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Update: Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this happen for Khalil. I am leaving this active while I work with gofundme to transfer the funds to Khalil, whom I am now in contac... more


Updated posted by Marc Maiffret 7 months ago

A big thank you from Khalil and I to everyone who helped donate! At this point we are stopping the fund which exceeded our goal by over three thousand dollars! From all the messages I have received, you all have been a part of not just changing Khalil's life but also inspiring so many others. All the best -Marc Maiffret


Created by Marc Maiffret on August 19, 2013

Update: Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this happen for Khalil. I am leaving this active while I work with gofundme to transfer the funds to Khalil, whom I am now in contact with. I hope this has raised awareness of the importance of independent researchers. I equally hope it has reminded other researchers that while working with technology companies can sometimes be frustrating, we can never forget the greater goal; to help the Internet community at large, just as that community has helped donate over ten thousand dollars to Khalil within a day.

All proceeds raised from this fund will be sent to Khalil Shreateh to help support future security research.

Khalil Shreateh found a vulnerability in and, due to miscommunication, was not awarded a bounty for his work. Let us all send a message to security researchers across the world and say that we appreciate the efforts they make for the good of everyone.

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I think you should jump on my project

posted by Hywel Ap Buckler 6 months ago

Help me pursue my dreams please donate to me

posted by David Stpierre 7 months ago =K8zQipyg7Ig

posted by JC Mantey 7 months ago

thank you marc , thank you all , i love this campaign not for iam getting money and i will start new life , i love this feeling as there is love and humanity all over the world . every time i logged in here and read some comments i drop a tear .

posted by Ḱhalil Ḱhalil 7 months ago

Khalil, All the best to you. My hope is that you will benefit from this generous outpouring. WE are all HUMANDKIND! Blessings to you and your family, Kate

posted by Kate Stevenson 7 months ago

good job khalil all respect from algeria ,

posted by Ali Scientist 7 months ago

Marc, you are a hero, a saint, and a noble humanist. Good on you for putting such a campaign together and for keeping the spirit of the connected Internet alive - something that Facebook has seemed to forgotten. Well done!

posted by Peter Venero 7 months ago

Excellent job. And totally worth a greater recognition.

posted by Muhammad Jassim 7 months ago

Hello, Im Karar from Iraq im a security researcher , I recently discovered a bug on fb that gives a chance to remove any photo of any account without permissions ! I reported facebook but they didn't respond , after three days I checked the bug again to find it patched !!! they patched without replying to my report but fortunately I have saved videos for the bug and I uploaded them to youtube I really don't need money or any thing else , I just wanted my rights !! please watch the video here: =ZzJNCSf6ODs

posted by Ahmed Ever 7 months ago

Type your coI would nice redirected to this page right?mment here...

posted by Laurent Lacroix 7 months ago

hi Khalil Shreateh

posted by Laurent Lacroix 7 months ago

If you transfer the funds using Bitcoin, you could get double the media coverage.

posted by Charles Evans 7 months ago

Is this some sort of SCAM

posted by Bob Phillips 7 months ago

Awesome job bro!!! Facebook should be ashamed of themselves it's horrible how they wouldn't compensate you something!! You should make a social network of your own and put mark out of buisness greedy man!!!

posted by Amanda Wyatt 7 months ago

Well done Maifrett. Long live the community :)

posted by Pedro Duarte 7 months ago

thank you khalil for being white hat hacker

posted by Ali Jamal 7 months ago


posted by Souleymane Sanogo 7 months ago

Well done Mr Maifrett! Please visit my fund page and help me start up my software company: /StartupDevelopers

posted by Mauro Sampietro 7 months ago

you are the proud to palestine. every palestinian is so proud that you are one of us .keep it up!

posted by Feras Alawadi 7 months ago

Please leave this open for a week more, please

posted by Juan Larroucau 7 months ago

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Robert Soper

7 months ago


Great work!




7 months ago



Bridget Kelley-Dearing

7 months ago


Thank you for working with the white hats.



Chris Copeland

7 months ago



Mark Croy

7 months ago


مابرك خليل شكرن



said salki

7 months ago


FRom a moroccan in france



Rob Bigwood

7 months ago



hanaa alshareef

7 months ago


good job



Wendy Kelly Buddenbaum

7 months ago




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