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Updated posted by Leah Sech 5 months ago

Help pass along the message for me please, thank you and love you all


Updated posted by Leah Sech 6 months ago

Once again i havnt had any luck with this yet but keep helping me share. Love you guys for all your support and effort


Created by Leah Sech on August 22, 2013

My name is Leah Sech. I have recently been enrolled in the Marine
Institute in Orlando Florida. I have become firmiliar with various
mechanical as well as electrical systems and
I would like to work as a marine mechanic
in the
future after graduation. I have been in the
program for about 6 months and have managed to
maintain a 4.0 the entire time. My attendance rate here is also at
Being a girl in this field is very intimidating
for me as well as sometimes very
uncomfortable, I am
the only female enrolled in my class this year. I am having trouble
finding any
sort of scholarships for my enrollment at this school and I am very
tight on money. When I was in 5th grade my parents took me on
a vacation and while we were gone my house burned down as well
as everything in it. Since that time my parents have had the most
time trying to catch up on bills and rebuild a new life. This makes me
feel bad
for having them try to help me as well as help themselves at the same
I am all on my own, I have moved from Cleveland, Ohio
to Florida
and I am
an extremely hard worker.
If there is any way you could lend a helping
hand with
a scholarship of any sort I would appreciate it so much. Please help
the female population to become comfortable with working in male
Thank you very much,
Leah Sech

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