest Stake. I never met your son, but a lot of my friends have. I was at soccer practice when my coach's (he's a first responder) pager went off. We heard it was bad, but we didn't know who it was. I want you to know that we prayed for him and for the others in the accident. That night a text was forwarded telling us that it was the missionaries in the wreck. It told us to pray, and that's what we did. We all prayed. My school prayed and prayed. Some even fasted. We prayed for your family, we prayed for your son, we prayed for his companion, and for the man in the other truck. We prayed. I hope you felt our love.

posted by Julie Bell 7 months ago

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Debbie Zimmermann

4 months ago



Flett Family

7 months ago


My sons and I had the pleasure of sharing the ice and dressing room with Taylor quite a few times. I was always struck by his warm polite manner, helpfulness and sincerity. When I think of the men I would like my sons to become, he is the sort of person who comes to mind. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family in this most difficult of times.



Connie Dalton

7 months ago



Bartolo Family

7 months ago


Taylor was great teammate and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to play with him and get to know him. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.



Tina Adams

7 months ago


May you find strength in all the love and prayers around you. Tom, Tina, David and Brian Adams



Del & Dee Pickett Family

7 months ago


Please accept our condolence



Rosemary Nahrvar

7 months ago


Taylor was a very smart, wise & blessed young man for he had a calling, listen & acted wisely. He fulfilled what many might never achieve in this lifetime. God Bless.



Jennifer Hannon & family

7 months ago


Our thoughts and prayers are with the Ward family. Taylor will be greatly missed.



Donna Wirthlin

7 months ago


so sorry for your loss.....




7 months ago


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